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Friday Phone Dump

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your patience with this phone dump–it’s huge!  I’ve included lots of photos from Europe, but not any important stories (you’ll have to wait for official posts to get those).  There are alot of cups of coffee and meals we ate and pictures of my shoes with cool floors and tourist selfies, so sit down, grab some coffee (or wine, it’s Friday) and get to scrolling if you dare haha

03182016 phone dump1

1-2) Shots from our first flight (from OK to Chicago).  You can see tiny downtown OKC if you look closely at the first photo! Also, free ginger ale on flights is one of my favorite things ever :)

03182016 phone dump2

3-4) We had a 10 hour layover in Chicago, which was great since we love it so much!  We spent most of the day at Heritage Bicycles (which you may remember from this post), and it was lovely.  We had lots of coffee and bacon biscuits–which are essentials before flying over the ocean haha


5) This is the only photo I got from Ireland, and I think it’s so appropriate!  We had a quick layover there on our way into Europe, and we stayed the night in Dublin on our way back.  Even just getting this glimpse of it made me want to go explore!  Ireland, be warned: you’re on my list.


6) Fresh of the plane in England, we got to take part in a very special mission for our friend, Nick!  That’s him and his fiancé, Esther, in the photo with us, and we got to bring their family heirloom engagement ring to them from Oklahoma!  We met them for breakfast, handed them the ring as we caught up (we haven’t seen Nick since college and we’d never met Esther before…she’s a keeper btw), then Nick went straight to a park with Esther so he could propose :)  We’re so happy for you guys!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your story.

03182016 phone dump3

7) I was jet lagged but OHSOHAPPY to be in my heart city (London) again–hence this photo :)

8) We love trains!  This was on our way to stay with some friends in Bedford, England (about 40 minutes North of London)


9-10) That’s my new friend, Ro, and me at her birthday party that took place on our first night in Europe!  The rug and shoes pic is also from her party–it was at the loveliest house.  I’ll write more about our time there in another post, but I’m so thankful to have been introduced to such hospitable and kind (and hilarious) people in Bedford!  For those of you who are curious, we have some friend here in OKC who used to live in Bedford, and they set us up with people to stay with while we were there.  We didn’t just meet people on the streets and stay in their house…that would be crazy.

03182016 phone dump4

11-12) Scenes from meals in Bedford.  The first is eggs, beans, and avocado on toast–which was weird but so yummy!  The second is the coffee after a lovely meal with our new friends, Faith and Simon.  I’m telling you, we met some seriously kind and wonderful people!  Also, my girl, Faith, can take some s e r i o u s l y  g r e a t  photos which you can find here.

03182016 phone dump5
03182016 phone dump6

13-15) Details from our first Airbnb flat in London…I have no words.  It was incredible.

16) Our neighborhood bus stop that we walked to every day while in London :) It’s so very English and I love it!

03182016 phone dump7

17-19) Primrose Hill in London was easily my favorite spot we visited–look at the view!  Also we enjoyed bacon and avocado sandwiches (where have those been all my life?!) and earl grey tea while basking in the sunshine and looking over all of London, so the whole experience was pretty fantastic.


20) The set of the Harry Potter movies…guys.

I can’t even.

I can’t wait to show you more photos, but here are a few.

03182016 phone dump8

21) Peeking into the Dursely’s house at Number 4 Privet Drive…Aunt Petunia was not happy about that since I confirmed all of her fears about neighbors knowing everything embarrassing going on.  Oops.

22) Colin looking at all the amazing blueprints the art department made to layout different props/creatures/places for the movies.

03182016 phone dump9

23) Pretty sure they never ate crisps with their butterbeer in the books or movies, but they go together perfectly!  PS butterbeer = greatness

24) I was hanging out with 14 year-old Hermione and she FELL ASLEEP.  It was like she was trapped under water or something…whatevs.

03182016 phone dump10

25) Our local tube stop :)

26) Pretty London


27) Colin and I at the Arsenal FC game!

03182016 phone dump11

28-29) Pretty green details from the shops near Oxford Circus.

03182016 phone dump12

30-31) My favorite cafe/coffee shop we visited in London!  The Monocle Café had amazing coffee and delicious curry…which I realize don’t really go together but they were great anyways.

03182016 phone dump13

32) Good ol’ Benny

33) Colin admiring the BBC headquarters–such a neat building!

03182016 phone dump14

34-35) More trains!  This was from London to Paris–notice my French phrasebook I picked up in a London thrift store haha

03182016 phone dump15

36-37) Our adorable Paris apartment–it was perfect for watching the rain when you didn’t want to actually be out in it (which was most of the time because it was seriously cold).

03182016 phone dump16

38-39) The Eiffel Tower whaaaaaat?!  Haha, this was so surreal to see, but it was absolutely charming.

03182016 phone dump17

40) Notre Dame was so much better than I imagined–so stunning!

41) Our local train stop in Paris

03182016 phone dump18

42-44) The Louvre! I’ve decided I want to come back to Paris and spend at least a whole week at The Louvre–it’s incredible!

03182016 phone dump19

45) My cousin, Katy, told us we had to go to this English bookstore in Paris called Shakespeare and Company, and she was so right!  It was a place where it felt like the books themselves were holding up the ceiling, such a cool place!

46) Paris, you’re just so cute :)

03182016 phone dump20

47-48) Loved the colors of the Florence train station, and loved this café that was inside!  Let me tell you Colin and I can roll with the Italians.  More coffee?  Yes, please.  More pastries?  Yes, please.  More pasta and wine?  I thought you’d never ask!

03182016 phone dump21
03182016 phone dump22

49-52) Snapshots from Florence, I love it all!


53) We climbed the tower next to the Duomo to get some amazing views of the city…but I was too afraid to go much closer to the sides than this.  Colin went higher and got some photos though, so don’t worry!

03182016 phone dump23

54) The last train we took :( I really wish we had more trains here in the US!  This one brought us to our last official stop–Venice!

55) So many cool rugs!  This is from our amazing Airbnb apartment in Venezia

03182016 phone dump24
03182016 phone dump25

56-61)  Snapshots from Venice, it was so relaxing and beautiful!  And that pizza was the best I’ve ever had. ever.

03182016 phone dump26
03182016 phone dump27

62-65) It was so crazy coming back to full-on Spring in Oklahoma!  The flowers and blossoms and green grass have been as lovely as ever, and we’re soaking it all in since it will likely be gone within a week or two haha

03182016 phone dump28

66) Hoboken man, it’s so great!  I’ve been in all the coffee shops meeting up with friends now that we’re back, and I love it!

67)  Ok, if you are in OKC and you haven’t been to KatieBugs’ new permanent location, you had better get over there!  It’s such a fun atmosphere full of great dog watching, yard games, bright colors, and, of course, delicious organic snocones.  Just go.

WHEW!  That was quite the phone dump!  This weekend I have a photoshoot with some sweet friends, and lots of relaxing.  Also, Colin’s birthday is on Monday so happy birthday to him!

I hope your weekend is just the best!



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