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Friday Phone Dump

Hi there,

We had our sweet friends visiting from Oklahoma last week, so you get a double week phone dump today!  In case you're new here, Friday Phone Dump is where I put a bunch of the photos from my phone every week.  Every photo here was taken on my (or in some cases, my friends') phone and edited using the A Color Story and VSCO apps! 

Lots to get to this week, so let's get started :)


1-13)  Like I mentioned above, our lovely friends, Kourtni, Danielle, and Jacob, came to visit us last week!  The first day they were here, we had a super long day walking all over San Francisco.  Kourtni checked her fitbit at the end of the day, and it said we had taken 34,079 steps!!  It meant we were tired for the rest of the week, but SF is such a magical city we didn't really mind much.


14-22)  The next day we went to Santa Cruz!  First though, my friend, Pauline (she's an awesome makeup artist in San Jose--everyone should hire her), did Kourtni's makeup so we could do a little shoot on the beach.  It was a great day, and I can't wait to show you the shots we got-- soon I promise :)


24) We're lucky to have a great pool and hot tub in our apartment complex-- we all really needed a hot tub after the long day in SF and a full day at the beach haha


25-30) On their last full day here, I took our friends to Monterey and Carmel.  I'm sure you'll see repeats of all these places over and over here since they're our favorites and they're also what everyone wants to see when visiting!  After growing up in (very) landlocked Oklahoma, I hope I never ever ever ever take this coastline for granted.  It's so stunning!


31-34)  Before everyone flew home, we showed them all around San Jose!  I took them to Palm Haven Park, San Pedro Square Market (where we got that delicious watermelon agua fresca--I wasn't crazy about the plastic straw, but I was crazy about the agua fresca.  I love agua fresca),  MomentSJ to visit Bobo Design Studio (hi, Angie! Thanks for the instax!), and of course, to the Rose Garden!  We miss you already, loves!  Thank you for coming to visit us!


35-41)  Last weekend we mostly relaxed and cleaned our apartment, though we did go see Solo again (it's so good!).  This week has been about getting back to work for me, so I haven't taken too many photos.  These are mostly snaps from my walks with Bozeman, which are pretty dreamy.  Star Jasmine is blooming everywhere right now, and it's filling the air with this magical cotton candy scent that makes everything lovely.  I'm constantly amazed by the bursts of color as different bushes and plants bloom all throughout the year here.  California, you're better than I ever dreamed you would be.

This weekend we're going to a show in San Francisco with our friends, Matt and Sloane, and we're going to relax as much as possible too :)

I hope your weekend is dreamy.