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Friday Phone Dump

“Here’s a strange truth I’ve noticed.  Almost everyone knows about Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland, but most people don’t go.  Maybe it’s because it’s surrounded by water and you have to take a raft to get there.  But it’s really not that tough to do.  Lots of people want to go.  Some people even plan to go.  But most forget or just don’t get around to it.  It’s one of those ‘we’ll do that next trip’ kinds of places for a lot of people.  Tom Sawyer island is like most people’s lives, I think: they never get around to crossing over to it.  

Living a life fully engaged and full of whimsy and the kind of things that love does is something most people plan to do, but along the way they just kind of forget”

Bob Goff // Love Does

02242017 phone dump1

1) It’s been pretty cloudy this week (I mean, we’re in England…what did you expect?), but the best part of cloudy days is the sky when the sun finally cuts through.  I mean, the colors are just so soft and lovely.

02242017 phone dump2

2-6) This weekend we went for a long walk around Moggerhanger Park and it was so gorgeous!  This whole trip is really just too much for me, because I’m seriously smitten all the time.  There are amazing buildings everywhere that are old and full of history, most of them have some kind of cafe/coffee shop/pub/shop in them, and they are in some of the most picturesque landscape I’ve ever seen.  Also, that last photo was taken by Tom and Ro’s friend, Steve, with a real camera (not my phone…sorry).  That’s Becky on the left, she’s super cool :)

02242017 phone dump3

7-8) The first pub we visited here!  Even though we went at lunch time (so it wasn’t super lively or anything), we totally loved it and we’ll definitely be coming back :)

02242017 phone dump4

9-12) Colin and I have spent most of our time here so far just walking around Bedford and exploring the town.  One of my favorite features of this town is the gorgeous river that runs through it!  We walked along the river on our way back from the grocery store the other evening, and it was as enchanting as ever.

02242017 phone dump5

13-15) Pretty details around town–one of these days I’ll bring my DSLR camera around and capture them more professionally!

02242017 phone dump6

16-18) One of my favorite shops we’ve been to so far–The Eagle Bookshop !  It’s full of antique/vintage books that are so stunning and interesting.  We’re waiting for the next rainy day to come back and wander some more.  Don’t you want every single one of those scrap books?!

02242017 phone dump7

19-20) Another favorite place in town, Coffee with Art–I mean, look at the wall of books. Just look at it.  Not only was the coffee great, the food was even better.  I had a delicious salad topped with smoked salmon.  So they’re winning really :)

02242017 phone dump8

21-22) More Bedford details–pretty sculpture art and darling homes

02242017 phone dump9

23-24) Snacks–I found the best GF bread I’ve ever tried at Holland & Barrett (a health food chain in the UK).  Like it’s amazing.  I topped it with strawberry jam and pumpkin seeds, and it’s been my go-to snack since we’ve been here!  Also, there is literally a place to get yummy coffee at the end of Tom and Ro’s street–so Colin and I got a cup to-go on our way to get groceries the other day.  Side note: refrigerators and freezers and kitchens are much smaller here, so we grocery shop almost every day for our meals.  Just in case you were wondering why we’d been to the store so many times this week!

02242017 phone dump10

25-27) Ro’s birthday was on Wednesday and we had a delicious dinner (made by Becky over there), cake, board games, and a trip to the neighborhood pub (which was freakin cute, guys).  Happy birthday, Ro!  Other news–ginger beer is the besssssssst.

02242017 phone dump11

26) Another amazing place we’ve visited here is the Tennis Club.  It’s literally a tennis clubhouse turned coffee shop/cafe and it’s adorable and delicious.  Ro and I went there to “work” until Tom showed up with her sister for a birthday surprise :)  I’ll be back here for sure!

27) Yesterday was a very windy (even by Oklahoma standards) and chilly day, so I enjoyed this spot by the window and radiator for both drying my clothes and for keeping my feet warm haha

This weekend we have more birthday shenanigans for Ro (ps–Happy Birthday tomorrow to Steph Skidmore!  Miss you!) and more exploring!

Happy weekend, friend.  I hope it’s delightful!



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