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Friday Phone Dump

“Just because it won’t come easily
Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, try, try”

Easily // Bruno Major

1-2) I’ve slowly been trying local coffee shops in San Jose, and my first stop on that “tour” (if you want to call it that, why not?) was Crema Coffee.  It was tasty, and there was plenty of room to find a place to tuck in for a few hours with my laptop to work.  Also, the chairs on the patio look like ones you’d find at a Parisian Cafe…soo that was pretty great!

3) Cuties :)

4) Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is this stairwell?!  I want to sit and read there or sip on lemonade or something, geeze

5-6) My heart is so full of gratitude for our new home.  I mean, I usually make a smoothie as an afternoon snack a few times week no matter where I am…but it’s lovely getting to enjoy it by the pool when I want.

7-8) Pretty details of Downtown San Jose!

9) I got to meet Colin for lunch at the market this week, and it was the coolest.  He’s the best, and the Star Wars themed taco shop where I got my lunch was pretty amazing too haha

10) Spanish architecture + palm trees = always lovely

11-12) Like I said, I love the pool.

13) We enjoyed the Mole Enchiladas from Luna when we came to San Jose for Colin’s interview, and since then we’ve been itching to make it back there.  It did not disappoint!  The fresh corn tortillas were made right in front of us, and my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

14-18) Ok….we recently went to the San Jose Rose Garden, and it was heavenly.  Not only did the whole place smell incredible (just, seriously incredible), but I’ve never seen a garden/park like that outside of Europe!  It brought me back to exploring London and Paris, and those are memories I never mind recalling :)  Needless to say, we’ll be going back there soon

19-21) The plant life here is magical in general, I feel so lucky to see it every day.

This weekend we are trying to decide between going to San Francisco and continuing to explore San Jose–so many options, it’s hard to decide!  Follow along on Instagram Stories to see what we decide :)

Anyway, I hope your weekend is restful and exactly what you need!



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