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Friday Phone Dump

God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits,
to the woman who diligently seeks.
It’s a good thing to quietly hope,
quietly hope for help from God.


When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself. Enter the silence.

Bow in prayer. Don’t ask questions:
Wait for hope to appear.
Lamentations 3: 25-30 msg


1) Last week, Colin and I went to the Tennis Club to work–and it was just as charming as ever!  I love the colors and textures and light in there.  And the tea…and the snacks…

04142017 phone dump1

2) Our sweet friends, Ben and Zoe, have been vacationing these past couple weeks, and they let us stay in their gorgeous home while they were gone!  It really is a lovely (and stylish!) place–but they also have cats.  So we ended up only staying there a week before moving into a new place haha, in case you hadn’t noticed my swollen face and rashes, I’m very allergic to cats!

3) Pretty blossoms :)

04142017 phone dump2
04142017 phone dump3

4-8) This weekend we had two unbelievably sunny and warm days, so we spent both days outside enjoying it!  On Saturday, Colin and I read in the park all day (and I made a daisy chain…because obviously).  And on Sunday we had a picnic with Tom, Ro, and Josh!  It was perfect.


9) Our current home–I don’t think gardens get much sweeter than this!

04142017 phone dump5
04142017 phone dump6
04142017 phone dump7

10-16) Snapshots from our walk we took yesterday–England is just so so pretty!

This weekend we’re cooking New Mexican food (I found some chiles in a London Whole Foods!) and enjoying Good Friday and Easter celebrations with Ro’s family.  I hope your Easter weekend is lovely!



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Sunny Days in London

Today I’m bringing you photos from two separate sunny days we got to enjoy wandering around streets and gardens in London.  The first is from a few weeks ago, and the second is from my birthday last week.  It’s crazy to see how much changed even in that small amount of time!  One thing’s for sure, I’m loving spending Spring in this land of gorgeous flowers and lush green grass.


Happy Wednesday, friend!



ps–here are our pitiful attempts at a selfie with Big Ben hahaha


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Friday Phone Dump

“I believe in thinking about the good times

All those little moments weren’t just a pass by

I believe we’re better when we’re together.  

I believe a hard rain can ease the heartache

Clean out all the gutters, wash it all away

I believe we’re better when we’re together

I believe in courage, taking chances

Think of all the mistakes turned to inventions

I believe we’re better when we’re together

I believe we’re all here for somethin’ special 

Doesn’t even matter, all your credentials

I believe we’re better when we’re together”

I Believe // Aaron Espe

04072017 phone dump1

1-2) On our last day in Leeds, we spent some more time exploring downtown.  It’s a lovely city, and I think it’s safe to say our favorite spot was Laynes Espresso :) Check out that peanut butter brownie!

04072017 phone dump2

3) Back in Bedford–this evening reminded me of Spring in Oklahoma.  It was a sunset after a rainy day that was colorful and smelled so fresh!

4) I got myself a little birthday gift from épanoui this week–some pretty earrings!  I love this little package Hannah put them in, you all should go check out her shop either in person or online–her stuff is gorgeous!

04072017 phone dump3
04072017 phone dump4

5-7) The flowers in England are un. real.  They are abundant and colorful and so stunning!  It makes walking all around town extra fun.

8) Such pretty skies :) I love how deep and saturated they get in Oklahoma, but the subtle colors here are equally enchanting.

04072017 phone dump5

9)  The willow trees are green!

10) Colin and I went to London for my birthday, yesterday, so I spent a few minutes browsing my travel books to see if there was anywhere we needed to stop while we were there.


11) Our sweet friends, the Skidmores :) We got to FaceTime with them this week and Steph took a screenshot of us, so here it is haha–love them!

04072017 phone dump6
04072017 phone dump7

12-15) London!  Our first stop was the Borough Market for our favorite pasta (Colin gets truffle tortellini with mushroom sauce, I get potato gnocchi with basil pesto and red pepper flakes), our favorite coffee, and some more of the fig + apple mustard we got the last time we were there.  We had the most unbelievably sunny weather while we were there, so we stayed out in it all day!

04072017 phone dump8
04072017 phone dump9
04072017 phone dump10
04072017 phone dump11

16-26) Wandering around sunny London, I mean seriously guys.  Those flowers.  I just can’t.  We keep going to London thinking we’ll visit more indoor sights, but then the weather turns out to be so nice that we end up just walking all around–no regrets


27) Really cute walk signs!


28) We stopped by Trafalgar Square and there was a protest against Uber going on–glad we weren’t tryna’ drive anywhere!

04072017 phone dump12
04072017 phone dump13

29-34) More wandering.  We lounged in the grass in Hyde Park for probably and hour and a half or so and it was so great–we even got small sunburns on our faces! Haha

04072017 phone dump14
04072017 phone dump15

35-39) We ended the day by strolling through Notting Hill and eating at what I’ve heard is the best Mexican restaurant in London (and so far I would absolutely agree!!!) for my birthday dinner.  I had a pineapple + coconut agua fresca, chips + guacamole, barbacoa tacos, and fish tacos.  I’m drooling just thinking about them!

This weekend we are hoping to take advantage of even more sunny + warm weather by either lounging in the park or going for a long walk.  May your weekend be full of lovely weather, fresh ideas, and at least a few lazy moments



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Friday Phone Dump

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more than I can tell
And for once it might be grand to have someone understand
I want so much more than they’ve got planned”

Beauty and the Beast // Belle (Reprise)

We finally saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie this week and loved it!

04012017 phone dump1

1) Spring is definitely in full swing around here and we love it–there are flowers everywhere!

2) Last week, our friend, Phil, had us over for a fancy dinner that he cooked.  It was lovely and delicious and we had a great time.  Thanks again, Phil!

04012017 phone dump2
04012017 phone dump3

3-7) This week we’ve been staying in Leeds with Ro’s lovely sister, Christina, and her husband, Alex!  They are so wonderful, and Leeds is such a gorgeous city.  One of the first things we did here was explore Kirkstall Abbey, one of many stunning abandoned Abbeys around here that are so fascinating to see.  Every time we’ve visited one, I’ve felt like I was living in Lord of the Rings :)

04012017 phone dump4
04012017 phone dump5
04012017 phone dump6

8-16) Christina and Alex took us to Bolton Abbey this weekend, which again reminded me of LotR.  This place was even more gorgeous because it’s located on the edge of Yorkshire Dales National Park…sooo it’s an amazing abbey framed by a massive river and lots of green hills.  We took lots of photos here with the DSLR camera, so I’ll show you more later.

04012017 phone dump7
04012017 phone dump8

17-24) Exploring the city of Leeds–so many great vintage shops and coffee bars and hills and cool buildings!

04012017 phone dump9

25-26) We decided to take the path along the river on our walk to the train station!  So pretty.


27) The exact halfway point between London and Edinburgh :)

04012017 phone dump10
04012017 phone dump11

28-35) Ilkley Moor, the coolest “park” I’ve ever visited.  All that brown foliage has purple flowers on it in the Summer, so maybe we’ll have to come back again haha

04012017 phone dump12
04012017 phone dump13
04012017 phone dump14
04012017 phone dump15
04012017 phone dump16
04012017 phone dump17

36-50) Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting the lovely city of York!  We walked around quite a bit, had lunch in the Shambles (aka Diagon Alley), visited the gorgeous York Minster, and had tea + biscuits at an adorable shop called The Perky Peacock.  To top it all off, we took the long train back to Leeds and had the most amazing views of the countryside :)


51) Alex and Christina were nice enough to take us to their favorite curry place in Leeds, and we are so grateful–it was amazing!  Also, please look at that GIANT PIECE OF NAAN on the left!  Wow.

This weekend we’ll be back in Bedford planning our next adventures :)  I hope your weekend is relaxing and lovely!



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Friday Phone Dump

“I’m an old soul to my bones

Trying to walk the long road home

Loved ones lost will live again

We sing these songs for them

She’s an old soul to her core

Prays that love will save us all

And someday enemies and friends

Will sing these songs again With old soul”

Still Time // Old Soul

03242017 phone dump2
03242017 phone dump1

1-6) Last week we spent an afternoon in Stony Stratford, a little “coaching” town within Milton Keynes.  You know how in America there are all sorts of towns that used to exist along Route 66 because of the tourism the highway brought?  They would all have cute, kitschy motels and weird “must see” sights and stuff.  Stony Stratford is like that only older and wayyy cooler.  It’s on one of the old roads that led to London (I think in Roman times?), so it’s got lots of old buildings and pubs and inns that have giants doors on the side that a horse and coach would fit through!  Anyway, it’s lovely, and we enjoyed exploring it.

03242017 phone dump3

7-8) We went to church with our friends, Ian and Sally, and followed it with a lovely Sunday lunch (it’s a big thing here) made by Sally :) It was perfect.


9) Speaking of Sally, she has great decorating taste–how gorgeous is this embroidery piece?! I’m pretty sure the year on it is 1858…yeah.  Anyway, this was in the room we stayed in at Ian and Sally’s–thank you guys again for hosting us!  We loved it.

03242017 phone dump4
03242017 phone dump5
03242017 phone dump6

10-20)  This is Elstow Abbey!  It’s just a few blocks away from the house we’ve been staying in this week, so we took a walk over there after the rain cleared up the other day.  How lovely is this place?!

03242017 phone dump7

21-23) More adorable details from the area around our friends’ house we’ve been staying in this week–I’m serious. Everything is cute here.


24) Our hosts, Rita and Tony, have been lovely–look at these gorgeous flowers that were in our room!

03242017 phone dump8
03242017 phone dump9

25-32) Colin’s 27th birthday was on Tuesday, so we went for a long walk (a theme this week, lots of walking) until the rain caught up to us.  Luckily there are cafés everywhere around here so we just waited out the rain with some cake and a cup of tea :)  In case you’re wondering, these are from Priory Park!

03242017 phone dump10
03242017 phone dump11
03242017 phone dump12

33-41) Yesterday we went for a super long walk around the area South of Bedford–it was a little over 8 miles overall, and it was well worth it!  I’ll post more photos from this walk in an individual post later, so I haven’t put too many here today.

This weekend we’re traveling to stay with Ro’s sister in Leeds!  We can’t wait to see more of this beautiful country :) I hope your weekend is fantastic!



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