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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas1

Christmas is the best holiday in my opinion!  Everything about it is so wonderful–how could you not love it?  I’ll be spending today with family, and I hope you will be too!

8-10 We can only keep on going, after all, by the power of God, who first saved us and then called us to this holy work. We had nothing to do with it. It was all his idea, a gift prepared for us in Jesus long before we knew anything about it.

But we know it now. Since the appearance of our Savior, nothing could be plainer: death defeated, life vindicated in a steady blaze of light, all through the work of Jesus.

11-12 This is the Message I’ve been set apart to proclaim as preacher, emissary, and teacher. It’s also the cause of all this trouble I’m in. But I have no regrets.
I couldn’t be more sure of my ground—the One I’ve trusted in can take care of what he’s trusted me to do right to the end.
13-14 So keep at your work, this faith and love rooted in Christ, exactly as I set it out for you. It’s as sound as the day you first heard it from me.
Guard this precious thing placed in your custody by the Holy Spirit who works in us.

2 Timothy 1:9-12 (MSG)

Merry Christmas!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve!

My family always celebrates Christmas primarily on Christmas Eve.  We used have lots of present-opening and laughing and snacking and stuff.  It’s really the best!  Some of my favorite memories are from Christmas Eve as a child.

Anyway, I love vintage postcards, and I thought this would be a perfect one for you today.


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Recipe: Chocolate Ginger Snaps

chocolate ginger snaps

Hooray for another recipe!  This one is great all year round, but it seemed especially appropriate to share with you so close to Christmas.  Everyone knows cookies are a Christmas staple, and these are some of my favorite cookies (Colin’s too) I’ve ever had.  If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll be happy to hear that these are so perfect to eat with (or dunk in) a cup of coffee.  Cookies for Christmas morning breakfast anyone?  I think yes.

Anyways, let’s get started–here are the ingredients!


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees!

A few more notes:

1) Don’t let the fact that you don’t have a Kitchen Aid Mixer keep you from making these!  I’ve made plenty of batches of cookies without a mixer, and it just takes a little more time and elbow grease–so you earn the cookies, you know?

2) I make my own brown sugar.  Why?  Because it’s the easiest thing in the world to make.  You literally just mix together molasses and sugar until it becomes brown sugar.  Start with a smaller amount of molasses if you’ve never done it before (about 1 Tbs for every cup), and add more to your taste!  I’ve included photos of the process here (again, you don’t have to use the mixer for this, it just saves me time), but by all means, use store-bought brown sugar if that’s what you have/prefer!


Ok, so while my mixer makes brown sugar, I mix together all the dry ingredients except the sugar in a separate bowl.  Once the brown sugar is made, add the regular sugar and the butter and mix together until well combined and fluffy.  After that, stir in the egg and molasses and keep stirring until it forms a smooth dough.


Slowly stir in the dry ingredients to the dough until it creates a stiffer, moldable dough.  Using a cookie scoop (or your well-trained eyes), scoop the dough into 1 1/2 inch balls and place them about 2 inches apart on a cookie sheet.


Once you’ve done this, place the cookie sheets in the oven and set the timer for 14 minutes.  Now, you should know that I burn cookies pretty often.  Don’t worry though!  The key to these cookies is to check them before you think they’re done.  After it’s been 14 minutes, pull a sheet out of the oven and carefully try moving a cookie with a spatula.  It will be hot, so it probably won’t be super firm, but if it is not doughy, it’s probably ready.  The mistake I often make with these cookies is looking at them while they’re in the oven and assuming they need to cook longer when they really don’t!

You’re going to be better at that than I am though, I’m sure about it!


When the cookies are done, let them cool for about 3 minutes on the cookie sheet, then move them to a wire cooling rack.  Once they’re completely cool, dust the tops of them with powdered sugar.  You can use a fine mesh strainer (pictured here), or your fingers, or even a stencil to make fun designs.



Put them on a pretty platter and serve!  Or you can put them in pretty tins to give to your neighbors or friends!  Don’t forget, these cookies are awesome with coffee!


Here’s the recipe card so you don’t have to scroll all over the place!  By the way, I based this recipe off of this one from White On Rice.

Have fun baking!

His Truly,

Mary O.

Chocolate Ginger Snap Recipe

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Friday Phone Dump

Happy Friday!

You guys.  Look at how huge this phone dump is!  I did so great this week, right?  Well, I think I did good at least :)

122013 phone dump
122013 phone dump2

1) Excuse my bad manicure job, but Christmas is too short for just one party nail.

2) Colin and I finally tried Whiskey Cake with our friends; it was delicious :)

3) Colin and I went on our traditional dating anniversary date (dress fancy, go to Abuelo’s for dinner, have peppermint hot chocolate, and look at Christmas lights!), so of course we ended it by taking a tacky cell phone picture to match the previous years.

4) The weather has been lovely (though not wintery…which is sad to me), so Colin and I got to go for a walk around our neighborhood the other day!  I spotted these berries and they seemed festive!

5) My pastor, Craig Groeschel, preached a great sermon this weekend.  I took notes like crazy!  You can check it out at

6) I love crafting, especially for Christmas presents–even the mess is pretty!  Also, excuse my Triscuits, they’re a staple for craft days!

7) One of my friends got me the coolest gift ever!  It’s Narnia in a jar!  The streetlight actually works….oh my goodness it’s so cool!

8) Merry Christmas to us!  Colin and I got a YMCA membership so I can take yoga classes and he can have a place to work out when it’s cold (which we’ve figured out we need).  I couldn’t be more excited about this, but that’s not why I took this picture.  I took the picture because the sign is hilarious!  I saw it while I was filling out the paperwork for our membership and I loved it.  I need to remember to control my sweets intake around the holidays!

9) I love our wrapping paper from Target!  Now if only our gifts would just get here….silly Amazon.

10) I have a tasty recipe coming at you next week, I just had to do some, er, quality control…. haha

11) Our lovely friend, Ariella, sang at Cuppies and Joe for their 5th anniversary this week, so Colin, Blake, Brian, and I went to see her!  Cuppies is always magical, but they’re decorated for Christmas right now, which makes it even better.  They’re selling these sweet little ornaments there–so you should go get one!

12) Ah!  I still can’t believe I have twelve pictures to share with you!  Anyway, I’m making Colin’s and my stockings–so here’s a peek at my progress.  It’s not perfect, but I love it so much!

Have a great weekend!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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