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Friday Phone Dump

“I got dreams that keep me up in the dead of night
Telling me I wasn’t made for the simple life
There’s a light I see, but it’s far in the distance
So I’m asking you to show me some forgiveness
It’s all for you in my pursuit of happiness[…]

I’ve been working all night, maybe you could help me to believe
This song ain’t nothing if this song can’t set you free
So I’m asking you to show me some forgiveness
It’s all for you in my pursuit of happiness”

Happiness // NeedToBreathe

05132016 phone dump1

1-2) Friday mornings at Cuppies are the best mornings at Cuppies :) It’s such a great place to kick-off the weekend

05132016 phone dump2

3) I got to stop by the boutique where my friend, Kourtni, has been working recently!  It’s called Black Scintilla, and it’s adorable–especially with these giant pinwheels in the windows.  Check it out the next time you’re in Midtown!

4) KatieBugs is an important part of every good warm evening :)  Also, I think you’re required to take a photo like this when you’re there


5) Bethany is finished with Pharmacy school!  We went to The Patriarch after her last final to celebrate (and watch the Thunder game…THUNDER UP!)

05132016 phone dump3

6-7)  On Saturday our friend, Kyle, was nice enough to help Colin fix the window of his car (it broke last weekend)!  I thought a good way to repay him was dinner outside.  I love days when that gets to happen!

05132016 phone dump4

8) Bozeman loves cooling off in his pool haha

9) So our neighbors have wildflowers instead of grass in their front yard…soooooo #HomeGoals

05132016 phone dump5

10) We have these lovely plants in our front garden that look tropical and awesome–they’ve bloomed now and I love it!

11) Monday yoga studio vibes

05132016 phone dump6
05132016 phone dump7

12-15) Beth and I went to Hoboken to get some “work” done this week, and we decided we love it because it feels like going on vacation!  We have to drive at least 30 minutes to get there, and it’s got really relaxing vibes :)

05132016 phone dump8

16-20)  I had my last meeting with the ladies of the Changed Retreat this week, and it was bittersweet!  They threw me the loveliest party complete with epic dance music, organic food (chips and salsa and chocolate covered pretzels!), and gorgeous flowers!  I love these girls, and I’ll miss getting to work with them at Changed.  Love you all!

05132016 phone dump9

21)  Here’s a close up of the flowers they gave me (my sweet friend, Simone, put them together!)–I swoon over them every morning.

22) Lake sunsets are so gorgeous.

Well, I think we’re still technically in Spring, but this week’s photos feel like Summer don’t they?  I’m actually ok with that–bring it on, Summer!  This weekend we will be running around doing a little bit of everything.  I hope your weekend is happy and fantastic!



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