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Friday Phone Dump

“And time will show, show, show
That people gonna be OK
Storms never come to stay
How bad we need each other
How bad we need each other
And the trials of today
They are signs along the way
How bad we need each other
How bad we need each other”

Marc Scibilia // How Bad We Need Each Other

05052017 phone dump1
05052017 phone dump2

1-4) Colin and I spent some time on the high street in Bedford recently–we had tea at Coffee With Art and rummaged through several thrift stores (where I found that book…OMG).  We love you, Bedford :)

05052017 phone dump3
05052017 phone dump5
05052017 phone dump6
05052017 phone dump7
05052017 phone dump8
05052017 phone dump9
05052017 phone dump10
05052017 phone dump11
05052017 phone dump12
05052017 phone dump13

5-32)  Our sweet friends, Ben and Zoe, took us down to Brighton on Saturday where my heart melted and I completely fell in love with that little city!  I mean, look at the colors…I can’t handle them at. all.  We had the best time wandering around town, enjoying seaside bites (including pomegranate mint lemonade!), playing arcade games on the pier (Ben was so pumped about winning that minion for Zoe), eating gelato, sipping coffee, and soaking up all the goodness.  Also, I got to hold a fluffy Border Collie puppy so whatever chill I had left was completely gone after that moment haha

05052017 phone dump14
05052017 phone dump15
05052017 phone dump16

33-41) It’s been pretty cold and dreary this week, but Colin and I went out for a walk a few days ago and found some gorgeous views over Bedford.  It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to just start walking and find a footpath that leads somewhere really beautiful.  Also, I really will never get over how lush England is.

42) More vintage book shopping, I can’t keep it together when I see gorgeous covers like this!

This weekend we’re celebrating Tom’s birthday and ((hopefully)) soaking up some sunshine :)  May your weekend be full of rest and inspiration!



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