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Friday Phone Dump

“Be messy and complicated and afraid and show up anyways”

Glennon Doyle Melton

1-12) We finally made it to the beach!  Over Labor Day weekend we rented a car (we don’t have a car here, not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that) and took Bozeman down to Carmel by the Sea.  It was stunning and relaxing, and I still can’t believe that we get to live so close to it all.  California is a dream, truly.

13-16)  We got our first bit of rain (including thunder, which apparently never happens here) since we moved here, and it was so lovely!  I was out running errands…which means walking and taking the bus or light rail…and it just started plopping large drops on my head.  It was awesome!

I’m currently torn between going into full Fall mode and loving the sunny ocean and palm trees vibes still–I think you can have both here though soooo I’m not sweating it too much :)

Obviously there’s not too much in this phone dump even though it covers two weeks worth of time.  We’ve slowed waaaay down since moving here, and we are definitely embracing that!  This season involves lots of quiet days for us, and that is just fine, it just also means we don’t have as many photos to take.

Anyway, this weekend we’re getting dinner with some of Colin’s new work friends and otherwise taking it easy!  I hope your weekend is wonderful.



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