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Friday Phone Dump


06092017 phone dump1

1-2) We went out for drinks with some of our English friends during the short time between Edinburgh and Paris.  The Embankment in Bedford is adorable and delicious, and I miss our friends already :(

06092017 phone dump2
06092017 phone dump3
06092017 phone dump4
06092017 phone dump5
06092017 phone dump6
06092017 phone dump7
06092017 phone dump8
06092017 phone dump9
06092017 phone dump10
06092017 phone dump11
06092017 phone dump12
06092017 phone dump13
06092017 phone dump17
06092017 phone dump15
06092017 phone dump16
06092017 phone dump14
06092017 phone dump18
06092017 phone dump19
06092017 phone dump20

3-51) Our lovely friends, Steph and Kyle, met us in Paris for a few days!  We had the best time eating crêpes, walking around the city, enjoying the sunshine, picnic-ing by the Eiffel Tower, wandering the Louvre, and hanging out with our favorite Skidmores :)  Some of the cafes and restaurants you see here are; Radiodays, le Poutch, and Jeanne B (I had gazpacho for the first time here, and it blew my mind!).  I’d recommend all of them!  Paris, you are the most dreamy.

06092017 phone dump21

52-53) Back in Bedford to pack up our things and leave for a long long while…I miss it so much already!  To every single person that we met there–thank you for the love you showed us even though you knew we wouldn’t be around forever.  You all are so special to us, and we hope we get to see you again so soon!

06092017 phone dump22
06092017 phone dump23

54-58) Speaking of people that I already miss, these kids are at the top of that list :(  Tom and Ro drove us to London and spent the day with us before we flew back to America.  We had a lovely lunch at Granger & Co. before saying goodbye to Big Ben (I insisted).  Love you, Heasmans!

06092017 phone dump24
06092017 phone dump25
06092017 phone dump26
06092017 phone dump27
06092017 phone dump28

59-74) Several hours on a plane later, we were in Chicago!  Our friends, Sean, Kristen, Brian, and Morgan, met us there and ran around with us for a few days :)  We had an amazing time–Chicago is just one of the greatest cities!  That coffee shop (in case you didn’t recognize it from the dozens of photos I’ve taken there before) is Heritage, and I think it’s my very favorite in the USA….but that’s a hard call to make!

06092017 phone dump29
06092017 phone dump30
06092017 phone dump31

75-80) Whew!  After a quick layover in St. Louis (hi, Rau family!  I wish we could have seen you while we were there!), we finally made it back to OKC!  One of my first stops was Well Beauty to get a mani/pedi (traveling and walking around all the cities is hard on ya feet), Cuppies (obviously), then Barrios (a new-since-we’ve-been-gone Mexican place in OKC) with my bests (Beth & Chelsea).  So, all the good stuff :)

06092017 phone dump32

81-83) After dinner, I went to Beth’s house to pick up Bozeman!  It was a happy reunion with that sweet pup.

06092017 phone dump33

84-86) WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR BEST, BRIAN!  His film was chosen to be shown at the Dead Center Film Festival in OKC, and it was so official and exciting and such a big deal!  Ya got dreams, kid.  Remember us when you’re rich & famous!

WOW.  Sooooo many photos!  Thank you all for your patience with me as I struggle to keep up with the pace of my own life!  I have some ideas and projects I’ll be working on in the next several weeks and months, so come back often to make sure you don’t miss anything :)

I hope you’re having a great day, friend!



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