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Senior: Kelsey Kuehn

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s post is short and sweet.  My dear friend, Kelsey Keuhn graduated from OU earlier this year, so I went down to Norman to take a few graduation photos of her!  Kelsey is one of the smartest, most intentional people I know.  She loves God and loves adventuring, so we usually don’t have a hard time having conversations that last for hours and hours.  In honor of me getting to see my sweet sister-friend this weekend, here are a few of the photos from her senior shoot this spring!







 I hope your day is lovely!


Mary O.

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Engagement: Dann & Gillian

Happy Monday, everyone!

  Today I am so excited to share a cozy engagement shoot with you!  Dann and Gillian are one of those couples who seem to make everything they do adorable.  When Gillian contacted me about shooting their wedding and engagement photos, she immediately started using words like “cozy,” “flirty,” and “adventure.”  If you know me at all, you know I was basically melting into a puddle at my desk imagining all the fun photos we would get.  I’m happy to tell you that this photo shoot did not disappoint!  There was lots of coffee drinking and cuddling and wrapping up in Mexican blankets, so basically I felt like I was in a dream world.

I hope you love these photos as much as I do!














No cozy photo shoot in OKC would be complete without a trip to Cuppies and Joe…it just wouldn’t.







Thanks for stopping by today!


Mary O.

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Friday Phone Dump

Happy Friday!

I’m sorry I don’t have more phone pictures to bring you, I should get better about that!  It’s been a really busy week.  I, for one, am ready for the weekend.  I hope yours is great and relaxing or adventurous and fun!  Whichever you need most.

If you want a good place to go on Saturday night or Sunday, my church is doing a great sermon series called Necessary Sins.  What does that title mean?  You should come and find out :) Here’s a promo video for this week to whet your appetite a little more!

Anyway, like I said, I hope your weekend is awesome!


Mary O.

111513 phone dump

ps: Happy Birthday Grandma and Uncle Jerry!  I love you both!

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Travels: The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

Happy Thursdsay!

I don’t know about you, but this week has flown by for me.  Thursday is here though, which means you get to see some more throwback pictures!

For my birthday this year, Colin and I went for a short camping/hiking trip in the Wichita Mountains.  We had never been there before our engagement shoot last fall when we had another “woah! we have this in Oklahoma?!” moment.  It’s a little over 1 hour from OKC (closer than Tulsa) which makes it the perfect getaway for a weekend!  There are plenty of hikes to do, and if you’re into rock climbing, mountain/road biking, or kayaking, there are plenty of spots for those activities as well.

Also, if you go down there, be sure to stop in Meers to grab a longhorn burger!   You won’t be sorry.



This was our first trip to use our small camp stove as we usually go camping with a large group and use our huge stove….we had some trouble with the matches.





IMG_0512 2


Pardon the phone pictures, but the above left is Colin’s Google Maps view of us in the park.  I love that you can see all the mountains!  The above right photo is the only shot we got of the 2 of us (don’t mind my sun burn).

If you need a quick weekend away adventuring, or even a day off, I’d definitely recommend heading down to the Wichitas!

I hope your Thursday is a great one and that you’re extra productive so you can have more fun this weekend!


Mary O.

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My Life: Our Wedding Ceremony

Hello again, I’m so glad you’re here!

Today I’ll be sharing probably the most special part of our wedding with you– our ceremony!  There were lots of happy tears, cozy blankets, and sweet words involved.  Oh, and some pretty decorations and great people too.

One of the strategies I am happiest about from my wedding-planning process is my choice to have other people set up the decorations for me.  I hired my dear friend (who also happens to be a fabulous professional wedding coordinator), Chelsea Rose to head up putting everything together on the day-of so I could just relax and get ready with my bridesmaids.  We were really so fortunate to have such generous friends and family that were practically lining up to help as well.  Together, they set up the seats and decorations for the ceremony and reception.  I couldn’t be more thankful for all of their help!  Because of them, I can remember our wedding day as relaxing and happy and fun instead of stressful.





That root chandelier is one of my favorite features of The Barn!  My uncle hung the ribbons and sequins from it for our wedding, and it couldn’t have looked more perfect!

Our other dear friend (who also happens to be a talented and mostly famous musician), Johnny Stimson, and his friend, Matt, played all of the music for our ceremony and lots for our reception.  It meant so much to have him there, and it really added an intimate touch to our ceremony.  Johnny was a great sport and was willing to learn a few new songs in order to personalize everything for us.  He sang this song as my Phi Lamb sisters, our bridal party, my dad, and I walked down the aisle and this song when we took communion.  It was so lovely!

Here are the lyrics to the song he sang while the photos below were happening:

Take my life I lay it down
At the cross where I am found
All I have I give to You oh God


Take my hands and make them clean
Keep my heart in purity
That I may walk in all You have for me


Oh here I stand
Arms open wide
Oh I am Yours
And You are mine


Take my moments and my days
Let each breath that I take
Be ever only for You oh God


As you can see in the photo below, I was really just excited to be getting married even though mostly everyone else seemed to be crying!


Then I saw Colin though, and I had to hold back the happy tears…


(psst…Blake is totally crying in the above photo ^)


Our youth pastor (and mentor), Joel, performed our ceremony.  It was so special to have him there, especially since he had been sick with the flu only 2 days before!  We got so many comments after our wedding about how meaningful our ceremony was because of how Joel talked about us.  We are so grateful and blessed to have had someone so close to us perform our ceremony.  Also, Joel is hilarious, so that was great too!






Colin and I are not the kind of people who are really affectionate in front of others.  We dated for 7 years before we got married, and most of our friends said that the first time they ever saw us kiss was on our wedding day.  After Colin kissed me, his friends started calling him “Casanova” which is a little ridiculous but still funny!



After our ceremony I got to hug all of our wedding party, but this picture of me hugging Bethany makes me cry every time I see it!  I adore all of my friends, but Bethany and I lived together for most of college and she is my very best friend.  Colin and I getting married meant Bethany and I wouldn’t be living together anymore and that was really sad for both of us.  I still send her outfit pictures so she can help me decide what to wear sometimes…is that weird?  Ah well, it’s fine!


Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this!  I love remembering our happiest day, so it’s fun sharing it with you.  Stay tuned for photos of our reception sometime soon!  Oh, and THANK YOU again to Josh McCullock for taking all of these beautiful photos!



Happy Wednesday!


Mary O.

ps–for more of our wedding photos you can check here, here, here, and here

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