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Friday Phone Dump

“Maybe that’s where life is born
When our façades are torn
Pain gives birth to the promise ahead”

Switchfoot // I Won’t Let You Go

1) Vanessa sent me this photo from her stay here, and it made me so happy.  Good times :)

2) Don’t these leaves look like cartoon ones?  They’re so so cute!  It’s slowly going from Fall to Winter here, so we’re enjoying the last of the piles of leaves while we can!

3) Haha, a bee was flying into the window so Bozeman kept trying to catch it (it was outside)

4) Migration season always makes me think of my sweet friend, Danielle.  She loves it when the birds all fly together in groups!  I took this photo for her.

5) Colin and I went to San Francisco 3 times in 1 week, and this was from the first trip.  We got to see Nick Mulvey in concert, and it was so so good!  One awesome thing about living here that we didn’t really think about is that lots of musicians and authors and speakers come to this area on their tours (we are not as used to that in OKC).  So, great music for us!

6) I’ve been working on some new (verrrrrry pretty) things that I can’t wait to show you!  There’s still quite a bit of stuff to sort out with it, but here’s a tiny peek :)

7) I am SO CLOSE to being done with the entire Sherlock Holmes collection of stories!!  What should I read next is the question.  Also, these last two photos should show you just how much dog hair is covering our apartment at the moment…

8-9) Pretty snaps of downtown San Jose!

10-20)  SF Trip Number 2:  Our sweet (and very cool) friends, Matt and Sloane invited us to join them and some friends at their house for Thanksgiving!  It was so so special and beautiful and delicious.  Look at that table!  And my tiny gluten free + dairy free portion of pumpkin pie (which was the most perfect, because I only like that exact amount of pumpkin pie.  No more, no less) Sloane made me!  And the VIEW FROM THE HILL NEAR THEIR HOUSE!  Wowowow.  Thank you so much again, Matt and Sloane–we love you guys!

21-22) With Thanksgiving being last Thursday, we basically had two weekends and it was awesome.  We spent Friday decorating for Christmas and relaxing around the apartment.  We also got a free trial for Hulu so we could catch up on Brooklyn 99!  We watched the first 3 seasons twice in England (thanks, Tom, for showing it to us) because it was on Netflix, but in the US it’s only on Hulu!  Anyway, as it’s our new absolute favorite show, we decided to binge the new episodes during the free trial period (we’re almost done with them haha).  If you haven’t seen it yet, I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

23-30) SF Trip Number 3: Sloane (again, she’s the coolest) invited me to join her at the Etsy Holiday Emporium.  I responded to her message with “ETSY HOLIDAY EMPORIUM?!?!”  Because those words were like music to my ears :) We had a lovely time perusing the booths of locally handmade items, it was great!  We also got to meet up with Colin’s Aunt and Uncle who were in town for Thanksgiving (and who stayed at a fancy hotel with this clock where Shirley Temple once posed for a photo).  It was so good to see them!

31-34) Our second Sunday was for more relaxing and wandering around town and drinking Mexican hot chocolate.  Also, look at that gigantic leaf!  And compare it to the one below haha

35-39) Random snaps from my walks with Bozeman this week (including a teeny tiny leaf!)–this is a beautiful place.

40-41) We got a new bed!  Haha, we set it up the other night, and Bozeman is beside himself with excitement to have an even cozier place to nap!

This weekend we’ll be doing a little Christmas shopping and probably drinking more Mexican hot chocolate :)

I hope your weekend is cozy and great!



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