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Friday Phone Dump

“And if you were to ask me
After all that we’ve been through
Still believe in magic?
Well yes, I do
Oh yes, I do
Of course I do”

Coldplay // Magic

1) Our campus of Life.Church moved to a new building two weekends ago, so we stopped by for a volunteer training night.  It was crazy to think back on all our time at Life.Church and think this marks the third campus where we’ll have served in the 8 years I’ve been a part of it!

2) They have huge photos printed off in the lobby of the new campus, and our Lifegroup thought it was funny that Brian was in one haha


3-4) I went with Steph and Kyle to the midnight (ok, 11:15) premiere showing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them….oh my goodness.  Guys, you should know that I am a serious Potter fan (feel free to test me anytime) and this movie is my personal favorite of all the Potter films.  It was so nice to just experience the movie without comparing it to anything–we laughed, we cried, we gasped, it was awesome.


5) Since I really didn’t sleep after watching the movie, I spent the morning being cozy with my quilt, tea, and my copy of the textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them :)

6) Colin has worked overtime since August preparing for a huge project deadline that was the day before Thanksgiving, so those last few days of overtime were tiring for all of us.


7-8) A spontaneous series of events led to me getting brunch with some lovely friends the weekend before Thanksgiving–love them!

9) Oh, these friends!  Alex and Hilary started out as my clients, and over the past couple of years has led to us becoming friends :) They came to town a couple weeks ago for dinner and a Christmas card shoot #ReasonsWhyILoveMyJob


10) Beth and I went Christmas shopping last week and we ended up in the kids’ section of Plenty where we tried on all the felt crowns…like normal adults.

11) So many selfies haha, our dear friends, Maddy and Josh, got engaged last Wednesday and I got to be the hidden photographer!  Josh’s family members are the geniuses behind KatieBugs, so they threw an adorable afterparty with hot chocolate (and apple cider for those of us who are lactose intolerant) and marshmallows with graham crackers and and chocolate for s’mores!  We loved getting to celebrate them and enjoy a cozy evening sipping hot chocolate by a fire :)


12) The first thing we did after Colin turned in his project at work was take Bozeman out to Lake Overholser.  We’re learning that nature is a huge part of being refreshed for us when we need it–we’re thankful to live near lovely places to walk and enjoy!

13) These cookies are beloved among all our families, so naturally, I made a bunch of them for our Thanksgiving celebrations.  Oatmeal chocolate chip with fresh cranberries!


14) Tabitha was in town for Thanksgiving (she moved to Texas for grad school last year), so we spent Friday morning by the fireplace at Higher Grounds sipping coffee and catching up on life things–love her!

15) Oh man, this was our food spread when Beth, Steph, and I got together to watch the Gilmore Girls revival!  We did things right by eating pad thai, pita and hummus, dolmas, tacos, chips and guacamole, cupcakes, and cookies haha


16) Colin took off on Monday so we could go hiking in the Wichita Mountains–I always love this view from Elk Mountain.  Have you ever been there in the Fall?  The colors are gorgeous!


17-18) Details from neighborhood walks with Bozeman :)


19-20) I’ve loved decorating for Christmas this year–there’s nothing cozier than enjoying hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music and admiring twinkle lights!  Unless, of course, you have a fireplace and it’s snowing outside.

This weekend we’ll be visiting my family in Tulsa (since we didn’t see them over Thanksgiving) and wrapping Christmas gifts!  I hope you’re weekend is lovely, friend!



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Friendsgiving 2016

Oh my goodness, everyone, listen up.  YOU NEED TO HIRE MY FRIEND, HAYLEY TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOS!

 I realize that may seem contradictory since I should want you to hire me instead of her, but seriously she is so talented.  I asked her to come take photos at Friendsgiving this year, because every year I’m sad about the lack of photos we have.  I always tell myself I’ll take more and better photos, but then when I’m there I remember I’d rather be “in the moment” and “present” than worrying about taking photos.   This year I (finally) realized that’s exactly why people hire photographers for weddings–so why not hire someone to shoot Friendsgiving?  I immediately knew I wanted to work with Hayley on this.  She shadowed me a few years ago while she was still getting started in photography, and (as you can clearly see) her talent has definitely superseded mine!  If you’d like to see her gorgeous post (girl can write and take photos) about Friendsgiving, you can find it here.

She beautifully captured what it feels like to celebrate life and friends under twinkle lights :)

Also, I owe a huge THANK YOU to all of our friends who helped us raise funds for Charity Water at Friendsgiving this year!  Together we were able to help provide one of the most basic resources, clean water, to people around the world.  If you’re interested in learning more about Charity Water (they’re pretty amazing), you can do so here!


I definitely copied Lindsey Letters for this photo backdrop, and I love how it turned out!


Shout out to Kourtni and Rachel for helping with so much of the decorating!



My heart is full.

Happy Monday, friends!



ps–in case you missed all those links at the beginning, go check out Hayley Waldo Photography; she took every photo in this post!

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Friday Phone Dump

“The world begins
With new born skin
We are right now
You’re needle girl
In a haystack world
We are right now

You’re breathing in
The highs and lows
We call it living

In this needle and haystack life
I found miracles there in your eyes
It’s no accident we’re here tonight
We are once in a lifetime

Don’t let go
Don’t give up hope
All is forgiven […]

All is not lost
Become who you are
It happens once in a lifetime”

Needle And Haystack Life // Switchfoot

1) KatieBugs‘ marshmallows, guys.  They steal the show every time! I’ve been putting these thin-mint ones in my hot chocolate and it’s like an explosion of amazing chocolate in my mouth!

2) So many Bozeman snuggles this week–I love these two :)


3-9) Ok. Ok.  So this summer, Colin and I bought tickets to this Relient K and Switchfoot show.  I was so pumped because these two bands have meant so much to me for the past 15 years!  They are the first bands to have music and lyrics that spoke to my soul.  You know the kind of music that makes you feel like the artist wrote a song about the innermost parts of your heart?  Yeah, that’s them for me.  Matt Thiessen and Jon Foreman are hands down some of my favorite poets and musicians.  The concert was so amazing–exactly what I needed after a crazy week!  It was extra fun to be there with Kourtni and Brian (we got Brian tickets as a birthday gift) too :)

Also, Jon Foreman is seriously a hero of mine, and you probably wouldn’t have to see more than one interview with him for him to become your hero too.  Getting to meet him after this concert was a dream come true bucket list item!  I still smile and tear up every time I remember it.  I got to meet one of my heroes, shake his hand, sing some of my favorite songs with him and witness him being a better person than I even thought he was. Geez. What a great night.


10) Pretty in love with my Switchfoot shirt I got at the show :)

11) I love how the sunlight moves around our home in the Fall and Winter, it’s just really beautiful.

12) More Bozeman snuggles–cuties!

This weekend I have some photo shoots, and we’ll be prepping for Thanksgiving next week!  I hope your weekend is relaxing and fun!



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Europe 2016: Le Louvre & L’Orangerie


It’s been quite the couple of weeks hasn’t it?!  I’m glad to finally be bringing you the rest of our photos from Paris today.  We spent another full day here before taking an overnight train to Florence!  The whole day was devoted to The Louvre and L’Orangerie and it was amazing.  Seriously, we could have spent a week in The Louvre alone and still not seen everything we wanted to see.

We started the day at our local train stop, which was so very French :)


We headed strait for The Louvre, and we immediately caffeinated at the Starbucks inside, because as I mentioned before Paris seems to be short on coffee shops (or at least ones that are easy for non-French-speaking Americans to find haha).


Then we wandered around the museum…which felt a little like this scene from Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth realizes she loves Mr. Darcy *sigh*


If you couldn’t already tell, the rooms themselves were art.  I absolutely would have paid to go wander around those rooms even if they were empty–stunning.


After a few hours (and wandering maybe 2% of the whole museum), we walked all along the park that connects The Louvre to L’Orangerie.  It was stunning even though it was winter and clearly not in full bloom.  Paris, you’re a dream.


L’Orangerie is actually pretty small, so there was a long line wrapped around the building when we got there!  We waited in it though, because we were determined to see Monet’s “Waterlilies.”  It was so worth it!


If you want more information on “Waterlilies” (Monet designed the whole oval-shaped room around it, and the painting wraps all the way around!), check out Rick Steve’s video on it :)


At the end of our day, we made our way back to our apartment to pack up and catch our overnight train!



Next stop: the land of espresso, vino, gelato, and pasta!

Happy Monday, friend :)



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Friday Phone Dump

“Be soft.  Do not let the world make you hard.  Do not let pain make you hate.  Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.

Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


1-2) Prepping for Friendsgiving is always a little chaotic, this is what my Thursday looked like last week: lunch in my car from The Loaded Bowl food truck (so good) and crossing off items on my to-do list.


3) Also, I painted this sign to use as a photo booth backdrop!  Thanks for the inspiration, Lindsey Letters!  I didn’t even take one photo from Friendsgiving this year.  Instead, I hired my friend, Hayley, to take photos for me.  When I get them back from her, I’ll share them here!  I can’t wait :)


4-5) Saturday I treated myself to a manicure + pedicure from my favorite, the Well Beauty Studio in the Plaza.  It was nice to relax, and that place is so gorgeous I never want to leave!  Look how cute that ring dish is!!  If you’re looking for a harsh-chemical-free nail salon experience, I would highly recommend Well Beauty.


6-11) We also got to do a stylized bridal shoot with Hayley on Sunday!  We had a blast, and again, I promise I’ll share those photos when I get them!  Thanks to my friends for sharing their behind-the-scenes photos with me!


12-13) I voted for the first time on Tuesday.  It was a really exciting and nerve-racking experience!  I didn’t expect to be so nervous for the rest of the day.  Bozeman and I hung out in the backyard for awhile that afternoon so I could try to calm my nerves.


14) I wrote this verse over and over while we had the election coverage on.  There are a lot of words I’ve thought about saying her in regards to what happened, but none of them seem right.  I feel as if I had one life before Tuesday, and everything since has been something new and completely unfamiliar.  My heart is completely broken.   I will say this–my our job has not changed.  It is and always has been to love each other fiercely, to be vulnerable and strong, to be with people in their joy and in their suffering, to see each other for who we are and to embrace one another in the face of our differences.  Those tasks were never conditioned on being the “cool” or “widely accepted” things to do.

 Friends, I hope you feel seen and known and loved today.  I hope you spread that by seeing and knowing and loving others as they are.


15-18) Escapism has been helpful for me these past few days–and where better to escape in hard times than the world of Harry Potter?  Thanks, Jo Rowling! Also, I felt like my neighbors (and myself) needed to hear that they matter and they’re loved, so I made them this sign on the back of the menu from Friendsgiving.  It’s taped next to our front door.


19) I snapped this at Stinchcomb while on a walk with Bozeman–so lovely!  I’m thankful to have such beautiful places around here.


20) Skies on fire

This weekend we are going to a concert, then relaxing.  I hope your weekend is lovely, friends!



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