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Our Wedding: The Reception

Happy Wednesday, all!

It is with great delight and some sadness that I bring you the final installment of our wedding photos today.  I selfishly love to look back at them, so my only sadness is that I’m done going through them for this blog!  Now I’ll just have to go back and look at the posts when I want to reminisce.   Ah well, such is life.

My delight however, comes from the fact that our wedding reception was awesome!  Because we got married in The Barn, our ceremony could only fit about 150 people.  Colin and I have about 170 people in our semi-immediate families (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins), so needless to say we could not invite everyone we wanted to our ceremony.  We crammed about as many chairs as we could fit inside the barn for the ceremony, but we wanted everyone to be able to come the reception, so we added a tent outside the barn for extra seating.  Basically it turned into one big dance party, which in my opinion is how every wedding should be :)

My dad made these signs out of old fence panels in his backyard.  Bethany and I added to fun writing, and they turned out to be one of my favorite details of the event!





Ok, so I have very talented friends and family members.  My cousin, Nathan, made all of the cakes you see below as well as our bride and groom’s cakes.  They all were different flavors, and he hand decorated each of them differently.  Don’t they look great?!  I was blown away by how wonderfully they turned out!







Our friend, Johnny Stimson, kept our guests entertained while they were in line for BBQ and eating their dinner.  Colin, the wedding party, and I ate together in the cabin where we got ready.  This is a scheduling strategy I would highly recommend.  Most couples forget to eat on their wedding day, and then they end up feeling miserable after dancing and socializing through the whole reception!  Go ahead and plan to eat while your guests are eating–it’s worth it, I promise!


During our first dance, people were crowded around to watch.  This meant that they were really close to us while we danced, but it was still lovely!



My dad decided that he wanted to talk to me and tell me how proud he was of me and how much he and my mom love Colin while we danced.  Read: cry fest.




Colin’s cake was German Chocolate, and mine was Lemon Raspberry…oh man they were delicious!







Blake gave his speech at the rehearsal dinner the night before in addition to our wedding day.  This ended up being a great strategy since he cried the night before, but he was able to hold it together at the wedding!  Speeches get me every time.


Here are a few snapshots of the dance party haha



One of the things about our reception that I will never forget is dancing with all 4 of Colin’s closest friends!  I had told them that I wanted to actually dance at our reception, so they had to help me make time to do so even though I would be talking to people most of the night.  They surprised me by planning to all dance with me in turn during one song.  We were two-stepping, so one of them would spin me, and suddenly I would be dancing with the next one!  Finally, I was dancing with Colin again.  It was so much fun, and it remains one of my sweetest memories from that day!



Thank you all again for sharing memories with me!  Our wedding was so much fun, and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to share it with you here.  If you were there and helped us celebrate, an extra thank you to you!  Also, a huge thank you to Josh McCullock again for taking all of these photos!

I hope you stay safe traveling for the holidays!  Happy Wednesday again!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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