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Friday Phone Dump

“I believe in thinking about the good times

All those little moments weren’t just a pass by

I believe we’re better when we’re together.  

I believe a hard rain can ease the heartache

Clean out all the gutters, wash it all away

I believe we’re better when we’re together

I believe in courage, taking chances

Think of all the mistakes turned to inventions

I believe we’re better when we’re together

I believe we’re all here for somethin’ special 

Doesn’t even matter, all your credentials

I believe we’re better when we’re together”

I Believe // Aaron Espe

04072017 phone dump1

1-2) On our last day in Leeds, we spent some more time exploring downtown.  It’s a lovely city, and I think it’s safe to say our favorite spot was Laynes Espresso :) Check out that peanut butter brownie!

04072017 phone dump2

3) Back in Bedford–this evening reminded me of Spring in Oklahoma.  It was a sunset after a rainy day that was colorful and smelled so fresh!

4) I got myself a little birthday gift from épanoui this week–some pretty earrings!  I love this little package Hannah put them in, you all should go check out her shop either in person or online–her stuff is gorgeous!

04072017 phone dump3
04072017 phone dump4

5-7) The flowers in England are un. real.  They are abundant and colorful and so stunning!  It makes walking all around town extra fun.

8) Such pretty skies :) I love how deep and saturated they get in Oklahoma, but the subtle colors here are equally enchanting.

04072017 phone dump5

9)  The willow trees are green!

10) Colin and I went to London for my birthday, yesterday, so I spent a few minutes browsing my travel books to see if there was anywhere we needed to stop while we were there.


11) Our sweet friends, the Skidmores :) We got to FaceTime with them this week and Steph took a screenshot of us, so here it is haha–love them!

04072017 phone dump6
04072017 phone dump7

12-15) London!  Our first stop was the Borough Market for our favorite pasta (Colin gets truffle tortellini with mushroom sauce, I get potato gnocchi with basil pesto and red pepper flakes), our favorite coffee, and some more of the fig + apple mustard we got the last time we were there.  We had the most unbelievably sunny weather while we were there, so we stayed out in it all day!

04072017 phone dump8
04072017 phone dump9
04072017 phone dump10
04072017 phone dump11

16-26) Wandering around sunny London, I mean seriously guys.  Those flowers.  I just can’t.  We keep going to London thinking we’ll visit more indoor sights, but then the weather turns out to be so nice that we end up just walking all around–no regrets


27) Really cute walk signs!


28) We stopped by Trafalgar Square and there was a protest against Uber going on–glad we weren’t tryna’ drive anywhere!

04072017 phone dump12
04072017 phone dump13

29-34) More wandering.  We lounged in the grass in Hyde Park for probably and hour and a half or so and it was so great–we even got small sunburns on our faces! Haha

04072017 phone dump14
04072017 phone dump15

35-39) We ended the day by strolling through Notting Hill and eating at what I’ve heard is the best Mexican restaurant in London (and so far I would absolutely agree!!!) for my birthday dinner.  I had a pineapple + coconut agua fresca, chips + guacamole, barbacoa tacos, and fish tacos.  I’m drooling just thinking about them!

This weekend we are hoping to take advantage of even more sunny + warm weather by either lounging in the park or going for a long walk.  May your weekend be full of lovely weather, fresh ideas, and at least a few lazy moments



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