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Friday Phone Dump

“I’m an old soul to my bones

Trying to walk the long road home

Loved ones lost will live again

We sing these songs for them

She’s an old soul to her core

Prays that love will save us all

And someday enemies and friends

Will sing these songs again With old soul”

Still Time // Old Soul

03242017 phone dump2
03242017 phone dump1

1-6) Last week we spent an afternoon in Stony Stratford, a little “coaching” town within Milton Keynes.  You know how in America there are all sorts of towns that used to exist along Route 66 because of the tourism the highway brought?  They would all have cute, kitschy motels and weird “must see” sights and stuff.  Stony Stratford is like that only older and wayyy cooler.  It’s on one of the old roads that led to London (I think in Roman times?), so it’s got lots of old buildings and pubs and inns that have giants doors on the side that a horse and coach would fit through!  Anyway, it’s lovely, and we enjoyed exploring it.

03242017 phone dump3

7-8) We went to church with our friends, Ian and Sally, and followed it with a lovely Sunday lunch (it’s a big thing here) made by Sally :) It was perfect.


9) Speaking of Sally, she has great decorating taste–how gorgeous is this embroidery piece?! I’m pretty sure the year on it is 1858…yeah.  Anyway, this was in the room we stayed in at Ian and Sally’s–thank you guys again for hosting us!  We loved it.

03242017 phone dump4
03242017 phone dump5
03242017 phone dump6

10-20)  This is Elstow Abbey!  It’s just a few blocks away from the house we’ve been staying in this week, so we took a walk over there after the rain cleared up the other day.  How lovely is this place?!

03242017 phone dump7

21-23) More adorable details from the area around our friends’ house we’ve been staying in this week–I’m serious. Everything is cute here.


24) Our hosts, Rita and Tony, have been lovely–look at these gorgeous flowers that were in our room!

03242017 phone dump8
03242017 phone dump9

25-32) Colin’s 27th birthday was on Tuesday, so we went for a long walk (a theme this week, lots of walking) until the rain caught up to us.  Luckily there are cafés everywhere around here so we just waited out the rain with some cake and a cup of tea :)  In case you’re wondering, these are from Priory Park!

03242017 phone dump10
03242017 phone dump11
03242017 phone dump12

33-41) Yesterday we went for a super long walk around the area South of Bedford–it was a little over 8 miles overall, and it was well worth it!  I’ll post more photos from this walk in an individual post later, so I haven’t put too many here today.

This weekend we’re traveling to stay with Ro’s sister in Leeds!  We can’t wait to see more of this beautiful country :) I hope your weekend is fantastic!



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