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Friday Phone Dump

“You can look for the signs

Don’t be afraid to close your eyes

Let it go and leave it all behind

It’s all so simple it’s just in your mind

Know that it’s waiting for you”

RIVVRS // Hold On


1-2)  Haha, I asked Bethany to sit in this yellow chair at Okay Yeah so I could take a photo of her–she was not thrilled, but look at how cute she (and the decorations) is :)  Seriously, if Okay Yeah and Cuppies were fused together, I would live there.


3-6)  Colin’s office had their Christmas party at Vast (the restaurant at the top of the Devon Tower), and it was terrifying.  Despite my serious fear of heights, we had a lovely time, and the view of OKC was pretty spectacular!  Plus, we love dressing fancy :)


7) My sweet best, Chelsea, put together a little brunch-and-baking day for me and some of my dearest friends!  I loved every minute of it–these ladies (and the ones who were at brunch that we didn’t get a photo with) are the loveliest!


8) SNOW!  We had a brief snow day two weekends ago, and it was magic!  This is the view from my friend, Steph’s, front porch :)

9) Beth and I took the dogs out to the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge, and the river was completely frozen!  It’s not every year that we see that kind of weather around here.


10) Bundled up for a chilly walk with Bozeman :)

11) The weather’s been so up and down here.  After the snow, we’ve had several days of 50-60 degree highs, and even some days in the 70s!  We’ve had no shortage of my favorite winter skies though :) so beautiful!

12-13) We had Blake and Brian over for Christmas to exchange gifts and eat good food–and Brian made us balloon animals….I never knew he possessed that particular skill, but it was awesome!


14) While we were in Tulsa for Christmas, Colin and I stopped by the barn where we got married (4 years ago next week!).   I wish we could go back and have another dance party there just for fun haha

15) The South Tulsa campus of Life.Church had fire pits outside where you could make s’mores!  So fun!


16-17)  We met up with Danielle and her family for the Christmas Eve service!  It was fun to have a friend there even though we weren’t at our usual campus :)


18-19) Traditional family photos on Christmas Eve…my brother, cousins, and I have been taking these same photos every year for as long as I can remember!  Love this crew :)


20)  We got lots of lovely gifts this year, but our favorite may be the massive W flag Colin got  :) Go Cubs Go!

Well, that’s all from the past two weeks for me!  This weekend we’re celebrating NYE (as usual)–I hope your weekend is sparkly and inspiring!  See you in 2017!



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Friday Phone Dump

“Looking for reasons
To believe instead of doubt
A way in instead of out
There’s got to be a reason

Looking for answers
For the hatred and pain
When they both start to feel the same
There’s got to be a reason

Only one breath at a time, she says
All my tears are falling on the floor, she says
I’ve never felt it rain like this before, she says
I’ll sing these black eyed blues into the storm instead
I’ll be waiting for the new eyes to arrive
One breath at a time[…]

I’m holding on to You, and I won’t let go”

She Said // Jon Foreman


1) Colin and I went to Ludivine for the first time last week, and wow were we blown away!  Brian gave us a gift certificate there last Christmas (thanks, Brian!), so we figured it was about time we used it.  If you’re looking for a fancy date spot or just some high quality local food, I’d highly recommend it!

2) Since we’ve been letting Bozeman on the couch with us (see my previous FPD), he thinks he’s a lap dog (he’s not).  Every day he tries so hard to sit on my lap in my desk chair, which fails horribly every time….poor little guy, he just wants to snuggle haha


3) Chilly weekend mornings are best when you make a big breakfast–this weekend we made pancakes with blackberry compote!  sooooooo tasty

4) My brother’s fiancé, Lesa, graduated from OSU this weekend, so we got to celebrate her with lunch in Stillwater.  Congratulations, Lesa!


5) Of course we spent some time in Aspen while in Stillwater, because coffee and nostalgia :)


6-7) I always photograph our decorations as they change, because it’s so fun to go back and see how my style has evolved over the years–here are a few from this year! That print on the right is from the lovely, Rose Henges


8) If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this gorgeous artwork I posted on Sunday already.  It was Colin’s and my 11-year anniversary of being together (not our wedding anniversary, that’s in January), so I took this photo of this wood print I commissioned from the amazingly talented Jackie Miller last year!  That’s Colin’s head with the Wichita Mountains inside, and my head with Indian Blanket Wildflowers and Prickly Pear Cacti inside–I’m obsessed!


9-10) I finally got to stop by the new Loaded Bowl brick and mortar restaurant!  It’s adorable and as delicious as ever :) I’d highly recommend the stacked enchiladas and mac + cheese.  I’m not vegan, but this place makes me believe I really could be!


11) Extra cold days and an extra drafty house means constant mugs of tea plus (sometimes) marshmallows from KatieBugs!  mmmmmmmmmm :)

This weekend I’m spending time with friends, wrapping Christmas gifts, cleaning the house, and resting.  I also may go see Rogue One!!!!!!!!  I hope your weekend is cozy and fantastic, friend!



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Friday Phone Dump

“There is no statute of limitations on starting over.  Re-invent yourself every day.  Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to the blues.  Tomorrow, wear a trench coat and speak fierce truths.  Be a phoenix.  Be ashes.  Burn down.  Resurrect.  Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been.”

via Pinterest


1-2) We went over to the OKC Popup Shops last week, and it was really fun!  If you haven’t been yet, I’d say goooooo!  The shops are so cute, and there’s nothing quite like sipping hot chocolate and wandering around examining the sparkle and music and smell of real Christmas trees :) ps–I definitely got that notepad for myself because….I couldn’t resist


3) With the weather cooling down, Bozeman has been extra committed to snuggling with us on the couch.  We only let him up there when we’re there too, but the other day he refused to get down after we got up–he just burrowed right in and pretended like he didn’t hear us telling him to move haha


4-7) After dinner on Friday, Colin and I were wanting to check out some books we’re giving as Christmas gifts, so we stopped by Full Circle book shop.  I hadn’t been there in 7 years or so, but it hadn’t changed a bit!  It was so cozy; fireplaces, ladders, coffee, and live jazz music all while it was raining outside :)  I got to sip tea by the fire and read the screenplay to Fantastic Beasts (which is, of course, fantastic), and LOOK AT THAT MAP OF OKC!!  It looks just like the Tube maps in London!  So anyways, crushing on that book store…


8-12) Beth invited me to go with her to her hair appointment in Stillwater this week, and it was so fun!  We hadn’t been back there together in a few years, so we stopped by our old houses (that white one is where Colin proposed to me!), our favorite coffee shop, and all the best places downtown :)  College was good, you guys.


13) I realize these sky photos look almost exactly the same, but they are actually from two different places and different days.  The point though, is that winter skies are absolutely my favorite!  That’s all!

This weekend we have a photo shoot and lots of Christmas prep.  I hope your weekend is cozy and great!



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Friday Phone Dump

“And if you were to ask me
After all that we’ve been through
Still believe in magic?
Well yes, I do
Oh yes, I do
Of course I do”

Coldplay // Magic

1) Our campus of Life.Church moved to a new building two weekends ago, so we stopped by for a volunteer training night.  It was crazy to think back on all our time at Life.Church and think this marks the third campus where we’ll have served in the 8 years I’ve been a part of it!

2) They have huge photos printed off in the lobby of the new campus, and our Lifegroup thought it was funny that Brian was in one haha


3-4) I went with Steph and Kyle to the midnight (ok, 11:15) premiere showing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them….oh my goodness.  Guys, you should know that I am a serious Potter fan (feel free to test me anytime) and this movie is my personal favorite of all the Potter films.  It was so nice to just experience the movie without comparing it to anything–we laughed, we cried, we gasped, it was awesome.


5) Since I really didn’t sleep after watching the movie, I spent the morning being cozy with my quilt, tea, and my copy of the textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them :)

6) Colin has worked overtime since August preparing for a huge project deadline that was the day before Thanksgiving, so those last few days of overtime were tiring for all of us.


7-8) A spontaneous series of events led to me getting brunch with some lovely friends the weekend before Thanksgiving–love them!

9) Oh, these friends!  Alex and Hilary started out as my clients, and over the past couple of years has led to us becoming friends :) They came to town a couple weeks ago for dinner and a Christmas card shoot #ReasonsWhyILoveMyJob


10) Beth and I went Christmas shopping last week and we ended up in the kids’ section of Plenty where we tried on all the felt crowns…like normal adults.

11) So many selfies haha, our dear friends, Maddy and Josh, got engaged last Wednesday and I got to be the hidden photographer!  Josh’s family members are the geniuses behind KatieBugs, so they threw an adorable afterparty with hot chocolate (and apple cider for those of us who are lactose intolerant) and marshmallows with graham crackers and and chocolate for s’mores!  We loved getting to celebrate them and enjoy a cozy evening sipping hot chocolate by a fire :)


12) The first thing we did after Colin turned in his project at work was take Bozeman out to Lake Overholser.  We’re learning that nature is a huge part of being refreshed for us when we need it–we’re thankful to live near lovely places to walk and enjoy!

13) These cookies are beloved among all our families, so naturally, I made a bunch of them for our Thanksgiving celebrations.  Oatmeal chocolate chip with fresh cranberries!


14) Tabitha was in town for Thanksgiving (she moved to Texas for grad school last year), so we spent Friday morning by the fireplace at Higher Grounds sipping coffee and catching up on life things–love her!

15) Oh man, this was our food spread when Beth, Steph, and I got together to watch the Gilmore Girls revival!  We did things right by eating pad thai, pita and hummus, dolmas, tacos, chips and guacamole, cupcakes, and cookies haha


16) Colin took off on Monday so we could go hiking in the Wichita Mountains–I always love this view from Elk Mountain.  Have you ever been there in the Fall?  The colors are gorgeous!


17-18) Details from neighborhood walks with Bozeman :)


19-20) I’ve loved decorating for Christmas this year–there’s nothing cozier than enjoying hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music and admiring twinkle lights!  Unless, of course, you have a fireplace and it’s snowing outside.

This weekend we’ll be visiting my family in Tulsa (since we didn’t see them over Thanksgiving) and wrapping Christmas gifts!  I hope you’re weekend is lovely, friend!



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Friendsgiving 2016

Oh my goodness, everyone, listen up.  YOU NEED TO HIRE MY FRIEND, HAYLEY TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOS!

 I realize that may seem contradictory since I should want you to hire me instead of her, but seriously she is so talented.  I asked her to come take photos at Friendsgiving this year, because every year I’m sad about the lack of photos we have.  I always tell myself I’ll take more and better photos, but then when I’m there I remember I’d rather be “in the moment” and “present” than worrying about taking photos.   This year I (finally) realized that’s exactly why people hire photographers for weddings–so why not hire someone to shoot Friendsgiving?  I immediately knew I wanted to work with Hayley on this.  She shadowed me a few years ago while she was still getting started in photography, and (as you can clearly see) her talent has definitely superseded mine!  If you’d like to see her gorgeous post (girl can write and take photos) about Friendsgiving, you can find it here.

She beautifully captured what it feels like to celebrate life and friends under twinkle lights :)

Also, I owe a huge THANK YOU to all of our friends who helped us raise funds for Charity Water at Friendsgiving this year!  Together we were able to help provide one of the most basic resources, clean water, to people around the world.  If you’re interested in learning more about Charity Water (they’re pretty amazing), you can do so here!


I definitely copied Lindsey Letters for this photo backdrop, and I love how it turned out!


Shout out to Kourtni and Rachel for helping with so much of the decorating!



My heart is full.

Happy Monday, friends!



ps–in case you missed all those links at the beginning, go check out Hayley Waldo Photography; she took every photo in this post!

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