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My Life: Birmingham & Nannying

One of Colin’s (my husband) and my favorite things to do together is travel.  There’s just something about visiting a place you’ve never been before–right?  Since we’ve been married (getting close to a year now!) , we’ve traveled to Montana, Colorado, and just about every part of our home state of Oklahoma.  We have plans to go just about everywhere else on the globe too, so get ready world!

Anyway, this trip to Birmingham was quite a bit different for me than the rest of those trips have been.  I went with a couple from our old church in Stillwater who needed someone to nanny their daughter, Kate, while they went to a conference.  Now, before you think I’m crazy, you need to know that these two people are not only great friends of Colin and mine, but they were answers to prayer in a gigantic way when they entered our lives.  It only made sense that I would return a fraction of that favor by helping them out in this situation.

All that being said, I’m sorry I don’t have piles and piles of amazing photos of the city of Birmingham.  I didn’t even get to capture the amazing, hilly, landscape that holds the city and surrounding area.  Apparently being a mom is not an easy task–who knew, right (sarcasm)?  Kate kept me very busy while we were in Alabama.

I did get to snap a few photos while she and I explored the “Mountain Brook” district on the South East side of the city!  We were there when the weather was still trying to decide if it wanted to linger in summer mode or rush into autumn.  It was so lovely, and Colin and I have officially added Birmingham to our list of places to travel together.



We found this adorable little garden shop–it enamored Kate long enough for me to actually grab some photos!


I’m a simple coffee drinker, but I did get a few pumps of pumpkin spice in my coffee that day (#PSL forever…yes, I was just that girl).



She laughed and babbled at this frog for 5 minutes; literally.





 Here are some phone pictures I captured of Kate, the star of my Birmingham show:


Overall, I really am thankful I got to go on this trip, despite the fact that I didn’t get to see much of the actual city of Birmingham.  As I said before, Alabama is gorgeous, and if you don’t have it on your list of places to travel, you need to add it now.  If you don’t, you’ll be missing out.


 Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by, and remember that you can comment via email if you have a response to anything in this post!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Bucket List: Rooftop Dance Party

My friends are awesome.  I’m just saying–they really are.  They’re the kind of friends who keep my life interesting.  How, you ask?  Well, my friends are the kind of friends that help me check items off my bucket list–items I didn’t even know were there.

Like a rooftop dance party.  And that’s just one example.


Now, you may be asking “what’s the premise for your rooftop dance party?”  To which I would reply “do you really need a premise?”  Still, I see why you asked.  Flashback to a few weeks ago, when that guy in the photo above, Brian, was gone for almost the entire month of September.  We (being his best friends) lovingly referred to the time as #MonthofBrian (pronounced “hashtag month of brian”…yes, we say “hashtag” every time).  #MonthofBrian happened to include Brian’s 24th birthday.  He spent his birthday on a cruise (poor guy) which meant none of us got to see him or even wish him happy birthday!

We were all sad about this, and while he was still gone our friend, Blake, said “why don’t we just throw him a surprise two-steppin’ party when he gets back?”  Brian loves two-steppin’ more than most things, so this seemed like the perfect plan.  Since Colin and I have been wanting to host a party in our backyard, I assumed we would just have it there.  I envisioned taco soup and peanut butter sandwiches (two of Brian’s other favorite things), twinkle lights, and a fire pit.

“Mary,” Blake said “we have to dream bigger than that!  I was thinking…EPIC ROOFTOP TWO-STEPPIN’ PARTY IN DOWNTOWN OKC.”

Colin and I just stared at him for a minute, trying to process this huge endeavor.  It slowly hit us that this may be the most genius idea any of us had ever had.

Anyway, the rest of the long story short, we scoped out almost every parking-garage in downtown OKC until we found the perfect one.  Colin and I were in charge of getting Brian to the parking garage–which sounded pretty difficult until I came up with the most elaborate fake-story ever…I’m a terrible person, I know.


I told Brian that I had an engagement shoot the day after the party, and that the couple reeeeally wanted to take some photos with the night skyline of OKC in the background.  Since Brian and I shoot weddings together all the time, I asked if he would be willing to come with Colin and me to scope out the perfect shot and figure out the complicated lighting.

There were many great things about this plan, but perhaps the best part was that we actually got some awesome shots while we were pretending to prep for my photo shoot.  The above shots of Brian and Colin are both the result of trying to find the best lighting!

I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t have a photo of Brian’s surprised face when we actually came to the top of the last parking garage, but it was pretty great.  Blake and the other wonderful people who helped put everything together were waiting with twinkle lights, cupcakes, speakers playing country music, and Brian’s cowboy boots.  He was so surprised about the party, and the rest of us were surprised that the security guard at the parking garage let us dance our hearts out for 3 hours.



That little purple stripe at the bottom of the above photo is our party.  Nothing like the Devon tower to make you feel small.




Side note:  there were more people at the party than those pictured above, but most of them left earlier than I whipped out my camera!




Happy Birthday Brian!  We’re glad you were born and that you’re still alive.  Thanks for blessing us with your many faces and two-steppin’ moves.  Also, thanks for inspiring us to make new bucket list items.  After all, you never know when your last time to get to do something will be–that goes for rooftop dance parties just like everything else! ;)


I love my friends–really.


Thanks for joining me on my new blog today–I hope you’ll come back often!

His Truly,

Mary O.

ps- If you’d like someone fun to follow on Instagram, go follow Brian @brianlawes.   In case you can’t tell by these photos, he’s pretty entertaining.

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