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Friday Phone Dump

“I could climb the Himalayan mountains
Or the pyramids in West Peru
I could travel back in time and hear Al Green sing
It wouldn’t mean a thing with out you
No, it wouldn’t mean a thing without you”

Woudn’t Mean a Thing // Bruno Major

1-3) We flew back to Oklahoma last weekend to show our friends, Ben and Zoe, around our home state!  You may remember Ben and Zoe from a few of our adventures we had back in England.  Well, they wanted to visit America in places where it was going to be super hot, so we informed them that those places could easily be found in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico in August :)  So, they flew all the way over from Bedford, England to explore parts of America that not too many Brits get to see!  Since we’re living in California now, we have to get on a plane to return to Oklahoma–which is definitely going to take some getting used to on our part.

4-7) We actually flew into Dallas since B + Z were driving up from Houston, so they picked us up, and we took them straight to some property my family owns in Tishomingo, OK that we call “The Ranch.”  They rode 4-wheelers, canoed down a river, and visited one of the best restaurants in the state, Fish Tales.  It was amazing–AND Blake surprised us by showing up there which made it even better :)

8-11) The next day, we showed Ben and Zoe around Stillwater (with a stop at Hoboken first, of course)!  My cousins, Emily and Matthew, are both in Greek houses at OSU, and Em showed us around her sorority house (on bid day no less, thanks, Em!).  We took them all around campus, to Hideaway and Joes, to Aspen, and by the house where Colin proposed to me :)

12) After Stillwater, we went back to OKC for dinner at The Mule with my bests (love you, Beth + Chels!), then drinks at Oak & Ore with some more of our friends!

13-14) Eventually we had to say goodbye to all of our lovely friends, but unfortunately it was “goodbye for awhile” to Ben and Zoe :(  It was so special to have them in Oklahoma with us, and I’m so glad they’re also getting to experience New Mexico (my favorite state…yay!) and Texas as well!  We love and miss you guys already–come back soon!!

15-17) Our journey home was a long one with two delayed flights and losing two hours due to time zone changes.  There were good parts though, like the beautiful views over New Mexico and Arizona and the lovely man from Mexico we chatted with on one of our flights.  Also this sunset view from the Phoenix airport was pretty magical!

18-22) Snapshots of home :)  Bozeman was glad to have us back, and though we had the sweetest time in Oklahoma, it felt really wonderful to return to San Jose as “home”

This weekend we’ll be exploring our city and shopping for a few apartment items.  We’ll also be looking at our schedules and planning out what the next several weekends will contain–there is so. much.  to do around here!

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend, friend!



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