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Friday Phone Dump

“There ain’t no darkness strong enough that could tear you out from my heart 
There ain’t no strength that’s strong enough that could tear this love apart 
Yeah, there ain’t no darkness strong enough that could tear you out from my heart
Yeah, there ain’t no strength that’s strong enough that could tear this love apart
Never gonna let you go”

I Won’t Let You Go // Switchfoot

05192017 phone dump1

1-2) We helped Tom and Ro move out of their house last weekend, and it was full of normal moving things; lots of cardboard boxes, sore muscles, and pizza :)  Also, Tom is actually a black belt in karate, so the nun chuck thing is serious!

05192017 phone dump2

3-4) We had a gorgeous sunny day on Sunday, so we took our afternoon tea and reading time outside.   Look at the lovely, giant, poppies that have bloomed in our friend, Sue’s, back garden!  So many (more) flowers are blooming right now, it’s amazing.


5) These cuties (Zoe and Ben) took us to their favorite curry place in Bedford and we got this GIANT bread thing!  It was sooooo delicious, and of course we had a great time chatting with those lovely souls :)

05192017 phone dump3

6) More backyard flowers = all the heart eyes

7) My dresser area these days

05192017 phone dump4
05192017 phone dump5
05192017 phone dump6
05192017 phone dump7
05192017 phone dump8

8-21) What started out as a sunny morning earlier this week turned into a cloudy and drizzly day when we went for a bike ride and walk.  It was still so beautiful.  I will never get over the green and the river and the wildflowers here–it’s just stunning.

05192017 phone dump9

22) After our walk, we had a coffee at Danish Camp where we met this little sweetie!  Her name is Gracie, and if I wasn’t missing Bozeman before meeting her (I was), I was super ready to cuddle him after.

05192017 phone dump10

23-24) More lovely flowers!

05192017 phone dump11

25-27) We had the wettest day in England so far on Wednesday–it rained non-stop from morning through the night!  It was nice and peaceful to just have a quiet day inside, but eventually we had to go to the grocery store.  I laughed when the only umbrella we could find in the house was a massive rainbow one!  Love it.

05192017 phone dump12

28-29) Yesterday we had sun in the morning that turned into rain in the afternoon, so we spent the morning enjoying Bedford Park, ate lunch at the cafe there, then made our way to the high street to walk around before hiding from the rain in Coffee With Art :)

This weekend is our last full one in Bedford as we’ll be in Edinburgh next weekend, then Paris post of the weekend after that, then back in the USA!  So we’ll be spending this weekend enjoying the time we have left here.

I hope your weekend is full of hope and peace and joy, friend.



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Friday Phone Dump

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

// Samuel Johnson

05122017 phone dump1
05122017 phone dump2
05122017 phone dump3

1-6) Exploring Bedford–including Al’s Plaice for fish and chips, and Eagle Bookshop (the best) :)

7) I started a new notebook for brainstorming ideas for a project I’m working on!  More on that to come.

05122017 phone dump4
05122017 phone dump5

8-10) I will never get over the flowers and green-ness around here

11) Haha, I got done doing yoga the other day and I could not find Colin for the life of me.  Then I looked in the backyard and finally spotted him!


12-13) Pretty Bedford again :)

05122017 phone dump6
05122017 phone dump7
05122017 phone dump8
05122017 phone dump9
05122017 phone dump10
05122017 phone dump11
05122017 phone dump12

14-37) We went back to London yesterday!  It gets me every single time–I’m in love.  We started at Monmouth Coffee (as usual), then shopped around for a few souvenirs.  After that was lunch at our favorite, Pie Minister, then a bus ride to Hackney to find a cafe that Sean found on Instagram (Morty & Bob’s….it was gorgeous, like I want to live there) for tea, then a walk around the canal and Victoria Park.  Next was a rush hour trip on the Tube to Notting Hill for tacos (you may remember Taquería from my last London phone dump), and finally we ended the evening with Big Ben :)

This weekend, we’re helping our friends move out of their home and trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we only have a few weeks left here!!  For those of you asking, when we leave England we’ll be in Chicago for a few days, then Oklahoma for bit, then we’re not sure where we’ll be next!  I’ll let you know when I know, ok?  Ok.  :)

I hope your weekend is fantastic, friend.



ps–if you’re in America and you need a photographer in June or for the rest of the year, email me!    (( ))

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Friday Phone Dump

“And time will show, show, show
That people gonna be OK
Storms never come to stay
How bad we need each other
How bad we need each other
And the trials of today
They are signs along the way
How bad we need each other
How bad we need each other”

Marc Scibilia // How Bad We Need Each Other

05052017 phone dump1
05052017 phone dump2

1-4) Colin and I spent some time on the high street in Bedford recently–we had tea at Coffee With Art and rummaged through several thrift stores (where I found that book…OMG).  We love you, Bedford :)

05052017 phone dump3
05052017 phone dump5
05052017 phone dump6
05052017 phone dump7
05052017 phone dump8
05052017 phone dump9
05052017 phone dump10
05052017 phone dump11
05052017 phone dump12
05052017 phone dump13

5-32)  Our sweet friends, Ben and Zoe, took us down to Brighton on Saturday where my heart melted and I completely fell in love with that little city!  I mean, look at the colors…I can’t handle them at. all.  We had the best time wandering around town, enjoying seaside bites (including pomegranate mint lemonade!), playing arcade games on the pier (Ben was so pumped about winning that minion for Zoe), eating gelato, sipping coffee, and soaking up all the goodness.  Also, I got to hold a fluffy Border Collie puppy so whatever chill I had left was completely gone after that moment haha

05052017 phone dump14
05052017 phone dump15
05052017 phone dump16

33-41) It’s been pretty cold and dreary this week, but Colin and I went out for a walk a few days ago and found some gorgeous views over Bedford.  It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to just start walking and find a footpath that leads somewhere really beautiful.  Also, I really will never get over how lush England is.

42) More vintage book shopping, I can’t keep it together when I see gorgeous covers like this!

This weekend we’re celebrating Tom’s birthday and ((hopefully)) soaking up some sunshine :)  May your weekend be full of rest and inspiration!



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Friday Phone Dump

“Forget not that the Earth longs to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”

Khalil Gibran

04282017 phone dump1

1-2) Colin and I have been riding the bikes Tom let us borrow, and this weekend we took them to a cafe called Danish Camp!  We didn’t eat there or anything, but we loved the trail we took to get there.  I will never understand how everything is so pretty here!  Also, I want that sign in my house haha

04282017 phone dump2

3) This house has great yoga space, especially since it features these cute plants–gotta love jade!

4) Since we’ve had so many rainy and cloudy days this week, we’ve spent lots of time inside.  I’ve been drawing just for fun (here’s the beginning of one) and listening to The Silkworm in audio book form.  And drinking tea, always tea :)

04282017 phone dump3

5-6) My mom sent us a birthday package that included this Patagonia pullover and Colin’s new glasses (his glasses just came in after we left the US…they weren’t his birthday gift haha).  I love the New Mexico vibes going on with this sweater, and of course I love Colin’s glasses!  Also, how great is that mug?

04282017 phone dump4
04282017 phone dump5



7-13) Yesterday we went out for a walk in the rain, and it was still so lovely.  England is dreamy, especially its meadows and trees.

This weekend we’re taking a day trip to the coast with a couple of friends!  Have a great weekend, friends!



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San Diego 2016 Part Two

Hello again, today I have some more California photos to show you!  These are from two different sunsets in Ocean Beach (OB), San Diego.  The first sunset was enjoyed from Pt Loma Nazarene University, and the second was captured first at our AirBnb and then on our walk to the OB pier.  Brian took all the photos of Colin and me, and I just love them all so let’s get to them shall we?



I feel relaxed just looking through these haha

Happy Wednesday, friend!



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