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Friday Phone Dump

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

Winnie the Pooh

02102017 phone dump1

1) In visiting all our OKC favorites, I made it over to Nourished (another GF vegan place that is delicious) which was accompanied by this pretty view of the city :)

2) Cutie napping pups–I miss them already, but I’m glad they have each other to snuggle and play.


3-4) As a “thank you” for letting us (and Bozeman) stay at her house, I took Beth to Well Beauty Studio so we could get our nails done!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you want a harsh chemical-free, lovely salon experience, go to Well Beauty!  Also, I can’t help but feel like we just remade this photo haha


5-6)  We were in Tulsa last weekend saying goodbye to my family, and I’m so glad I got to see my gorgeous big, Amanda while we were there!  We also said goodbye to my brother and his lovely fiancé –hence the selfie :)


7) We also got to see my cousin, Matthew, in his last ever high school musical, Beauty and the Beast!  This was the only photo we got with him in the packed foyer after the show.  From left to right that’s Matthew, me, my Aunt Mary, Colin, and my Uncle Bryan!


8) Last long trip in my little car, Hermione, for awhile–I was feeling nostalgic while Colin was getting gas haha

02102017 phone dump2

9-10) Our Lifegroup is made of the very best people.  My sweet sweet friend, Alicia, gifted me this amazing Giving Key necklace with my word for 2017 (courage) on it, and together they all had this gorgeous book made for us.  It’s a guestbook for our future home that we’ll have people sign when they come stay with us either for a meal or for a longer period of time.  On the front it has our name, and the back has this quote from Shauna Niequist

“When we do the hard, intimate work of friendship, we bring a little more of the divine into daily life.”

As if all that weren’t enough, they each wrote us a note in the book before they gave it to us.  I’ve decided I won’t read them until we’re on the plane though…because feelings.  Geez.  Love you all, miss you already!

02102017 phone dump3

11) Again with the gorgeous skies, Oklahoma :)

12) Ostin and Bethany both texted me photos of Bozeman snuggling on this blanket while we were in Tulsa haha, he loves soft blankets.  That little guy.

02102017 phone dump4

13) Speaking of snuggling dogs, Riley loved snuggling in bed with me while we were staying at Beth’s since she used to share a bed with Beth and me in college…I loved it too :)

14) I hugged so many people goodbye this week (thanks to all of you for the hugs haha) including this lovely lady who I just don’t get to see often enough!  Love you, Steph!  PS–you know it’s crazy weather when you’re wearing SHORTS AND SUNDRESSES IN FEBRUARY!  Ok, that’s all.


15) The first stop on our adventure was my Aunt and Uncle’s house in St. Louis!  My Uncle Jack has a new fancy espresso maker to play with, so he made us some yummy, foamy americanos the morning we were there :)

02102017 phone dump5

16-17) Driving through all the snow in Illinois!


17) We made it to Madison, Wisconsin!  We’ll spend the weekend here with our dear friends, Sean and Kristen before heading to Chicago and then England!

So!  This weekend we’ll be spending time with our friends and enjoying all the fun that Madison in Winter has to offer.  We’re hoping to rest a little, fit some yoga in, and enjoy the snow and frozen lakes!  I don’t post on Instagram that often, but I’m working on posting more to Instagram Stories since we’ll be traveling for awhile, so be sure to follow along if that’s something you’d like to see :)

If you’re confused by all of this traveling talk, maybe you missed this post?

Happiest weekend to you, friend!



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Friday Phone Dump

02032017 phone dump2

1-2) Our life this week has been all about moving out of our house and prepping to travel for awhile.  We packed our suitcases on Friday (look at how cute my luggage tag from Danielle is!!) and Bozeman was stressed out all weekend.  On Sunday night we came to stay at Beth’s house so Bozeman would have a place to stay that wasn’t constantly changing and being uprooted haha–just look at those sad little eyes!


3) I’ll never stop taking photos of the sky :)

02032017 phone dump3

4) Look at this new art on the walls at Urban Tea House!  If I had been thinking properly I would have looked at the artist for you….I guess I’ll have to go back haha

5) Moving was so surreal the whole time, it’s always strange to see a place change when you’re connected to it.

02032017 phone dump4

6-7) We had a few Spring-like days early this week, so Colin and I enjoyed one last afternoon in our backyard before moving out.  We were accompanied by a giant smoothie and my favorite sunblock, SunBum.  I wasn’t payed to feature them here, I just really love all of their products I’ve tried (spray sunblock, cream sunblock, lip balm, and salt spray).

02032017 phone dump5

8-9) Saying goodbye to this perfect house was easily one of the hardest parts of the moving process so far.  This has been the only place we’ve lived since being married (4 years) and we’ve lived here longer than any other place except our parents’ houses.  Of course our people will be terrible to hug goodbye, but there’s a sense of “never” that comes with saying goodbye to a home that we don’t have with our friends.  This house will never be what it was to us again.  We’ll probably never live here again.  We will keep in touch with our people over time, but you can’t keep in touch with a home.  I believe we make things sacred when we love them, and this space feels sacred to me–I’ll miss you, house with perfect light.


10) We’re making a point to visit all our very favorite spots in OKC before we leave for awhile, and The Loaded Bowl is obviously on the list!  After saying goodbye to the house, all I wanted was a giant bowl of their cashew mac & cheese #vegancomfortfood


11) I’m grateful that Beth and Ostin are letting us stay with them until we leave OKC–especially because they’re home is lovely and cozy (and we get to spend time with them, of course).  Just look at how pretty their fireplace is!

02032017 phone dump6

12-13) Cafe Kacao is tied with The Mule for my favorite restaurant in OKC, so we had a slow breakfast there after saying goodbye to the house.  It was perfect :)


14) Oh Oklahoma, I’m going to miss you so

02032017 phone dump7

15-17) Kourtni and I had our last Cuppies date this week, and it was lovely :)  She snagged the library room for us, so it was perfect.  Love you, sweet friend!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

18-19) We also went to Hoboken…because it’s also on the list of favorite places :)

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

20) Colin snuggling with Bozeman and his best friend, Riley haha (ps–Riley is Beth’s dog in case you were wondering!)

02032017 phone dump8

21) Another perk of staying at my best’s house is using her mugs that she’s had since we lived together in college, so many memories

22) Our current life, Colin doing taxes and sorting out our paperwork before we leave haha

This weekend we’ll be saying goodbye to family and friends before we leave OKC on Wednesday!  I’ve never felt the word “bittersweet” apply more strongly to my life.  I hope your weekend is amazing!



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Friday Phone Dump

“Here’s to the twilight

Here’s to the memories
These are my souvenirs
My mental pictures of everything
Here’s to the late nights
Here’s to the firelight
These are my souvenirs
My souvenirs
I close my eyes and go back in time
I can see you’re smiling, you’re so alive
We were so young, we had no fear
We were so young, we had no idea
That life was just happening
Life was just happening”


1) We found every Cubs hat Colin has ever owned–from left to right there’s his hat from little league and then his hats he’s worn through over the years, and then of course the World Series hat :) This photo just makes me so happy!

01272017 phone dump1
01272017 phone dump2
01272017 phone dump3

2-8) Colin and I got to spend the weekend in Houston visiting our friends, Sean and Sheila!  We had a really great time, and we loved getting a few final days enjoying sunshine and palm trees :) Also I loved the bright colors at the Kemah Boardwalk (even though we’re pretty terrified of roller coasters haha)

01272017 phone dump4
01272017 phone dump5

9-15)  After the boardwalk, we stopped by Galveston to see the ocean and enjoy a quick drink while watching the waves…it was so lovely!

01272017 phone dump6

16-17) One of the last things we did before leaving was walk around this beautiful park near Sean and Sheila’s house.  Thank you guys for a great visit–miss you already!


18-19) How cool are the decorations at this restaurant in Dallas?  It was so delicious too, though my green curry was seriously spicy!


20) Bozeman sleeping on the couch as I pack box after box–poor little guy is so anxious since our house is not what it usually is.  Everything’s in the wrong place!

01272017 phone dump7

21) Our lifegroup is throwing us a goodbye party, so I’ve been writing goodbye letters to everyone.  Because Lord knows I could not say everything I want to say to everyone if I was staring them in the face :”'(

22) I’m so glad I got to see this lovely friend of mine before we moved!  Brooke texted me that she was in town (she lives in Dallas) on Monday, and we met for tea and a nice long chat before she headed home.  It was so great, and she reads this blog more than anyone else I think, so HI BROOKE!


23) I got to visit Chelsea and baby Townes at their home earlier this week, and he is just the sweetest little snuggle bug.  I love him!

01272017 phone dump8

24) boxes boxes boxes boxes

25) More letter writing–so many feels.

This weekend we are moving out of our house…holy wow it’s crazy!  I hope your weekend is refreshing and adventurous.



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Friday Phone Dump


For you are light and wonder.

For there are galaxies within you and stardust dances in your soul.

Stars live in your eyes, and glory and grace live in your bones.

You are beautiful.

You are light and wonder.

You shine.”

G. C. // via Pinterest


1) This was my last time to Skype with my sweet friend, Aubrey (who lives in China) while sitting at my desk in my office before packing everything up!  Of course we had to document it :)

01192017 phone dump1

2-3) When we get snow around here, we have to document it–so here’s our front and back yard in the few inches of snow we got a couple weeks ago!


4) As I said in my last Friday Phone Dump, my best, Chelsea, had her first baby a few weeks ago.  I got to hold little Townes for the first time when he was less than 48 hours old :)  He’s so cute!


5) We had the pleasure of witnessing our friends, Rachel and Tyler, get married a few weekends ago and it was lovely!

01192017 phone dump2

6) I had fun taking photos of some clothes I sold on my garage sale Instagram last week–it’s fun knowing some of my favorite clothes will go on to have new life with people I love.  Too deep for garage sale thoughts?  Sorry I’m not sorry :)

7) Bozeman wants all the attention these days, he’s a little stressed about everything in our house being out of it’s place #movingprobs

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

8) Like I said, he’s a little stressed about the upheaval of everything…he wants to be in the center of all the action.  And also, he like finding the sunny spots in the house…mostly he’s just a cutie so I like taking pictures of him haha

01192017 phone dump3

9-10) I’m spending as much time in Cuppies as I can before we move–love you forever!

01192017 phone dump4

11) Real life with a dog, he brought all his toys to one blanket to surround him as he destroyed his newest stuffed animal

12) One of my favorite decorations is this glittery quote from Tangled in our hallway–taking down decorations has been making the reality of moving really real.

01192017 phone dump5
13-14)  Colin’s coworkers have become our good friends over the past 4.5 years he’s worked for this company.  This week, David was nice enough to have us over for dinner at his house as a going away event!  Also, apparently engineers like to wear plaid and glasses (Colin’s wearing my glasses in that photo), so we had to get a photo of them matching :)

This weekend we’ll be in Houston saying goodbye to our dear friends, Sean and Sheila!  I hope your weekend is inspiring and lovely.



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Some Big News…


Well, we’re moving!

I’ve thought of a million ways I wanted to say that to you, but I think plain and simple will do just fine.  Colin and I feel the time has come for us to leave Oklahoma and explore new places!  The catch is, we’re not sure exactly where we’re moving to  So in a few weeks, we’ll be moved out of our home and saying goodbye to friends and family.  For the next few months at least, we’ll be staying with friends in England!  We are so excited for this journey (and terrified, and optimistic, and nervous, and thrilled, and all the other feelings)!  I’ll absolutely be posting photos here as usual, so I’ll do my best to keep you up to speed.  You can also follow along on my Instagram for more day-to-day updates :)

A few FAQs:

What about Bozeman?

Bozeman will be staying with my best, Bethany, and her husband until Colin and I find a place to live more permanently.  Yes, we are incredibly sad to leave him behind!  It’s only temporary though, and it seems like the best choice for all of us.

 Can I still hire you to be my photographer?

Maybe!  I’d love to work with you if I can.  If you’re interested in discussing options for your wedding or photoshoot, please email me at and we’ll try to figure something out.

Is this because of the election?

Haha, no.  We’ve been praying about this decision since August 2015, so it’s been a long time coming for us!

Thank you in advance for taking this sudden-seeming news so well!  I’m actually a very private person, and this has been a really personal decision for Colin and I to make.  I will inevitably share more of the story when/if it ever feels right, but for now this post is all the detail I feel the need to share.  Thank you so much for following along and for your support!  I’m so excited to take you along for this crazy ride!



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