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Friday Phone Dump

So it’s go time for Beth’s wedding–I can’t wait!  Here are the many photos I took this week :)

52914 phone dump

1) My go-to snack these days: shaved coconut, dark chocolate chips, and sliced almonds.  I’m aware that I’m a rabbit…or a bird…or something haha

2) This weekend, my little cousin graduated from high school!  We stayed at their house, and Colin and I used these cute mugs with her and her siblings’ faces on them.  I love them!

3) I found Colin studying the maps in our hallway one night this week–no this photo is not posed at all.  What a cutie :)

4) We had a relaxing, rainy Memorial Day full of coffee and good books.  The only thing better would have been the beach!

5) So much rain!  I love the way it looks on the leaves outside our kitchen window.

6) My friend, Stephanie, is really cool.  She’s a 6th grade teacher who’s classroom is Harry Potter themed!  For the end of the school year, they had a “Harry Potter Day” for which she made pumpkin pasties, butter beer, and chocolate frogs.  She dropped off some extras at our house with this sweet note :)

7) Bethany’s fiance, Ostin, sent me this hilarious picture of her (soon to be “their”) dog, Riley this week!  He captioned it “Summer Grizz” and I laughed for a long long time!

8) Our youth group had a “color war” to celebrate the last day until Fall, and it was awesome!  I didn’t participate, but I did get a few cool pictures!

9) I’ve essentially moved in with Bethany’s family so I can help wrap up wedding things.  I haven’t packed this many bags since Colin and I got married!

I hope your weekend is spectacular!  Bethany gets married on Sunday and I have another friend getting married on Saturday :)  I promise I’ll share photos when I can!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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