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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking:


That’s why I’ve decided to help you out today by offering you some last minute gift-giving advice!  Maybe you’ve just been putting off all your shopping until this week, or maybe you just found out about a dirty santa gift you’ll need for tonight’s Christmas party.  Maybe you just need a few small items to complete your gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life.  Regardless of how you got to this place, I’m here to help you if I can!

Now, I’m not pretending to be an expert, and you probably know the people on your list better than I do, but here is some inspiration to get your brain out of “OH NO!” mode and into “I can do this” mode.  Also, everything you see here can be bought in a store (and most can be bought online too), so you don’t have to stress about shipping deadlines being up!

 Let’s start with the ladies, shall we?

last minute gifts for her

1) Who doesn’t love adding a little sparkle to their day?  These hair ties are soft and stretchy, so they won’t crease her hair when she wears it in a ponytail all day.  They also come with some bling, so it can double as a bracelet when she needs to change her hair at a moments’ notice (or maybe I’m the only one who does that).  You can find these and other colors/varieties at Anthropologie.

2) Maybe your niece just got her driver’s license, or you recently noticed your best friend’s beat up keychain that she’s had forever.  These monogramed keychains are adorable, come in multiple colors, and are sure to inspire your friend to ditch her old keychains to make this one the star of the show.  These would also be cute as purse clips or gift tags!  You can also find these at Anthro.

3) Just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean your favorite college kid doesn’t want to listen to her favorite music on her way to class!  These ear muffs are also headphones that plug into your phone or ipod, so they are the perfect two-in-one if you ask me.  These would also be great for a friend who travels often and/or likes to fall asleep listening to music.  These headphone earmuffs can be found at Target in multiple colors (but we all know you want the orange, because it’s the best).

4) When it comes to gifts, I’m a fan of simple, yet meaningful things that I will actually use.  I’ve often given friends jars or storage containers that fit their style and filled them with favorite candy, baked goods, gift cards, or something else I know they’ll love.  That way, she can take the jar and use it for whatever she likes!  And everyone can use a jar, seriously.  This lovely jar is also at Anthropologie.  They have lots of options, so if you don’t think she’d like this one, just look around!

5) Like I said before, who doesn’t love a little sparkle?  This scarf is practical, pretty, and great for anyone over the age of 6.  Seriously, I would give this to my best friend, my boss, my mom, and my grandma.  You can find this scarf at Target!

6) Ok, these notebooks are the bee’s knees.  Like, the cat’s pajamas or whatever else you think is awesome.  High schoolers or college ladies?  These are perfect for studying or day-dreams.  You’re friend just got engaged?  These are lovely for keeping track of wedding planning thoughts.  Do you know anyone who needs to write anything down?  Does she like pretty things?  Then these notebooks by Rifle Paper Co. will be perfect.  You can find them at Anthropologie, Target, Barnes and Noble, and various other stores!

7) Practical gifts are awesome.  These moccasins from Target are a little trendy, but they’re also classic, so they are a great gift for anyone who loves being comfy or is always cold.  I kind of wish I were wearing a pair right now!

Ok, now on to the guys in your life (they are more difficult to buy for, I’m convinced):

last minute gifts for him

1) I love this cell phone charger from Urban Outfitters.  It’s perfect for your friend (son, husband, etc) who is always complaining about having a dead phone.  This would also be great for guys who travel often!  It’s portable and does not require an outlet, and I’m pretty sure it’s compatible with multiple phones.

2) My husband is a pretty picky guy when it comes to clothing and accessories, so I love this watch because it’s stylish, but still classic enough to please him.  Keep that guy looking sharp with this watch (that’s super cheap) from Target!

3) Why not get the man in your life a season or two of his favorite TV show?  These can also be found at Target!

4) Ok, this always sounds like a cop-out answer, but I’m all about the gift card!  The key is to be creative with them.  You don’t have to go with something general like Target or WalMart (though those are always appreciated too, I’m sure).  Think about what the person you’re buying for loves, then get them a gift card to indulge that.  Colin and I love traveling, so his grandma got us a Southwest gift card for Christmas!  We are so excited to plan our next trip!  A note about the iTunes gift card though, I may be the only person that does not use Spotify for music now, so consider that before you go with iTunes.  All gift cards can be found at their affiliated stores, or at Walgreens or Target.

5) These wooden iPhone cases are simultaneously hipster and dapper.  The one pictured is sophisticated, while some of the others are more trendy (but still awesome).  You can find them at Urban Outfitters.

6) I brought these socks to a dirty santa party recently, and they were a hit!  Both men and women will love them, but maybe you’re nephew who is into anything offbeat and attention-getting will love them best.  Both pairs and more can be found at Target.

I hope my list inspired you.  Happy last-minute shopping!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Christmas Morning Party

My friends, Jessica and Chelsea Rose, decided to throw a Christmas party this year.  Instead of a tacky sweater party (a college favorite) or a fancy affair, they decided to celebrate one of the best memories we all have of Christmas growing up–Christmas morning!  Everyone wore pajamas and ate breakfast food, and we got to play dirty santa.

It was so fun!






We all got to write our names on stockings to hang above the fireplace…then the string fell down they were hanging on.  Oops!



Chelsea Rose brought raffle presents for people to win (because she’s precious).  Our friend, Sally, apparently never wins anything, but she won a raffle gift!  She was so excited haha


Two of my favorite people right there :)


And now for a collage of pictures of me with lots of people:


The party was so great, and now we have enough leftover egg casserole for the rest of the week.  Yes.

I hope your holiday parties are just as fun this year!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Family: The Longs

Happy Monday!

Here are some of the photos I took for the Long family to put on their Christmas cards this year.  My family never really sent out Christmas cards, but it’s a tradition I think I could get behind–especially if it means we get to have a fun photo shoot each year!  This family is precious, so they don’t need too much of an introduction.

Without further babbling:








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Friday Phone Dump

It’s Friday!

Weekends are even better during the holidays with all the events going on.  We have a “Christmas Morning” pajama party (complete with breakfast food and dirty santa) to attend tonight, and tomorrow we’re going on our dating anniversary date!  You probably have fun places to be too, or maybe you’re just going to wrap gifts and watch Christmas movies….that’s ok too.

Here’s a phone dump for you!

121313 phone dump

1) The Bedlam game was tense and a little disappointing for us loyal and true OSU fans.  Riley (the dog) was stressed out about it, so she sat in Bethany’s lap for the end of the game haha

2) This is a shot I got while we were out for our snowy photo shoot (see here)

3) There’s just nothing cozier than Christmas lights glowing inside while the air is frigid outside.  I was snuggled under a huge blanket while prepping for Bible study when I snapped this picture

4) Sometimes you need to take a hipster photo…or maybe that’s just me haha.  I spent a day earlier this week working at Cuppies and Joe.  Usually I work from home all day, but Cuppies is one of the happiest places on Earth, so it provided a nice change of scenery for me!

5) My awesome friend, Taylor, and I decided to start a long-distance book club.  We have a list of books we want to read.  One person reads the book at a time, writes their thoughts in a notebook, then mails the book and notebook to the next person in the club.  I got both in the mail this week along with a note from Taylor.  Confession:  I haven’t started reading yet, but I’m excited to!

6) If you live in the OKC area, or if you’re visiting here for the holidays, you need to check out Plenty Mercantile.  It’s a little bit like Anthropologie, only it’s local and full of items that give back.  My friend, Rachel, and I popped by there earlier this week to do some Christmas shopping, and we basically fell in love with everything.  My favorite (except maybe the Rewined candles) were the adorable greeting cards they keep in stock!  I wanted to buy each of them to give to my friends and family, but I wanted to buy this one to frame in our house.  So adorable!

I hope you have a happy weekend!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Baby Jenson

 Happy Throwback Thursday!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve actually done a throwback post, so I think it’s about time to share another.  If you’ve looked through the galleries under my “photography” tab at the top of this page, you may have seen some photos of Jenson already.  These photos were taken for her 6 month “birthday,” and she is quite a bit bigger now!  I mostly shoot weddings and photos that go along with them (bridals, engagements, etc), but getting to play with Jenson made me want to try more baby and child photos.  Those of you with cute little ones, take my hint please :)

 I can’t get over how precious her giant bow is, and I’m pretty sure she and I were shoe twinkies on this photo shoot!





 Of course, we had to take a few with the whole family!  They are too sweet not to have captured.



I love this mommy-daughter shot!



 Thanks for viewing!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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