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Friday Phone Dump

“Flowers of the field
Here today, vanish in the wind
Go to sleep, you may not wake up with a morning sunrise
Move so fast, baby, right before you close your eyes

So you better run
Move fast like a bullet from the gun
Over the hills, salvation rests in the sun
You’re turnin’ it, baby, rest in the sun
So won’t you come
So won’t you come, baby”

07212017 phone dump1
07212017 phone dump2

1-4) Hahaha, this is a series I like to call “sleepy pups” in which I photograph Bozeman sleeping in different places around our apartment.  So far he seems to be adjusting well to his new home, he just doesn’t understand the concept of other people (and pets) being allowed to live in the same building as him.  He barks at everyone…sooo we’re working on that.

07212017 phone dump3

5) My favorite spot on our walls so far!  We’ve not hung too many things up yet since we still need to buy some furniture items (and it’s hard to know how tall or short they will be), but of what we do have already, this is my favorite.

6) Geeze.  I’m sure there will be a day when palm trees cease to impress me, but right now they just feel so exotic and vacation-y to me.  That probably just comes with the territory of an Okie living in California though, huh?

07212017 phone dump4

7-8) Yeah, our pool is ok I guess :)  Y’all come see us when you’re in Cali!

This weekend we’ll be exploring more of our new city!  It’s been a busy week getting things done (and with Colin starting work at his new job), so we’re looking forward to relaxing and exploring.  I hope your weekend brings new ideas and maybe a chance for a nap?  :)



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