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Friday Phone Dump

“Forget not that the Earth longs to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”

Khalil Gibran

04282017 phone dump1

1-2) Colin and I have been riding the bikes Tom let us borrow, and this weekend we took them to a cafe called Danish Camp!  We didn’t eat there or anything, but we loved the trail we took to get there.  I will never understand how everything is so pretty here!  Also, I want that sign in my house haha

04282017 phone dump2

3) This house has great yoga space, especially since it features these cute plants–gotta love jade!

4) Since we’ve had so many rainy and cloudy days this week, we’ve spent lots of time inside.  I’ve been drawing just for fun (here’s the beginning of one) and listening to The Silkworm in audio book form.  And drinking tea, always tea :)

04282017 phone dump3

5-6) My mom sent us a birthday package that included this Patagonia pullover and Colin’s new glasses (his glasses just came in after we left the US…they weren’t his birthday gift haha).  I love the New Mexico vibes going on with this sweater, and of course I love Colin’s glasses!  Also, how great is that mug?

04282017 phone dump4
04282017 phone dump5



7-13) Yesterday we went out for a walk in the rain, and it was still so lovely.  England is dreamy, especially its meadows and trees.

This weekend we’re taking a day trip to the coast with a couple of friends!  Have a great weekend, friends!



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