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Friday Phone Dump

The sun goes down for the summer

Mirror sky for the water
I am fading westward too
Fading west with you

Life won’t sing like I want it
The traffic post modern sonic
The traffic hums a dirty tune
Fading West with you

Switchfoot // Fading West

This week has mostly been about our trip to San Diego!  There hasn’t been anything else exciting enough to take photos of, so here are some photos from California haha

I haven’t included all of them though, mostly photos of coffee, the beach, and plants :)  I’ll do a couple proper posts about our trip in the future!


1) Flying is easily one of the most amazing and most terrifying things one can do.  It completely baffles me that we can just sit in a chair and have someone bring us soda and  f l y  us from one city to another…crazy.  I’ve learned that I absolutely have to look out the window in an airplane, and that always rewards me with amazing views like this one :)  This was the sunrise over Denver on September 1st–we had a short layover there, then headed to San Diego!

2) This was the view from the front gate of our AirBnb apartment!  It opened to an alleyway that was full of cute little buildings and tropical plants like this.


3-4) Our front porch was so relaxing and nice, and we had great views from the windows!  #AirBnbForTheWin


5) Pretty details around town

6) First things first, we walked down to the beach and ate breakfast burritos from a taco stand (which we visited every day after that)


7) Then it was time for a nap–our flight left OKC at 6am, so we had been up since 4am and needed more sleep than we had gotten.  The good thing about going from Oklahoma time to California time is that we gained two hours, so we really didn’t lose any time there with our nap :)


8-9) After napping, we were all ready for coffee, so we walked to The Coffee Method, which ended up being the place we returned to every day on our trip!  They have these awesome chairs in front of their shop that are made from old wine barrels–so cool.  We spent lots of time enjoying the gorgeous weather and our coffee in those chairs.  That second photo was an accidental one, but I think it’s cool haha  After coffee we walked to the beach (which was 1 block from the coffee shop) and exploring a little bit.


10) More pretty details around town


11) My sandals and my shell collection on the first day…I found more shells to take home later

12) It was nice to have mostly cloudy weather that day, temperatures were in the 60s and really pleasant.  Also it looked like there were spotlights on the ocean when the sun would break through the clouds, which was awesome!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

13) Brian snapped (and edited) this photo of Colin and me walked on the beach, thanks Brian!


14) My one attempt at a yoga photo, which was really difficult to do standing in a tide pool on sand that was disappearing under my feet haha

15) Brian hunting down random surfers to take photos of….just go look at his Instagram if you want to see the photos he gets from moments like this haha


16) Never gets old


17-18) Home made breakfast is one of my favorite things about staying in a place with a kitchen.  The ability to feel like I’m sleeping in while still getting up early is one of my favorite things about staying in California :)


19-21) More pretty details around town

22) Coffee, Harry Potter, and the beach…..the only better scene would be by a fireplace while it snows outside.  This was how I spent most of my time in CA :)


23-24) Colin and Brian rented wetsuits and surfboards, this is them discussing strategies for the waves



25-27) Ocean Beach is gorgeous


28) We had tons of amazing food there, and this Indian place was one of my absolute favorites!  Those samosas were just perfect.

29) Kourtni watched Bozeman for us, and she sent me this photo of him and her dad’s new puppy!  Little cuties :)  Thanks again for watching him, Kourt!


30) Views from the previously pictured blue chair on our front porch :)


31) Our dear friend, Chuck has been living in SoCal, so he took some time out of his weekend to come visit us in San Diego!  It was so good to see him and explore downtown a little!


32) The view from Pt Loma Nazarene University…where Brian almost went to college…maybe he should have gone here haha


33-38) What our Labor Day looked like :)  Best Labor Day ever.


39-40)  I asked Brian to take a few photos of Colin and me on the beach on our last night there.  He got some great shots (thanks, Brian!), but here are the phone photos I took from that experience.


41) I finally tried an Açai bowl the morning we left for the airport–it was delicious!  I’ll definitely be trying smoothie bowls for breakfast at home sometime soon.

42) Colin and I always point out really tall clouds to each other, and I always imagine what it would be like to be level with them.  Then I get on an airplane and I actually get to see what it feels like…flying, man.

This weekend we are prepping for OUR FRIENDS TO ARRIVE FROM ENGLAND NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!  We can’t wait to see them again, and since we’re hosting for them, we have some house prep to do (#cleaninglikemad)

I hope your weekend is relaxing and lovely!



ps–more Europe photos coming next week!  Thanks for being patient while I went on vacation!

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