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St. Louis, MO

Colin and I love to take mini trips that begin on January 1st.  It started when we were in college, and it continues to this day.  Of course, now we can just say that we’re going on a trip for our anniversary (Jan 5), but honestly I think we just love taking quiet trips at that time!  We love winter and relaxing and taking things slow, and that’s pretty much how everything gets around New Years Day haha

One place we used to go around that time of year was to St. Louis to visit my dad’s family.  My cousin and his wife just welcomed their son into the world at the end of 2015, so Colin and I decided to take a trip up to Missouri this year to meet baby Kolten!  He is the cutest.  We also got to stay with my Uncle Jack and Aunt Angela who helped us explore St. Louis a little, so here are some photos of all of that–enjoy!


Quiet mornings with coffee (made by my Uncle Jack–who makes excellent coffee and french toast and Italian food!), magazines, conversation, and light pouring into the windows.  My favorite kind of mornings.

After drinking coffee at home, we needed to go get more coffee with our lunch (obviously), so we went to this yummy cafe, Kayak’s Coffee!  Inside it feels like you’re in a mountain that’s basically my dream.  Also, their special was a brown sugar and rosemary latte.

I don’t even have words for how delicious that was.  I got black coffee with splashes of almond milk and the brown sugar and rosemary syrup.  Oh my gosh.  So good.


Next we went to Forest Park, which is a large city park full of beautiful gardens, fountains, trails, outdoor theaters, hills, an art museum, and the St. Louis history museum!  Here’s the outside of the art museum:


^ That’s St. Louis himself.  And the photo below is the view looking out at the park from the front of the museum!


Here is the St. Louis history museum!  It was such a cool experience to learn about a city that I didn’t know much about before.  There was a huge exhibit on the 1904 World Fair (seriously, go read about it, the whole idea of world fairs blows my mind), an exhibit with old maps of the city for walls (Colin could have spent days in there), and a coffee exhibit!  AHH!


Did you catch that the mural up there is made from coffee beans?  I want one of those in my house!

Anways, I made my aunt and uncle take a photo after visiting the museum.  Thanks again for taking us there, guys!


One of the local roasters we learned about at the coffee exhibition was Kaldi’s coffee (who actually also own Kayak’s Coffee haha), so we went to grab another cup before dinner :) I love the Italian influences there–all the coffee!


That night we met my cousins for some amazing Italian food, then retired to my aunt and uncle’s house for tv and sleep.

The next morning, we got to hang out with my cousin and his wife (Michael and Lacie), and baby Kolten!  They took us to one of our favorite areas from previous visits to St. Louis–St. Charles!  I remember going here when I was a kid, for both of my cousins’ wedding party photo shoots, and on visits to my family in college.  They have a gorgeous old downtown area full of cute shops, restaurants, tea and coffee places, and a spice shop that’s awesome.


Since it was Sunday, the coffee shop we had planned to visit was closed, but we went to this cool one instead!  I love coffee shops in old buildings–so cozy.


After sitting and chatting with Mike and Lacie for awhile, we went back to have dinner at my aunt and uncle’s.  My aunt Angela made minestrone soup that was amazing…I think I ate 3 bowls…don’t judge.


The next day I loved getting to take a few photos of Kolten (and this one of Lacie and Kolten)!  He’s such a cute baby, and I’m not biased at all haha


And that’s it!  We loved getting to visit and relax and spend some time with my family.  Thank you all for having us, hopefully we can see you again soon!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I hope something wonderful happens to you today :)



ps–Marc and Meredith, next time we see you we need to take a photo together!  Haha, it was great to see you on our visit too!

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Christy Bassett - Love this Mary! St. Louis & St. Charles are beautiful and hold so much history.April 17, 2016 – 9:55 PM

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