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Wisteria Hysteria

Hello there!

Nothing much to say today–I just wanted to share some Springtime vibes with you from this shoot I did with Kourtni last year.  Our friends, Danielle, Stephanie, and Brooke live in a lovely house with lots of Wisteria in their backyard :) So after Kourtni and I took some sunrise photos in a field just West of OKC, we headed to their house to grab some sunny shots of the Wisteria!

Here are my favorites:


Happy Spring!



Model // Kourtni Reynolds

Photography + Styling // Mary O Photography

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Friday Phone Dump

This post covers two weeks and it’s crazy-long!  10 points to your Hogwarts house if you get through it, and no hard feelings from me if you don’t xx

03092017 phone dump1

1) We got to try the best burger place in Bedford, Herd last weekend–it was sooooo good!  Seriously, I’d put it up there in the same bracket as the best burger places I’ve enjoyed in the US.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, style, and dressings…and the fries…I love fries :)

2) Is it just me or does this look like New Mexico/Spain?  It’s Bedford.  Bedford is fun haha

03092017 phone dump2

3-4) Daffodils for days :) I’m going to be talking non-stop about Spring probably for the rest of our time here–I love the abundance of flowers in England.


5)  Since Colin and I have lots of time these days, we’ve watched all the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings.  I know, we’re the coolest, you don’t have to tell me haha

03092017 phone dump3

6-9) Like I said in my last post, we’ve been exploring different parks and walking paths around Bedford these past few weeks.  Earlier this week we loved getting to drink tea as we walked through Priory Park and sat by this stream–so lovely :)

03092017 phone dump4

10) Hahahahahaha this really got me–it felt like a sign I’d find in Texas as a joke or something, but here it seemed funnier since most buildings have some crazy historical significance

11) We tried a delicious Italian place in Bedford called The Cappuccino Bar for lunch on Josh’s birthday, and it was so so good.  I almost felt like we were actually in Italy!

03092017 phone dump5
03092017 phone dump6

12-15) Exploring the neighborhood :)


16) View from my yoga mat–I’m so thankful for even the small spaces I can get to practice in

03092017 phone dump7

17-18) All the flowerrrrrs


19) This bridge in Bedford is from the 1800s and it’s gorgeous!  Europe is so cool, guys.

03172017 phone dump1

20-21) We went to London last weekend!  It was our first trip out of Bedford since we got here, and it was lovely.  Shout out to Chelsea for getting me the Monocle Travel Guide to London last year ;)

03172017 phone dump2
03172017 phone dump3
03172017 phone dump4

22-29) We had plans to hang out in various museums while we were there, but our first day we had the most gorgeous sunny weather, so of course we spent all our time walking through the parks!  Primrose Hill is still my very favorite–I’m a sucker for a great view.  Also, I’ve started taking off my shoes anytime it’s warm enough, because the grass here is so lush.  Like the stuff of Narnia, guys.  It’s so great.

03172017 phone dump5

30-31) We also had to stop back by the Monocle Café (we went there last year too).  Colin got a macchiato and I had a raw mint and ginger tea whichismynewfavoritedrinkandimfreakingoutaboutit :)


32) We also went to Chipotle in London (thanks, Danielle, for the giftcard!) and it was fun to have a taste of home while we’re so far away!

03172017 phone dump6
03172017 phone dump7
03172017 phone dump8
03172017 phone dump9
03172017 phone dump10

33-44) Our second day in London was grey and chilly, so we started with a coffee from Monmouth (our favorite that we’ve had so far) and a pastry from a stall in the Borough Market.  Then we walked along the Thames and hit the touristy spots we hadn’t seen in awhile like Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.  Then we went back to the market to shop and eat lunch (and get another coffee haha) before heading to the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

03172017 phone dump11

45) After all that, we stopped in the British Museum, where we will definitely be returning since there was so much we didn’t get to see–it’s huge!

46) For dinner that night we went to Tayyab’s–which was as great as we remembered it being :)

03172017 phone dump12

47) Our last morning there ended up being sunnier than expected, so we visited a different Monmouth Coffee shop and wandered through different shops around the city instead of going to the Portrait Gallery like we had planned–it was a good choice (though I still want to make it to the Portrait Gallery soon)!

48) More Mexican food!  London is such a large and international city that it had food from all over the world.  This Mexican restaurant was yummy, especially this mint and lime agua fresca :)

03172017 phone dump13
03172017 phone dump14

49-52) The rest of our wandering included soaking up sun in St. James’s Park and waving to Big Ben (my favorite).  See you soon, London!

03172017 phone dump15

53-55) This week we’ve been staying in Milton Keynes with Ro’s lovely parents, so we’ve enjoyed exploring yet another part of England!  This local coffee shop is delicious and cozy–thanks for the recommendation, Tom!

03172017 phone dump16


56-59) One of the things we’ve done here is visited Bletchley Park!  This whole time, our friends have been telling us that we need to go here, and I’ve kept forgetting what it was.  Now that we’ve been here, I won’t forget it again!  This is the place where English (and a few American, but mostly English) geniuses broke the codes that were being used in WWII (as seen in the movie, The Imitation Game).  If you are ever in England, I would highly recommend a visit to this amazing place!

03172017 phone dump17

60-62) Yesterday we went to Oxford, which was as charming as ever, and we started off at the Ashmolean Museum for brunch and wandering.

03172017 phone dump18

63-65) We grabbed lunch in the covered market at PieMinister (sooooooooo good)

03172017 phone dump19

66-69) Then we grabbed some fantastic coffee at The Missing Bean (high quality + locally roasted coffee, hand made snacks, bright atmosphere, great people-watching, good vibes)


70) What a dreamy place

03172017 phone dump20

70-73) Colin insisted that we climb this tower at St Mary’s Church so we could see the amazing views, so I faced my fears of heights and small spaces and was rewarded with this gorgeous sight!

03172017 phone dump21
03172017 phone dump22

74-77) Again, so dreamy.  The details of this place are inspiring!


78-79) We quickly stopped by the Museum of Natural History and stayed until they closed.  What a gorgeous space!  Also, I now want to know everything there is to know about dinosaurs.  I’m not sure that I ever cared until yesterday haha


80) It was closed to visitors, but we still walked by Christ Church College to see some of the places where they filmed Harry Potter…because Harry Potter haha

Oh my gosh, if you’re still reading this, give yourself a hug from me.  Or better yet, go pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea from me!

This weekend we’re doing a little shopping, relaxing, and hopefully going to see Beauty and the Beast!  I hope your weekend is lovely, friend.



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Friday Phone Dump

“He’s sending you an invitation too, in the sunrise, in the sound of a bird, or in the smell of coffee drifting lazily from the kitchen.  The one who has invited you is way more powerful than any of the impediments we think we’re facing, and He has just one message for us.  He leans forward and whispers quietly to each of us,

‘There’s more room'”

Bob Goff // Love Does

1) My new favorite breakfast–pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds mixed with honey!  It’s literally what birds might eat, but I totally love it.

03032017 phone dump1

2) Ro’s birthday tulips are soooo lovely

03032017 phone dump2

3-6) We spent a sunny day last week wandering Bedford.  I’m so excited to see Spring here since all the flowers are just beginning to bloom and the trees have buds on them.  Also, apparently there used to be a castle on this mound I’m standing on #England

03032017 phone dump3

7) Debenhams (an English department store) has these giant paper flowers as part of their Spring window displays and they are amazing!  They make me want to have a giant paper flower photoshoot….so maybe that will be in my future :)

03032017 phone dump4

8-10) We tried one of the Mexican restaurants in town, and it looked cooler than it tasted.  To be fair, there was nothing wrong with the food other than the fact that it didn’t taste like Mexican food haha  Also, there were cucumbers in the pico de gallo for some reason?  And “squirty mayonnaise” soooooo it was pretty funny :)


11) Easily one of my favorite spots in Bedford so far–Coffee With Art.  I talked about them last week, but look at how cool this art installation is!  Love it.

03032017 phone dump5
03032017 phone dump6

12-17) We had Ro’s official birthday party on Saturday, and it was so fun!  She rented out a room at a local pub and we spent the evening enjoying amazing food and drinks, celebrating Ro, and photobombing as many selfies as possible haha Happy Birthday, Ro!  And happy Friend-iversary!

03032017 phone dump9

18-19) So, the English version of Mardi Gras is PANCAKE DAY!  Also, English pancakes are much more similar to crêpes than to American pancakes, and they are delicious :) Thank you, dear England, for my new Mardi Gras tradition!

03032017 phone dump7
03032017 phone dump8

20-23) Walks through Bedford Park and Cemetary–everything is cool here.

03032017 phone dump10

24-27) Colin and I finally got to try out some public footpaths this week, which are basically hiking/walking trails that go everywhere: through town, through parks, through farm land, through golf courses.  They’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the US, and they are so fun!  These photos are from a trail we took on our way to get groceries…groceries.  I wish all trips to the store were like that :)  Also, the poster Colin is posing with is for one of the events mentioned in this video!

03032017 phone dump12

28-31) Our kind and wonderful friends, Phil and Harry (short for Harriet) have been letting us stay in their house this week while they house sit for some friends of theirs.  Their house is gorgeous, and we’ve loved getting to be here–thanks again guys! <3

This weekend we are trying to finalize some of our next travel plans!  I hope your weekend is relaxing and productive :)



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Friday Phone Dump

“Here’s a strange truth I’ve noticed.  Almost everyone knows about Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland, but most people don’t go.  Maybe it’s because it’s surrounded by water and you have to take a raft to get there.  But it’s really not that tough to do.  Lots of people want to go.  Some people even plan to go.  But most forget or just don’t get around to it.  It’s one of those ‘we’ll do that next trip’ kinds of places for a lot of people.  Tom Sawyer island is like most people’s lives, I think: they never get around to crossing over to it.  

Living a life fully engaged and full of whimsy and the kind of things that love does is something most people plan to do, but along the way they just kind of forget”

Bob Goff // Love Does

02242017 phone dump1

1) It’s been pretty cloudy this week (I mean, we’re in England…what did you expect?), but the best part of cloudy days is the sky when the sun finally cuts through.  I mean, the colors are just so soft and lovely.

02242017 phone dump2

2-6) This weekend we went for a long walk around Moggerhanger Park and it was so gorgeous!  This whole trip is really just too much for me, because I’m seriously smitten all the time.  There are amazing buildings everywhere that are old and full of history, most of them have some kind of cafe/coffee shop/pub/shop in them, and they are in some of the most picturesque landscape I’ve ever seen.  Also, that last photo was taken by Tom and Ro’s friend, Steve, with a real camera (not my phone…sorry).  That’s Becky on the left, she’s super cool :)

02242017 phone dump3

7-8) The first pub we visited here!  Even though we went at lunch time (so it wasn’t super lively or anything), we totally loved it and we’ll definitely be coming back :)

02242017 phone dump4

9-12) Colin and I have spent most of our time here so far just walking around Bedford and exploring the town.  One of my favorite features of this town is the gorgeous river that runs through it!  We walked along the river on our way back from the grocery store the other evening, and it was as enchanting as ever.

02242017 phone dump5

13-15) Pretty details around town–one of these days I’ll bring my DSLR camera around and capture them more professionally!

02242017 phone dump6

16-18) One of my favorite shops we’ve been to so far–The Eagle Bookshop !  It’s full of antique/vintage books that are so stunning and interesting.  We’re waiting for the next rainy day to come back and wander some more.  Don’t you want every single one of those scrap books?!

02242017 phone dump7

19-20) Another favorite place in town, Coffee with Art–I mean, look at the wall of books. Just look at it.  Not only was the coffee great, the food was even better.  I had a delicious salad topped with smoked salmon.  So they’re winning really :)

02242017 phone dump8

21-22) More Bedford details–pretty sculpture art and darling homes

02242017 phone dump9

23-24) Snacks–I found the best GF bread I’ve ever tried at Holland & Barrett (a health food chain in the UK).  Like it’s amazing.  I topped it with strawberry jam and pumpkin seeds, and it’s been my go-to snack since we’ve been here!  Also, there is literally a place to get yummy coffee at the end of Tom and Ro’s street–so Colin and I got a cup to-go on our way to get groceries the other day.  Side note: refrigerators and freezers and kitchens are much smaller here, so we grocery shop almost every day for our meals.  Just in case you were wondering why we’d been to the store so many times this week!

02242017 phone dump10

25-27) Ro’s birthday was on Wednesday and we had a delicious dinner (made by Becky over there), cake, board games, and a trip to the neighborhood pub (which was freakin cute, guys).  Happy birthday, Ro!  Other news–ginger beer is the besssssssst.

02242017 phone dump11

26) Another amazing place we’ve visited here is the Tennis Club.  It’s literally a tennis clubhouse turned coffee shop/cafe and it’s adorable and delicious.  Ro and I went there to “work” until Tom showed up with her sister for a birthday surprise :)  I’ll be back here for sure!

27) Yesterday was a very windy (even by Oklahoma standards) and chilly day, so I enjoyed this spot by the window and radiator for both drying my clothes and for keeping my feet warm haha

This weekend we have more birthday shenanigans for Ro (ps–Happy Birthday tomorrow to Steph Skidmore!  Miss you!) and more exploring!

Happy weekend, friend.  I hope it’s delightful!



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Friday Phone Dump

It has been an incredibly long week–just last Friday we were in Madison, Wisconsin.  Then we went to Chicago, then flew to Dublin, then London, and now we’re in Bedford, England.   Brace yourself, this is a long post–I’ll do my best to give you details, I’m still pretty sleepy!

02172017 phone dump1
02172017 phone dump2

1-4) I was able to get up early (look at the pretty sunrise!) our first morning in Madison to do some yoga (which I desperately needed) :)  Stan, the cat, was very interested in my new travel yoga mat–he’s basically a dog haha you’ll see a lot of him in the next few photos.

02172017 phone dump3

5-6) Lovely (cat themed haha) moments in the gorgeous Hood house–we loved staying with our sweet friends, Sean and Kristen!

02172017 phone dump4

7-9) Kristen walked around Madison with us and showed us how the Midwest does winter.  We were pleased to see that Madisonians don’t let cold weather or frozen lakes get them down–they all get out and walk/run/bike around like usual.  I’m so inspired by communities like that, it’s not really the normal thing in Oklahoma to be outside at all much less in weather that’s less than perfect.  Shout out to everyone who powers through cold weather to have fun/be fit!  I’m not great at it, but I’m inspired by you to be better :) ps–we walked on a FROZEN LAKE!  So crazy.  And can you see that snow fort?  Wisconsin, I tell ya.

02172017 phone dump5

10) Stan in a bag haha

11) Sean and Kristen’s other cat, Phil, is more afraid of visitors than Stan, so Kristen had to force him to join us in the living room by sitting against the wall and holding him to her chest–poor little guy!


12) Panoramas are weird but also the best


13) The lovely view from our window on a sunny day in Madison–so cozy :)

02172017 phone dump6

14-15) I took a few photos around Sean and Kristen’s house to show Blake and Brian…here are two of them featuring mugs from Radina’s and a selfie of me in my napping spot haha

02172017 phone dump7

16) Little Stan just sitting around–seriously he is a dog cat

17) A cute little coffee shop in Madison!


18) I love this photo of us with Sean and Kristen, it was so good to see you guys!  They took us to a Wisconsin hockey game, and it was a blast–I’d never been to a collegiate hockey game before, so I felt very immersed in the culture haha

02172017 phone dump8

19-21) Another walk around the neighborhood, apparently that pharmacy is also a costume shop who’s main client is SNL! What?!

02172017 phone dump9

22) Haha, packing up our suitcases is always a bit of a test–Colin had to stand on his to get it to properly close

23) My “mirror selfie” when I woke up on our last morning in Madison.  We had to get up super early to catch the 7am bus to Chicago and I was not feeling it.

02172017 phone dump10

24-25) I was however, really feeling Chicago.  What. A. City.  We got dropped off at Union Station, which was of course beautiful!  I’ve been to Union station in Kansas City and Denver as well, and they’re all so gorgeous.  We should build beautiful buildings more often!

02172017 phone dump11
02172017 phone dump12
02172017 phone dump13
02172017 phone dump14

26-35) Honestly, we had great food and coffee in Chicago, but my favorite thing we did was walk all around.  We spent the whole first afternoon walking along the lake and it was really wonderful.  It also helped that there was plenty of sunshine, and we got to chat on the phone with Brian for the majority of our walk, but Chicago is magic, ok?  I just love it.


36) Look at that church…look at it.  Ugh, so pretty!

02172017 phone dump15

37-41) It wouldn’t really be a trip to Chicago for me if we didn’t make a stop at the ever-lovely Heritage Bikes & Coffee Shop.  I’ve been over this before: bikes + coffee = obvious obsession.  Also, they had a giant Cubs mural painted on the side of the shop when they won the world series…so that’s just another reason why we had to go there!  Also also, they make their syrups in house, and the americano with a little chocolate syrup is perfection.

02172017 phone dump16

42) On way walking to Wrigley Field, we passed this Taco Bell sign wearing a Cubs hat…that’s a real sentence.

43) :D :D :D


44) Have I mentioned that WE WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!?  This was so exciting to see!

02172017 phone dump17

45-46) More Cubs things–how great is the Beary Caray??


47) Happy Cubs fans :)

02172017 phone dump18

48) The stairs to the trains have little ramps on the side for your bikes…and they have these cute icons of bikes.  Clearly I’m easily excited by details.


49-50) We got to experience Rick Bayless’ restaurant, Xoco, as our last meal in Chicago!  It was just as great as I expected it to be, and the Aztec hot chocolate…I mean come on.

02172017 phone dump19

51-52) Such a pretty city


53) Sunrises on planes are the best, this one featured some product placement by Aer Lingus haha


54) Made it to England, here’s the view from the room we’re staying in at Tom and Ro’s house!


55) Hahahahahahaha Tom made us these towel swans and Josh (who the room belongs to) left us a lovely note and some English candy as a welcome gift!


56) I got to join Ro as she helped our her friend that’s shooting a short film involving motorcycles–not complaining about how green everything is!

02172017 phone dump20

57-58) Our friends have been so so kind to cook us food while we’ve been here including this pea soup and ham (by Tom) and this butter chicken and curry (by Josh)–thanks everyone!

02172017 phone dump21
02172017 phone dump22

59-62) I love Ro’s decorating style–how hilarious is that bottom left print?

02172017 phone dump23
02172017 phone dump24

63-70) Today Josh showed us around Bedford including the gorgeous Victorian park in town.  We thoroughly enjoyed the long walk as well as the café in the park–look at those mugs!  So pretty :)

Whew!  Well, that’s all!  This weekend we’ll be meeting more of Tom and Ro’s friends and exploring more of this little town.  I hope your weekend is adventurous and noteworthy!



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