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Friday Phone Dump

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more than I can tell
And for once it might be grand to have someone understand
I want so much more than they’ve got planned”

Beauty and the Beast // Belle (Reprise)

We finally saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie this week and loved it!

04012017 phone dump1

1) Spring is definitely in full swing around here and we love it–there are flowers everywhere!

2) Last week, our friend, Phil, had us over for a fancy dinner that he cooked.  It was lovely and delicious and we had a great time.  Thanks again, Phil!

04012017 phone dump2
04012017 phone dump3

3-7) This week we’ve been staying in Leeds with Ro’s lovely sister, Christina, and her husband, Alex!  They are so wonderful, and Leeds is such a gorgeous city.  One of the first things we did here was explore Kirkstall Abbey, one of many stunning abandoned Abbeys around here that are so fascinating to see.  Every time we’ve visited one, I’ve felt like I was living in Lord of the Rings :)

04012017 phone dump4
04012017 phone dump5
04012017 phone dump6

8-16) Christina and Alex took us to Bolton Abbey this weekend, which again reminded me of LotR.  This place was even more gorgeous because it’s located on the edge of Yorkshire Dales National Park…sooo it’s an amazing abbey framed by a massive river and lots of green hills.  We took lots of photos here with the DSLR camera, so I’ll show you more later.

04012017 phone dump7
04012017 phone dump8

17-24) Exploring the city of Leeds–so many great vintage shops and coffee bars and hills and cool buildings!

04012017 phone dump9

25-26) We decided to take the path along the river on our walk to the train station!  So pretty.


27) The exact halfway point between London and Edinburgh :)

04012017 phone dump10
04012017 phone dump11

28-35) Ilkley Moor, the coolest “park” I’ve ever visited.  All that brown foliage has purple flowers on it in the Summer, so maybe we’ll have to come back again haha

04012017 phone dump12
04012017 phone dump13
04012017 phone dump14
04012017 phone dump15
04012017 phone dump16
04012017 phone dump17

36-50) Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting the lovely city of York!  We walked around quite a bit, had lunch in the Shambles (aka Diagon Alley), visited the gorgeous York Minster, and had tea + biscuits at an adorable shop called The Perky Peacock.  To top it all off, we took the long train back to Leeds and had the most amazing views of the countryside :)


51) Alex and Christina were nice enough to take us to their favorite curry place in Leeds, and we are so grateful–it was amazing!  Also, please look at that GIANT PIECE OF NAAN on the left!  Wow.

This weekend we’ll be back in Bedford planning our next adventures :)  I hope your weekend is relaxing and lovely!



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