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Friday Phone Dump

“Light will guide you home & ignite your bones”

Fix You // Coldplay

1) Scenes from a walk we took this week–I’ve been so happy to see colorful leaves around here!  I carried this little red one with me the whole time we walked, and it’s currently sitting on our dining room table :)

2) Bozeman is always a snuggler, but these days he’s been extra eager to cuddle up with us (I think it’s the chilly weather)

3-4) We cheered on the Cubbies until the end this week!  Though we won some games earlier in the week, last night we lost the National League Championship to the LA Dodgers.  That means they’ll be going on to the World Series this year and not us :(  I’m happy for our new State though, soooo I guess Go Dodgers?!

5-8) I’m tellin’ ya, California is insanely beautiful.

9) It’s been cloudy (and rainy!!) these past couple days, which means the mountains look a little more like New Mexico mountains than California ones.  I definitely don’t hate it, my heart is in New Mexico most when it’s Fall and Winter!

This weekend we’ll be relaxing (a common theme these days, we’re all about a relaxing weekend) and exploring a little bit.  I hope your weekend is just what you need!



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