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Propsal: Matt & Lindsey

Gentlemen, take notes!  Today I’ve got a romantic proposal to show you that is just perfect.


Matt really pulled out all the stops for this one.  He had his friends and Lindsey’s friends set up a table in the middle of a wooded area of a park while he took Lindsey out on a date.  The trail leading up to the table was lined with pretty lanterns, and on the table was an ipad stocked with videos of their closest friends and family leaving sweet messages for Lindsey.  When they got to the park after their date, they had to walk quite a ways up the trail before they got to their next stopping point.  I was a sneaky photographer hiding out in the open disguised as a…photographer.  I pretended that I was taking portraits of Colin when I was really taking pictures of Matt and Lindsey.

I know, I’m like a ninja, you don’t have to tell me :)


Ok, so maybe I really took one or two actual portraits of Colin, can you blame me?


They eventually came to a gazebo while walking along the trail.  Lindsey’s dad was hiding there and surprised her (he came up from Texas!).  They finished walking the trail together while Matt went and hid.


Her dad told her to watch all the videos on the ipad, and then he snuck away and passed the torch to Matt.


Lindsey watched the videos and cried and laughed while Matt walked very slowly toward her.  It was precious. After the videos were over, a screen popped up that said “turn around, Lindsey!”


She said yes :)


Of course I snuck in to grab a few portraits!  Aren’t they just adorable?  Such a pretty couple.




I love these shots I grabbed of Lindsey and her best friend and dad!  So sweet.


Congratulations, Matt and Lindsey!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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