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My Life: Halloween 2013

Happy Friday, all!

(will I wish you a happy day every day?  yes. forever.)

I will be spending today on a photo shoot and listening to Christmas music.  Here are some photos from our get-together last night!  We ate lots of food, gave out some candy to trick-or-treaters, and watched Harry Potter movies.




Maybe we used leftover candy instead of buying some…





It was really fun, but I’m glad it’s finally November and that it’s finally the weekend!  Also, since it’s Friday, here’s a phone dump for you!


I hope you have a lovely weekend–relax!  You deserve it!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Travels: Tempe, AZ

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Oh right, also, Happy Halloween!

Today’s post is from almost 2 years ago now, but that’s one of the great things about me not having a Facebook anymore.  I have tons of photos that nobody has ever seen!  Ok, maybe I’m the only person who thinks that’s great, but that’s alright.

Over New Years 2011/2012 my family and I were in Tempe, Arizona for the OSU bowl game.  That was one of the best football games I’ve ever attended, but my favorite part about that whole trip was going on a tour of the desert.  Now, I wish I could tell you exactly where we were in these photos– my best guess would be a state park near Tempe.  Everything about this was lovely though.  I love the colors of the desert, the dryness in the air.  I love how there is life flourishing everywhere there, but not in an overwhelming, can’t ignore it, kind of way.  It’s more of a mystery than that.

I’m so glad that my first moments of one of the best years of my life so far (2012) were spent in this beautiful place.


God is so cool!  His ideas scare me sometimes though.  For example, the photo above is of a “teddy bear cholla” (pronounced cho-yah) cactus.  It’s named that because it looks soft and fuzzy from far away, but it’s far from that.  Apparently (if our tour guide was correct, which I believe he was), Native Americans used to use these cacti in battle because their needles have bacteria in them that will infect and kill you if they get stuck in your skin.   Also, if you walk too closely to them, the static electricity from your body (or an animal’s, or whatever) will pull the needles off the cactus and into you.  I can think of few (if any) plants more horrifying!  How’s that for a Halloween factoid?


Don’t get me wrong, I love my Vibram 5 Finger shoes, but I would not advise you to wear them in the desert.  Especially if you’ve just learned about the cacti I talked about earlier and you’re the kind of person that gets paranoid easily!


If you’re going to Arizona soon, say hello for me!  Hopefully we’ll get to go back soon, but until then I’ll be here enjoying the great state of Oklahoma.

We don’t usually celebrate Halloween, but our friends talked us into having everyone over (it’s hard for us to turn that down).  I’m making Taco Soup and Caramel Apple Nachos (thanks for the idea, Jessica!), and we’re watching Harry Potter movies!  Don’t get me started on which Harry Potter movies though, because it’s going to be hard for all of us to agree.  I’ve heard most of the kids in our neighborhood go to the fancy neighborhoods to get candy, but yes, we’ll have a bowl set out for trick-or-treaters just in case.  What are you doing for Halloween?

Whatever it is, I hope it’s fun!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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My Life: Our Wedding Portraits

Today I’m continuing what I started on my old personal blog: sharing our wedding photos!

It’s crazy for me to say that we are nearing our one year anniversary, but at the same time, it feels like Colin and I have been married forever.  I’m sorry if this post is too mushy for all of you people who don’t like this kind of stuff, but in case you are someone who does like mushy-ness and love stories and the lot, check out this, this, and this for some background on our story.

Regardless of your mush-tolerance, I hope you’ll accept this time-out from photos I’ve actually taken and enjoy our wedding portraits by the ever-wonderful Josh McCullock.  I’ll be sharing more in weeks to come!













Thanks for looking back with me!  As always, feel free to comment via email with the link below if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these posts.  Have a great Wednesday!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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My Life: Haunted Barn Dance

 As a photographer, it is often difficult for me to take personal photos.  Amanda Keith of indiejane photography posted her excuses here for not taking more photos of her everyday life, and I found myself nodding in agreement with each one as I read!  Though I’m a creative person, meaning I can usually find beauty even when it’s hard, I have difficulty keeping a photo if it is imperfect.  Or at least, if I keep it, I have difficulty sharing a photo if it is imperfect.  Not today though!  Today is a new day, and this post is full of imperfection when it comes to photography.  It is also full of wonderful people and memories that I will cherish forever.  And what’s the point of taking photos if it isn’t to capture great memories?  That’s what I’m telling myself.

So anyways, this weekend my dear friend, Chelsea Rose, turned 25!  Naturally, we had to celebrate, which in this case looked like a haunted barn dance party at her grandma’s farm.  This party was (clearly) also a Halloween party, which meant everyone was supposed to wear a costume.  Now, I don’t really do Halloween.  Maybe it’s because I hate everything even a little bit scary, or maybe it’s because I don’t eat candy, or maybe it’s because I don’t find dressing up super fun…I know, I know, I’m totally the Scrooge of Halloween.  I’ve embraced this by now.  And no, I’m not judging you for loving it.  You trick-or-treat your little heart out!

That being said, this was the first year Colin and I have dressed up for Halloween since, oh, 1998 or so (not counting one time in college when I dressed as a hippy and no one realized I was actually dressed up…).  We’ll do anything for Chelsea Rose, so it seemed appropriate!  I was a ballerina, and I’m sorry to say I have no better photos of my costume than those in this post, but it was basically all glitter anyway, so you get the idea.  Colin’s costume, however, was genius!

He dressed as our friend, Brian, who wasn’t able to come to the party.


That’s real Brian on the left, and fake Brian (aka Colin) on the right!  Awesome, right?  He even pretended to Instagram everything in sight, brought his own coffee mug to the party, and smiled a Brian smile in pictures with people.  Hilarious!


Here are a few photos from eating at The Wedge before heading to the party!


As you can kind of see above, Jessica was a very classy flapper, and Austin was Captain America!  Austin is also a very talented two-stepper, so he was pretty famous by the end of the party. Chelsea Thompson was Michael Jackson, which you can see better in photos below.


The barn was decorated so well!  Mostly we were dancing though, so we didn’t exactly spend a ton of time just looking at decorations haha




How adorable are my friends, Darci and KG?  They were Mary Poppins and Bert!  Our other friends were the tooth fairy and a tooth…so. cute.  Colin and I didn’t really work hard enough to come up with anything like that!


Super heros dancing with other super heros…it got pretty funny to watch!  Also, how great is Chelsea’s Thor costume? ^


Please look at the disco ball…that’s actually a disco skull.


We had so much fun!  There’s nothing like a great dance party and awesome friends to make a weekend spectacular.


Thanks for looking at my imperfect photos–they’re kind of growing on me actually!  Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHELSEA ROSE (AND TABITHA TOO!)!! I hope it was as wonderful as you are!

Happy Tuesday!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Engagement: Caleb & Stephanie

Hello there!

I hope Monday is treating you well.  If it’s not though, hopefully some sweet engagement photos will cheer you up!  Stephanie and Caleb are getting married next year, so a few weeks ago we found the most perfect light Stillwater ever did see and had a little engagement shoot.  As you can tell from these photos, this couple is a little more country than rock-n-roll!  And who doesn’t love a good pair of boots and a good two-step every once in awhile, right?  Maybe that’s just my Oklahoma heart talking, but I just think there’s something sweet about some good ‘ol country love.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!




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