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Friday Phone Dump

1) It’s that time of year again when we spend most of our evenings cheering on the Cubbies!  Colin loves his W flag, and it’s currently flying off our balcony since we won last night!  Go Cubs Go!!

2) This is Bozeman’s “mom, can we please go on that walk now?!” face

3) We’ve been enjoying our Topeca coffee since I brought some back from OKC :)  Pro tip, if you buy a bag at Cuppies & Joe with your Keep It Local card, you get a free cup of coffee right then and there.  It’s so great!  The Espresso roast is our second favorite–it’s only beaten by their Sweater Weather roast.  So. so. good.

4) I don’t wake up early very often, but when I do I’m always happy to be rewarded with the prettiest light!

5) Guys!  I’ve been reading through the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes stories after our dear friend, Josh, gifted us this copy.  A Study in Scarlett totally blew my mind, and I loved reading all the short stories, but now I’m finally reading The Hound of the Baskervilles!!!  I’ve never read any Holmes before now, but I can see why these books were/are so incredibly popular.

6) This week I have also been full of Star Wars mania (we bought our tickets already!!) since the new trailer dropped.  I’ve worn star wars socks (these have BB8 on them) every day, and I think I’ve watched the trailer 100 times already…what?  I don’t have a problem…

7) Man, the wildfires up here have been so so sad to see.  Earlier this week, the winds brought thick smoke to San Jose that made it hard to see and breathe.  I don’t have a comparison photo for you, but normally you can see a couple more miles worth of rooftops and mountains from this view.

8) Pumpkin cookies because October :)

9) I wasn’t sure if California would have many Autumn leaves, but so far it hasn’t disappointed!

10) See?!

This weekend we’ll be relaxing and shopping for a few new items of clothing for Colin.  I hope your weekend is cozy and wonderful!



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