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Friday Phone Dump

04212017 phone dump1

1) After the Good Friday service, a bunch of people from church went out to the pub.  I love pubs because they are cozy and English and full of ginger beer and fries :)

2) Just a lovely moment of journaling with my glass of wine.  Thanks to my best, Chelsea, for gifting me my pretty journal!

04212017 phone dump2
04212017 phone dump3

3-8) Ro’s sweet family was kind enough to let us join them for their Easter Sunday festivities.  We had a great time eating amazing food (thank you, Sally!), being goofy, hunting for eggs (thank you, Ian!), walking around the neighborhood, and making flower crowns out of rosemary (the official herb of Ro’s and my friendship–get it? Ro’s+Mary?!)

04212017 phone dump4

9-10) We’ve been having more sunny days here since we did back in February and March, and even though they can still be chilly, it’s nice to see the sun :)

04212017 phone dump5
04212017 phone dump6
04212017 phone dump7

11-17) We did have a sunny day that was warmer than usual earlier this week, so we went for a walk through this gorgeous wood before soaking up some more sun in the backyard.  Basically it was a great day!

04212017 phone dump8

18-20) Rainy days are great too, especially when you get to enjoy espresso and Italian cookies (almond with cherry filling!) outside.  Also, Bedford is pretty!

04212017 phone dump9
04212017 phone dump10
04212017 phone dump12
04212017 phone dump11
04212017 phone dump13
04212017 phone dump14

21-36) We finally made it to Cambridge!  I had never been before, so we took a day trip this week.  It’s such a charming town full of old buildings and flowers and intelligence :)  We found this really delicious cafe called The Old Bicycle Shop, which was both adorable and tasty.  We also grabbed a coffee from Hot Numbers and visited the gorgeous Fitzwilliam Museum.  It was a lovely day trip!

This weekend we are relaxing and checking some items off our to-do list.  I hope your weekend is restful!



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