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Friday Phone Dump (Monday Edition)

“Theres a place I know
Where the redwoods blow
Where the Colorado River feeds the sea

If you care to share it with me
There are wide blue skies
In your cloudless eyes
And I think that California is what they see
Will you come to California with me”

I said yes // California

07142017 phone dump1

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

1-4) My sweet friend (and Blake’s younger sister), Whitney, got married last weekend!  I got to do her hair for the wedding, and it was so special because I’ve done her hair for pretty much every big event in her life since high school.  When Whit was a freshman and I was a senior in high school, we were in band together.  I drove her home from school every single day for the whole school year, and I taught her how to have a dance party in the car!  She was shy at first, but by the end of the year she was breakin’ it down at every stoplight right along with me :)  I like to think I taught her all the dance moves she knows haha  So happy for you, Whitney!

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5) Coffee date with these lovelies–I’m so thankful that I got to see them before we left!  If I didn’t get to say goodbye to you, I’m so sorry!  The amount of time between Colin accepting his new job and us leaving was very small, and I’m sad that I couldn’t see everyone before we moved.  Hopefully I will see you all soon!  This is me send you a virtual hug :)  If you’re confused about what I mean by “moved,” maybe you missed last week’s phone dump?

07142017 phone dump2

6) Blake and Brian have the best house–random thought haha

7) We drove this moving truck halfway across America!  Bozeman loved and hated it at the same time, what a trooper.

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8) My heart is still full after getting to have lunch with Tabitha in Amarillo!  We love and miss you, Tabiwan!

07142017 phone dump3

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07142017 phone dump4
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9-14) New Mexico (my very favorite state) is so beautiful I could cry.  Every single time I go there, I wonder if it will enchant me as much as it did before.  Every single time, it does.

07142017 phone dump5

07142017 phone dump6

07142017 phone dump7

15-20) We stopped at my favorite restaurant in the whole world, Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen, for dinner on our first night.  I’m still on a high from the red and green chiles–and also the Mexican hot chocolate I grabbed from the Teahouse on our way out of town :)  We were so sad that we got into town after Iconik Coffee Roasters and Santa Maria Provisions had closed, but I guess that means we’ll have to head back to Santa Fe soon!

07142017 phone dump8

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21-23) See what I mean?  How beautiful is New Mexico?  And these are just views from gas stations and drive-by phone photos…I can’t handle it.

07142017 phone dump9

24-25)  Speaking of gas stations–here we are in Arizona, a state I also love :)

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07142017 phone dump10
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27-29) A quick stop in Flagstaff as a storm was rolling in from the mountains, what a lovely place!

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07142017 phone dump11

30-32) California!

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07142017 phone dump12

07142017 phone dump13
07142017 phone dump14

33-39)  Some details from the end of our drive, our walks around San Jose, and our awesome apartment.  It’s so so beautiful, and I haven’t even begun to process the fact that we are actually here.  In California.  To stay.  Give me a year or so, and maybe I’ll have it figured out haha  For now though, I just feel so blessed to have so many places and people in our lives that help us grow and love and experience beauty.  I feel blessed to have a space of our own and new opportunities and each other.  I’m grateful– so so grateful.

We’re still getting settled in here in our new apartment (and new city), so this week will be about getting work done, unpacking, and crossing the many items off our to-do list.  I hope your Monday feels fresh and inspiring!  And thanks for letting me post this Friday Phone Dump on a Monday :)



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