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Friday Phone Dump

“On Nov. 8, we can show our children that here in America, we reject hatred and fear and in difficult times, we don’t discard our highest ideals. No, we rise up to meet them. We rise up to perfect our union. We rise up to defend our blessings of liberty. We rise up to embody the values of equality and opportunity and sacrifice that have always made this country the greatest nation on Earth.

That is who we are. And don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.”

Michelle Obama


1-4) This week has felt like Cubs week for us, since the Cubs won their first series against the Giants!  We watched all 4 games, which meant we didn’t get a lot of sleep this week.  Since we’ve been watching at Skinny Slims, we’ve enjoyed walking around to see all the new development in Deep Deuce and Bricktown.  Also, Brian asked me to take this photo of him to send to our English friends haha


5) We woke up on Saturday to find this….our friends Danielle and Blake TP’d us at 4am!


6-7) Back at Skinny Slims to watch another Cubs game!


8) Whew, the Presidential Debate…yeah.  I’ve ignored politics my whole life, but I recently realized that I was only able to ignore it because of my privilege.  The system I’m a part of is one that takes care of me, but there are others who are not taken care of and who are not having their voices heard.  I feel I need to pay attention and listen and speak up for those whose voices cannot be as loud as mine.  All that being said, that debate was ugly.  Also, make sure you go vote!  Ok, I’m done.


9-10) We watched game 3 at our house, which lasted until 1:45am and we lost :( It was funny watched Brian and Blake play with Bozeman though, their strategy is to face the wall and let Bozeman bark at them in confusion haha


11) We had two of Colin’s friends from work over for dinner on Tuesday.  David and Jeremiah are hilarious!  They all wanted to take a grumpy photo on the couch since they’ve had a long couple of months working mandatory overtime, I think it turned out well :)

12) After dinner we turned on game 4.  We were losing until a really exciting double score that tied the game, and eventually we won!  Blake and Brian were at Skinny Slims, and Brian says the game turned around the second he walked in the door, so we’ll be watching the rest of the games there.  We’re not superstitious, we’re just a little stitious haha (actually I’m not even “a little stitious”, I just think that quote is hilarious!)


13) Hahaha, I stopped by to see Bethany earlier this week, and her puppy greeted me in a sparkly banana split costume!!! Oh my gosh, I was rolling–so good!


14-15) Guys, I really think Mexican hot chocolate may be my favorite thing ever.  Whole Foods had a sale on Taza chocolate including my favorite kind, the Guajillo Chili.  So spicy and delicious!


16-17) We had a true chilly Autumn day yesterday, and it was glorious.  It’s supposed to get back up to 90 degrees this weekend, so Danielle and I went for a super long walk at Lake Overholser to soak up the cold!  Bozeman loved it too, and he slept like a rock for the rest of the day.

This weekend I have family in from out of town, we’re watching two more Cubs games (GO CUBS GO!), and we’re going to the HARRY POTTER STREET FESTIVAL on Sunday!!  I hope your weekend is fantastic, friend!



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Friday Phone Dump

“It was cold, you had your hands inside your sleeves
As we walked I heard the laughter in the leaves
See the shadows lying now where once we stood
And I would lie down right there if only I could

The music came to me, it came across the sound
And you laughed and shown and danced a circle around
As we walked away, I saw a shadow on the ground
There were stones inside my pockets that I found”

Alexi Murdoch // Crinan Wood


1) With every taste of Fall weather we get, I try to spend more time outside!  Bozeman and I went to the park for a few hours to read (me) and chase squirrels (him) and it was lovely.

2) Guys!  This is the best lettering I’ve ever done!  Haha, I’ve just been copying things I see on Pinterest to practice, and this one turned out semi-decently.  Not quitting my day-job anytime soon, but I’m pretty proud!


3-4) Since we had some chilly night time lows this weekend, we decided to “camp” in the backyard with Bozeman!  He loved getting to snuggle with us, usually he sleeps on the floor by our bed so this was a treat for him and us :)


5-6) We’ve gone to see my cousins in their high school’s musicals for years now, and this was our last one since Matthew is a senior!  They performed “The Fiddler on the Roof“, and it was fantastic.  We love you, Matthew!


7) Colin had a conference downtown earlier this week, so I got up early with him!  We got coffee at Junction, and I dropped him off so he didn’t have to pay to park his car downtown all day.  I don’t get up to see the sunrise very often, but when I do it’s always magical :)

As you can see, it’s been a slow week for phone pictures!  Sometimes that just happens I guess.  This weekend we’re watching the Cubs game (Go Cubs, Go!!) and hopefully tackling our current to-do list while enjoying this chilly(er) weather.  I hope this weekend is lovely and relaxing for you, friend!



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Friday Phone Dump

“meet me by the fallen branches

meet me by the weathered stone 

we all have a longing heart
and secrets to be told 
I am just a wondering stranger
longing to be known
learning how to let that happen
learning how
it’s not always bold to be alone
but I’ll stay away from love
that’s painted gold
I’m taking the longer road
please come with me
deeper than before
I don’t know what darkness holds
please come with me
help me find my soul”


1) I only drink coffee on the weekends now unless it’s a special occasion, and for me that includes Fridays :) I try to enjoy my coffee in my favorite mugs since it’s such a treat, and this thumb mug is absolutely a favorite of mine!  Shout out to Santa Maria Provisions in Santa Fe for the mug, and shout out to Aspen Coffee’s hazelnut roast for the treat.

2) I’ve started the 4th HP book again and it makes me so happy!  I know a lot of people don’t like this one, but it’s always been one of my favorites for some reason…take from that what you will.  Anyway, I’m also enjoying the chilly morning weather we’ve had by reading it outside–which is just the loveliest.  It’s moments like that that make me especially grateful to be my own boss!


3-4) We went to breakfast for Brian’s birthday last week, and it was really fun!  He’s the first of us to reach 27, so we’re holding on to him being the “old” one for a few months until we join him…haha

Happy Birthday, Brian!


5-6) Beth and I got to hang out this weekend, and I got to take her to Okay Yeah for the first time!  It really is such a lovely space, if you haven’t made your way over there yet, you should.  Also, I reeeeeeeeeeeeally want that rug!


7) Chelsea and Sean told us to try this new Mexican place called Gorditas this weekend, and we loved it!  They have a new location on Britton and May, and it’s delicious :)

8) Our LifeGroup went to see the Hillsong movie on Sunday, and we loved it!  I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I enjoyed it (especially the old school Hillsong jams).  Also, I love these people!


9) The fanciest (and yummiest) avocado toast I’ve ever had–thanks, Evoke!

10) We went up to the Edmond campus of Life.Church to hear Bob Goff record some sermons that will air in a couple weeks, and they have a huge fridge in their break room!  Kyle was being dramatic opening both doors at once, and his shirt was just asking for this photo to be taken haha


11) Bob!  This made my year hearing him speak in person.  Seriously, this guy is the best.

12) Brian got to meet him later that night, so we lived through him getting to take this photo.  This just makes me so happy!


13) MAJOR HEART-EYES!  Cuppies has decorated for Fall and I love love love it.

This weekend we will be watching my cousin, Matthew, in his last high school musical!  And we have a long to-do list to get through at home (which includes having a fire in the backyard since it’s cool out!)  I hope your weekend is fantastic, friend!



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Europe 2016: Paris in the Rain

Hello, hello!

Today I’m excited to show you photos from our first day in Paris on our Europe trip we took back in February/March.  Full disclosure, I came down with either a sinus infection or a cold on this day, so Paris is a chilly blur of memories for me!  I plan to go back sometime when it’s warmer and I’m not too sick to fully enjoy everything.

All of that aside though, the city was still enchanting!  So let’s get to the photos, shall we?

First, we took the train that goes under the ocean…yeah.  I was super freaked out by this at first, but once I got on the train and sipped my tea and read my book, I didn’t even realize we were under the ocean until we were almost out of the tunnel!  It just felt like any other tunnel–so that’s good haha


A couple hours later, we were in Paris!  We emerged from the underground train station to this view:


We could see Notre Dame right across the street, and since we had a few hours before we could check into our AirBnb, we walked over to see what all the fuss was about.  Guys, I never thought I would care very much about beautiful buildings until I was standing right here.  Both the outside and the inside of Notre Dame were nothing less than breathtaking–I’m changed forever after this!


Eventually we decided to walk around a bit, find some crêpes, then make our way to our AirBnb in Marais!


Our apartment was in a gorgeous building that was so Parisian I could hardly stand it!  There was no elevator, so we had to climb 6 flights of stairs every time we went there, but it was so worth it.



By the time we got to the apartment, it had started to pour down rain and I was fading really fast.  It was already much colder than it had been in London, and my head was getting fuzzier and fuzzier!  I was torn between wanting to go back to sleep for 24 hours and wanting to soak in Paris in the rain, so we rested for a few minutes then got back out there.  Spoiler alert, I was completely out of it by dinner that night and we literally went to the corner store to get frozen meatballs and vegetables to cook in our apartment.  Normally I would be really sad that we missed out on a local meal, but I have to give myself all the grace when it comes to that day, because I was pretty miserable.  Shout out to Colin for being so kind and taking care of me!

Anyways, we got back out there for the afternoon haha


There was an adorable English coffee shop steps from our front door!  Remember that when you read my next post about our desperate search for coffee so you can face palm a little.  We grabbed some coffee then set out in search of le Tour Eiffel :)


found it!



So that’s that!  Paris in the rain was so dreamy even if it was hard for us. Real life: my jacket pockets are full of tissues in that photo of me above…gross I know.  Just picture me being like this the whole time we were there, only way less adorable than Meg Ryan haha

Also, remember how I said my hair straightener broke in England?  Yeah, Paris was a test for me.  Somehow I still totally loved it though!  Not trying to be negative over here, just honest about the fact that sometimes traveling can be a challenge.

Anyways, thank you reading!  If you want to learn more about all the places we went in Paris, check out my boy Rick Steve’s video on it :)   If you want to see more photos from our Europe trip, you can check out these past posts (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven)

Happy Wednesday, friend!



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Friday Phone Dump

“May your home always be too small to hold all your friends”

1) Urban Teahouse is officially one of my favorite places to hang out in OKC.  Beth and I went there last week to get some work done, and this lavender earl grey tea was the perfect match for waiting out a thunderstorm and listening to old Relient K albums :)

2) Ok, do you see that little manatee sitting in my mug?!?!  Our friends, Tom and Ro, were in town this weekend (more photos of that below) with two of their friends, Josh and Phil.  Josh stayed with us, and he (so kindly) brought us several lovely gifts including some English tea and this MANA-TEA LOOSE-LEAF TEA STEEPER!  I’ve used it almost every day since I got it, I’m in love.  Thanks again, Josh!


3-4) Colin, Brian, and I got to take Josh for a small tour around OKC, so we started with Okay Yeah (aka one of our new favorite spots).  Have you ever showed someone around the place you live who was entirely unfamiliar with it?  It’s so fun and interesting!


5) Of course we had to stop by the OKC Memorial–always a moving experience.


6) Bozeman had fun with Josh while he was here, but I think he really loved having the air mattress set up since he kept sneaking into the office to sleep on it….pups loves his cozy sleeping spots.

7) Friday night, we hosted a two-stepping party for all our English friends in the backyard!  It was a little hotter than the parties we’re used to having back there, but I think everyone had fun.  Ro and I got these flowers from Whole Foods and threw together these arrangements into mason jars!  :)


8) This was the first time Tom and Ro came to our actual house!  It was so special to have our English friends in our home in Oklahoma!


9-10) Colin and me at the backyard dance party–he’s my favorite one :)


11-14) We took the whole gang to our favorite breakfast place in OKC, Cafe Kacao, on Saturday morning!  They loved it, then the guys went to the OSU game, and Ro and I started our tour of the city :)  We went to Lake Hefner with Bozeman, then to Target (because she had never been there before.  omg.), then went to Cuppies to get yummy stuff (obviously) and meet up with some more friends!


12) Ro was smitten with her Neverland (peanut butter and chocolate) cupcake and glass of milk :)


13-15) From Cuppies, we made a mad dash around OKC in the rain!  We drove all the way to Edmond for KatieBugs snow cones (because Ro had never even heard of snow cones before……OMG), and they gave us these cute Keep It Local ponchos that had the most appropriate quote ever on them.  “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute”  Over then next few hours, the weather went from sunny to stormy to rainy and sunny to rainbows to cool and breezy to humid and steamy.  Oh Oklahoma.


16) After driving by the Capitol building, we stopped by Brian’s house and saw this rainbow!


17-19) Then we drove through Bricktown, then Film Row, then to the Wheeler District…because obviously this was a photo-op we couldn’t pass up!  PS–that’s Kelley and Steph with Ro and me in these photos!


20-23) I think it’s a requirement to go to the Stockyards if you’re with someone new to Oklahoma!  We were rewarded for this particular trip with a breathtaking view of the sunset on OKC…geez louise.


24) After stopping by my house to use a hair straightner (#humidity), we met back up with the guys to eat at our favorite non-breakfast restaurant (The Mule)!  Then we walked over to Oak and Oar to try some local beer, and we found some more friends to join there.  It was a lovely lovely day!


25) *sigh* the next morning we said goodbye to our English friends, and it was real sad.  They finished their trip to the US by driving to Memphis, then to Nashville!  I’ve been stalking them on Instagram throughout all of it!  We love you guys!

26) I spotted some orange leaves driving downtown!  Come on, Autumn!


27) Bonus to throwing parties= getting to keep fresh flowers in the house afterward.

28) Haha, we usually keep this cinder block leaned against this hole in our gate, but it got moved, so Bozeman uses it as a window to peek through when we pull into the driveway–it’s pretty cute



29-32) This lovely went back to China this week, but I got to see her one last time before she left!  We walked around Automobile Alley and it was grand :) Miss you already, Aubs!

33) Obligatory backyard yoga mat photo featuring the beginnings of Autumn leaves!

This weekend we’ll be celebrating Brian’s birthday (it’s today–Happy Birthday, Brian!) and doing chores around the house.  I hope your weekend includes an adventure :)



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