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Friday Phone Dump

“You’re in a place you think you know,
Surrounded but you feel alone.
You have a place to rest your head, but not a home.
Feels like you lost yourself again?
Sit in the silence of a friend,
‘Cause when you are fully known and loved you have a home”

Blue Light Bandits (ft. Joel Ansett)// Known & Loved

04012016 phone dump1

1-2) This is our attempt to do Friday right :)  We couldn’t resist the combination of Colorado-summer-like weather and the fact that Colin had the ability to take off work an hour early!  I’m thankful that he and Bozeman take relaxation as seriously as I do.

04012016 phone dump2

3-4) Like I said, Spring has been completely showing off around here with warm temperatures and lush green and floral everything.  Having a dog has helped me so much to appreciate and experience the seasons as they come.  I’ve been soaking up every bit of this weather since it’s not typical here, it makes every day feel like a gift.


5-7) Oh man, these are some of my favorite people of all time!  We got to celebrate Colin’s, Beth’s, Chelsea’s, and my birthdays this weekend with all 6 of us (which has never happened before), and it was amazing.  Every time I get to be with these girls, it brings me back to our great times in college, and their husbands are so much fun too!  I’m just so thankful for Jesus and friends and Thai food and coffee and Stillwater and everything.  Words.  Yes.


8-10) We finally got the kayaks out for the first time this year!  Lake Hefner is such a great place to be able to play, and we loved getting to pretend we were at the beach (not a new practice for us, see here and here and here and here and here) this weekend.  Also, Bozeman got in the water and swam and loved it!  We tried so hard to get him to enjoy the water last summer, but he was always afraid of the ripples and tiny waves.  It was great to see him having fun there–so great that I’ve taken him back to play several times this week!  Haha


11) Bozeman waiting for me to get up in the morning by keeping guard outside the bedroom door haha

04012016 phone dump3

12-13) Pretty light at the yoga studio.  Also smoothies :)

04012016 phone dump4

14) See?  Bozeman is a water pup now!  Haha


15-16) Danielle’s birthday was this week (soooooo many Spring birthdays), and we celebrated with a cookout at her house.  These photos were taken in her adorable backyard–look at those flowers!  And the people, I really like them too :)  Happy Birthday, Danielle!  We love you!

This weekend won’t be full of kayaks and sunshine, but I do get to see some friends from out of town and start wedding season!  It should be great all around.  I hope your weekend is fantastic!



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