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Friday Phone Dump

So this isn’t the prettiest phone dump I’ve ever done, but don’t let that fool you!  It’s been a great week.

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1) My family went to the Cotton Bowl this weekend, and my brother grew out a mullet especially for the game.  He’s cut it by now, but it was getting pretty ridiculous for awhile there!

2) On our last day in Texas, Colin and I wandered around IKEA (for way too long) and stopped at In-and-Out before heading back to OKC.  It was great–per usual.

3) Hooray for anniversaries!  Colin took me to The Paseo Grill to celebrate our first year of marriage, and they gave us free glasses of champagne!  So sweet.

4) We finally packed up our Christmas decorations….it was sad.  I’m excited about the chance to change things up though!  I’ve already moved around all of our decorations (and they’ll probably get moved again, let’s be honest)

5) I blogged earlier this week about our one year anniversary cake!  Delicious.

6) Since the holidays are over, my week was filled with catching up with friends!  This means saying yes to Kitchen 324, which is always wonderful.

7) We had a vision night for our Wednesday night youth ministry, SWITCH, at church.  I love gathering together with the other leaders to focus on why we’re there and what’s to come in the new semester–so inspiring!

8) Ok, so this isn’t the best picture, but I skyped with Bethany for 3 hours the other day to plan wedding things, and Riley was perplexed by me talking to her via the computer.  It was hilarious, I miss that puppy!

9) Also not the best quality photo, but I got to spend some sweet time with my friend, Rachel this week!  We snapped this photo in a store window…clearly I’m no master of the “selfie.”

Happy Weekend!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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