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Friday Phone Dump

“Hallelujah, Light will chase and find us.  Love is facing us again.”

Oh Light // The Liturgists

(I’ve started listening to Christmas music as usual starting November 1st…it’s nice)

1) I really can’t overstate how lovely it’s been to see colorful leaves everywhere here.  I was a little afraid that San Jose would never feel like Fall since it’s sunny about 300 days out of the year, but the colorful leaves are abundant and each one feels like a gift–I love it!

2) Bozeman and I stopped by Colin’s office a couple of Fridays ago to hang out.  Bozeman was shy around everyone, but they all loved him!  I guess next time I need to bring some treats or something with me since we have a very introverted dog haha

3) Japantown in San Jose is a lovely little district, and we’ve particularly enjoyed the Korean food there.  I snapped this photo outside the restaurant when we went there to eat :)

4) We spent some time sorting through keepsake items the other day, and we found a few things we kept from England that had been packed away.  It was so sweet to see everything again–especially these very old maps that Colin got.  We’ll definitely be framing those!

5-6) Despite the leaves changing and the current chill in the air, we had a few days last week when the temperature was in the 90s!  I decided to just embrace them and go to the pool…and I am absolutely not complaining about that.

7-13) My lovely friend, Steph, texted me last Thursday letting me know she would be in San Francisco for a short time the next day.  So Friday morning I got on the train to SF and met her there!  It was so so great to see her and her friends, and as usual San Francisco proved to be one of the most beautiful and dreamy cities I’ve ever experienced!

14-16) We rented a car last weekend which allowed us to explore a little more than usual.  We drove to Santa Cruz (about 40 minutes or so) and fell entirely in love.  I had no idea it would be such a magical place, but it was everything my granola/hippie/beachy/mountain dreams are made of.  These first photos are from the River Cafe (omg, so good) where we enjoyed our lunch on a huge porch surrounded by giant trees dropping leaves as big as our faces!

17-18) While we walked around downtown, we sipped on some locally roasted coffee from Verve (we also bought a pound of beans to enjoy at home, which I drank this morning, and it was delicious) and the most heavenly gluten-free ginger snaps from Buttercup Cakes.  The whole experience was the. loveliest.

19-22) I mean, come on, California.  This is just too much for me.  How is it so beautiful here?  How?!

23)  Haha, here’s a creepy photo of Bozeman tucked into our bed.  Thank you, Colin, for this!

24) Citrus season is coming and it’s gonna smell  d r e a m y.

25) Hi!

26) More Autumn leaves, I can’t stop.

27) B2 is still making my favorite americanos around here, just in case you were wondering :)

This weekend we’re going to see my Aunt and Uncle who are in town from St. Louis!  I’m so excited.  Also, hopefully we’ll catch some of the Bedlam game–Go Cowboys!  I hope your weekend is a great one.



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