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Friday Phone Dump

“Just stop your crying
Have the time of your life
Breaking through the atmosphere
And things are pretty good from here
Remember everything will be alright
We can meet again somewhere
Somewhere far away from here”

1) I’ve been spending Fridays in coffee shops in order to explore more of our new city (and drink great coffee…obviously).  My favorite so far is B2 in the San Pedro Square market–they make Americanos exactly how I like them (with just enough hot water to give me a drink I can sip on, but not so much that it dilutes the espresso), they have the friendliest baristas in town, and they always have great music playing.  What’s not to love?  In other words, if “reading tea leaves” is a thing, can “reading espresso foam” be a thing too?  Mostly kidding…

2) Weekend vibes.

3) My sweet friend, Rachel, mailed me a surprise gift earlier this week!  How cute is this mug?  I’ve actually had a few friends mail me lovely things since we’ve been here and it is just the best.  My wonderful friend, Kelsey, mailed me a suuuuper beautiful photo from one of her hikes in the Rockies right after we moved in!  I haven’t found the perfect frame for it yet, but when I get it I’ll show ya.  Anyway, I love getting mail–but who doesn’t?!

4) Crepe Myrtles!

5) When we were in England, it seemed like everyone we met used products from Lush.  I had barely heard of them before, but I decided to try out their moisturizing oatmeal mask when I was having dry skin issues across the pond. It was great!  Anyway, I’ve decided to slowly try the rest of their products to see if I find any that are just the best thing ever or something.  This Brazened Honey mask is really nice, but I’m not sure it’s the exact right thing for my skin (pretty sensitive and on the dry-er side…in case you were wondering haha).  I also tried a bath bomb for the first time this week–it was ok.  I guess I’m just not a big bath person?  Anyway, sorry if all of this is TMI, but let me know if you have any favorites from Lush or anywhere else!

6) More pretty plants…always pretty plants :)

7) This is possibly my favorite corner of our apartment building–so dreamy.

This weekend we’re going to the beach!  We haven’t been (unless you count our walk around the coast near the Golden Gate Bridge?  I don’t really count that) since we’ve moved to California, so it’s about time!

I hope your long weekend is fun and relaxing :)



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Friday Phone Dump

“I could climb the Himalayan mountains
Or the pyramids in West Peru
I could travel back in time and hear Al Green sing
It wouldn’t mean a thing with out you
No, it wouldn’t mean a thing without you”

Woudn’t Mean a Thing // Bruno Major

1-3) We flew back to Oklahoma last weekend to show our friends, Ben and Zoe, around our home state!  You may remember Ben and Zoe from a few of our adventures we had back in England.  Well, they wanted to visit America in places where it was going to be super hot, so we informed them that those places could easily be found in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico in August :)  So, they flew all the way over from Bedford, England to explore parts of America that not too many Brits get to see!  Since we’re living in California now, we have to get on a plane to return to Oklahoma–which is definitely going to take some getting used to on our part.

4-7) We actually flew into Dallas since B + Z were driving up from Houston, so they picked us up, and we took them straight to some property my family owns in Tishomingo, OK that we call “The Ranch.”  They rode 4-wheelers, canoed down a river, and visited one of the best restaurants in the state, Fish Tales.  It was amazing–AND Blake surprised us by showing up there which made it even better :)

8-11) The next day, we showed Ben and Zoe around Stillwater (with a stop at Hoboken first, of course)!  My cousins, Emily and Matthew, are both in Greek houses at OSU, and Em showed us around her sorority house (on bid day no less, thanks, Em!).  We took them all around campus, to Hideaway and Joes, to Aspen, and by the house where Colin proposed to me :)

12) After Stillwater, we went back to OKC for dinner at The Mule with my bests (love you, Beth + Chels!), then drinks at Oak & Ore with some more of our friends!

13-14) Eventually we had to say goodbye to all of our lovely friends, but unfortunately it was “goodbye for awhile” to Ben and Zoe :(  It was so special to have them in Oklahoma with us, and I’m so glad they’re also getting to experience New Mexico (my favorite state…yay!) and Texas as well!  We love and miss you guys already–come back soon!!

15-17) Our journey home was a long one with two delayed flights and losing two hours due to time zone changes.  There were good parts though, like the beautiful views over New Mexico and Arizona and the lovely man from Mexico we chatted with on one of our flights.  Also this sunset view from the Phoenix airport was pretty magical!

18-22) Snapshots of home :)  Bozeman was glad to have us back, and though we had the sweetest time in Oklahoma, it felt really wonderful to return to San Jose as “home”

This weekend we’ll be exploring our city and shopping for a few apartment items.  We’ll also be looking at our schedules and planning out what the next several weekends will contain–there is so. much.  to do around here!

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend, friend!



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Friday Phone Dump

“And tonight I know it all has to begin again
So whatever you do, don’t let go

And if we could float away
Fly up to the surface and just start again
And lift off before trouble
Just erodes us in the rain

Just erodes us in the rain
Just erodes us and see roses
In the rain

Sing slow it down
Slow it down

Through chaos as it swirls
It’s us against the world
Through chaos as it swirls
It’s us against the world”

Coldplay // Us Against The World

1-5) Last weekend we were in Palo Alto to do a little exploring and shopping for apartment things.  We didn’t buy anything (we didn’t plan on buying anything), but we had a great time wandering :)

6-7) We stopped by Blue Bottle Coffee, which is in this gorgeous space that looks straight out of Spain!  The coffee was delicious too, so I think it’s safe to say we’ll be back over there sometime.

8) A grimy map at a bus stop–I just liked the colors!

9-11) Palo Alto was especially colorful–I just will never get over all the flowers.  Wildflowers speak to me on another level, and even when they’re not wild they are just intoxicating!

12) I walked into our room earlier this week and found Bozeman asleep like this.  He wasn’t moving, he was just sleeping in that weird position…weirdo.

13) I think he could tell that we were about to leave for Oklahoma, he was extra needy when it came to snuggles before we left.  That little guy loves to snuggle!

14-15) Plants are just cool, ok?

This weekend we’re in Oklahoma!  Our friends, Ben and Zoe, are going on a road trip all around the Southwest, and they’re stopping in OKC to see our favorite places :)  We are so excited to hang out with them and all of our Oklahoma people!  Unfortunately, it will be a really quick trip back, so we won’t get to see everyone.  Hopefully next time we can stay a little longer!

I hope your weekend is spent with people you love.



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Friday Phone Dump

JOMO (The Joy of Missing Out)

“Oh the joy of missing out / When the world begins to shout / And rush towards that shining thing / The latest bit of mental bling / Trying to have it, see it, do it / You simply know you won’t go through it / The anxious clamouring and need / This restless hungry thing to feed.

Instead, you feel the loveliness / The pleasure of your emptiness / You spurn the treasure on the shelf / In favour of your peaceful self / Without regret, without a doubt / Oh the joy of missing out”

From an Instagram post by Andrea Shaw

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08112017 phone dump1
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08112017 phone dump2
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08112017 phone dump3

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08112017 phone dump4
08112017 phone dump5
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08112017 phone dump6

08112017 phone dump7

1-22) So we went to San Francisco last weekend!  It was amazing–what a gorgeous city.  I was so inspired by the architecture, the layout, the colors, the fog, everything.  We were fortunate enough to get to meet up with our old friend, Sloane, and her husband, Matt (how adorable are they?), while we were there!  They moved to SF back in 2015, and we spent the morning (and early afternoon) with them enjoying coffee and New Mexican food :)

I’m already in love with the coffee ( + bread) shop Sloane and Matt took us to, it’s called The Mill, and it’s beautiful!  Someday I’ll go back and take more photos there, but it was cozy and hip and pretty and delicious.  We also went to a restaurant called The Green Chile Kitchen (which, weirdly, has a location in Yukon, OK) for lunch, and it was yummy too.  Thanks again, Sloane and Matt, for showing us around and being our friends!

After lunch, Colin and I walked through the park surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge…and wow.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a landmark like the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty (or the Golden Gate Bridge), but if you have, you know the feeling of the breath sort of being taken away from you when you see something in real life you’ve only ever seen in photos.  Maybe you’ve seen a million photos of the thing, but when you see it in person, you suddenly realize why all those photos were taken.  It’s so striking, it seems like it commands attention from you.

Anyway, that’s how I’ve felt around all those other landmarks, and I was a little taken aback by how the GGB made me feel the same.  I guess I wasn’t expecting it?  So after walking along the Bay a little, we stopped by the Palace of Fine Arts, which is crazy.  Does anyone know of a good book about the history behind World’s Fairs?  I’m looking for one, because this building was built as part of one, and so was one of my favorite parks in St. Louis, and so was the Eiffel Tower!  So let me know, please, if you’ve read any you’d recommend.

We also swung by the Lucasfilm headquarters (they were closed as we were there on a Saturday) where we were totally calm and not freaking out about Star Wars at all.  Just kidding, we were super excited!  I’m hoping they give tours of some sort, because if they do, we will be going!  Also, how amazing is their Yoda statue!?

After that, we at a GF pizza (by that point we weren’t trying to go anywhere special, we just looked up the closest place to us.  It was good, but I don’t think it was a must-stop spot or anything) before heading back to The Mill to get a hot tea for the train ride home.  My tea was ginger/rosemary/turmeric, and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since.  We walked through Alamo Square Park after the sun went down, and it was the most amazing city view I’ve ever seen.  It reminded me of Primrose Hill in London, except there was a 360 view of the city, and everything was much closer to us.  So beautiful.

Do you have any must-see places in San Francisco?  Tell me, tell me!

08112017 phone dump8

23) Well, obviously this week hasn’t been too eventful since these are the only non-SF photos I have!  Haha, I had a work-from-bed day (#perksofbeingaphotographer) earlier this week, and Bozeman was very happy about it.  He loves to snuggle, it’s his favorite.

24) This shade of green is my current color obsession.  I love it!

This weekend we have a cookout for Colin’s office, and we are thinking of starting to shop for some furniture for our apartment.  Excited stuff! :)  I hope your weekend is exciting and happy!



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Friday Phone Dump

“Just because it won’t come easily
Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, try, try”

Easily // Bruno Major

1-2) I’ve slowly been trying local coffee shops in San Jose, and my first stop on that “tour” (if you want to call it that, why not?) was Crema Coffee.  It was tasty, and there was plenty of room to find a place to tuck in for a few hours with my laptop to work.  Also, the chairs on the patio look like ones you’d find at a Parisian Cafe…soo that was pretty great!

3) Cuties :)

4) Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is this stairwell?!  I want to sit and read there or sip on lemonade or something, geeze

5-6) My heart is so full of gratitude for our new home.  I mean, I usually make a smoothie as an afternoon snack a few times week no matter where I am…but it’s lovely getting to enjoy it by the pool when I want.

7-8) Pretty details of Downtown San Jose!

9) I got to meet Colin for lunch at the market this week, and it was the coolest.  He’s the best, and the Star Wars themed taco shop where I got my lunch was pretty amazing too haha

10) Spanish architecture + palm trees = always lovely

11-12) Like I said, I love the pool.

13) We enjoyed the Mole Enchiladas from Luna when we came to San Jose for Colin’s interview, and since then we’ve been itching to make it back there.  It did not disappoint!  The fresh corn tortillas were made right in front of us, and my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

14-18) Ok….we recently went to the San Jose Rose Garden, and it was heavenly.  Not only did the whole place smell incredible (just, seriously incredible), but I’ve never seen a garden/park like that outside of Europe!  It brought me back to exploring London and Paris, and those are memories I never mind recalling :)  Needless to say, we’ll be going back there soon

19-21) The plant life here is magical in general, I feel so lucky to see it every day.

This weekend we are trying to decide between going to San Francisco and continuing to explore San Jose–so many options, it’s hard to decide!  Follow along on Instagram Stories to see what we decide :)

Anyway, I hope your weekend is restful and exactly what you need!



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