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Friday Phone Dump

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

// Samuel Johnson

05122017 phone dump1
05122017 phone dump2
05122017 phone dump3

1-6) Exploring Bedford–including Al’s Plaice for fish and chips, and Eagle Bookshop (the best) :)

7) I started a new notebook for brainstorming ideas for a project I’m working on!  More on that to come.

05122017 phone dump4
05122017 phone dump5

8-10) I will never get over the flowers and green-ness around here

11) Haha, I got done doing yoga the other day and I could not find Colin for the life of me.  Then I looked in the backyard and finally spotted him!


12-13) Pretty Bedford again :)

05122017 phone dump6
05122017 phone dump7
05122017 phone dump8
05122017 phone dump9
05122017 phone dump10
05122017 phone dump11
05122017 phone dump12

14-37) We went back to London yesterday!  It gets me every single time–I’m in love.  We started at Monmouth Coffee (as usual), then shopped around for a few souvenirs.  After that was lunch at our favorite, Pie Minister, then a bus ride to Hackney to find a cafe that Sean found on Instagram (Morty & Bob’s….it was gorgeous, like I want to live there) for tea, then a walk around the canal and Victoria Park.  Next was a rush hour trip on the Tube to Notting Hill for tacos (you may remember Taquería from my last London phone dump), and finally we ended the evening with Big Ben :)

This weekend, we’re helping our friends move out of their home and trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we only have a few weeks left here!!  For those of you asking, when we leave England we’ll be in Chicago for a few days, then Oklahoma for bit, then we’re not sure where we’ll be next!  I’ll let you know when I know, ok?  Ok.  :)

I hope your weekend is fantastic, friend.



ps–if you’re in America and you need a photographer in June or for the rest of the year, email me!    (( ))

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