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Friday Phone Dump

Hi everyone!

So, Friday Phone Dump is finally back--woo hoo!  If you're new here, Friday Phone Dump is where I dump all my phone photos from the week and tell you about what's been happening.  

Since my old website has been broken/gone (still working on that) since early December, I thought we'd start off with a little recap of the past few months!  Obviously these aren't all of my phone pics since December, just the highlights.  

Let's jump in, shall we?




We drove to Oklahoma (yep, all 26 hours each way) for Christmas and New Years!  It was a great trip, and I'm especially thankful we got to spend a little time in Santa Fe, New Mexico when everything was decorated for Christmas.  We also got to throw a NYE party at my parents' house--which is a tradition we've had since 2009!  That's Colin and me with our BFF, Blake :)



Our English friends, Tom and Ro, were in Oklahoma visiting for a few days at the same time as us, so we got to grab drinks with them--it was great!  Some of the last things we did in Oklahoma were actually in Tulsa, where I went to some planning meetings for my brother's wedding, we celebrated our  5 year wedding anniversary (in the same city we got married in), and I shot my friend, Danielle's wedding!  The morning after her wedding, we started our 26 hour drive back home to San Jose.


We finally got a dresser for our clothes (we had been keeping them in tubs on the floor), we took a few trips into San Francisco, and two sets of friends came to visit us in the same week!  Tom and Ro ended up coming to San Jose on Ro's birthday (that's the third of her birthdays in a row we've gotten to spend with her #blessed), and our sweet friends, Josh and Maddy spent a day of their San Francisco vacation in Santa Cruz with Bozeman and me!

MARCH 2018


Matt and Sloane came down from San Francisco (they live there, they weren't visiting) to spend the day in San Jose and Santa Cruz with us, then we flew back to Oklahoma for my brother's wedding!  It was a packed trip that went by super fast since I was planning the wedding and very busy.  Everything turned out beautifully, and I got a new sister out of the deal soooo that's pretty great (hi, Lesa!).  We were so tired after the wedding that the rest of the month was very chill.

APRIL 2018

We celebrated my our birthdays (Colin's is in late March, mine's in early April) with Mexican food, and we celebrated Colin taking his Professional Engineering Exam with some proper exploring near

MAY 2018


Colin's mom and stepdad came to visit, we went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Hollywood (omg), we had a few picnics in the Rose Garden, my friends Bree and Pauline helped me look great for my head shots, and mostly I've been working on getting this website launched! 

Whew!  Somehow it's already June, what?!  We have more friends in town this week, so our weekend will be spent prepping for them (and hopefully a bike ride too).  I hope your weekend is perfect!

Thanks for reading, I promise all FPDs aren't this long haha



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