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Friday Phone Dump

"Can you take me back when we were just kids
Who weren't scared of gettin' older?
'Cause no one knows you like they know you
And no one probably ever will
You can grow up, make new ones
But truth is there's nothin' like old friends
'Cause you can't make old friends"

--Ben Rector


1) This isn't a phone photo, but I thought it was worth sharing here.  We spent last weekend in Houston (technically Pearland) visiting our friends, Sean, Sheila, and their new baby, Cyrus!  It was a lovely time, but it's sad for us to think the next time we see Cyrus, he'll be so much bigger.  

2-3) I got to make a little Star Wars themed mobile for Cyrus!  I think I need a BB8 stuffed cushion or something for myself now :)

4-7) More snaps from the weekend--we mostly relaxed, went to the pool, and ate BBQ, so I didn't take a million photos on this trip.  We had a great time though!  Thanks for having us, Sean and Sheila!

8-9) Teeeeny tiiiiiny San Jose from the plane--we can see our apartment from this photo, and those clouds at the top are hovering over the ocean and Santa Cruz [insert heart eyes here].  Also, two birds on a wire :)

10-13) Details from the rest of this week.  Next week is the 4th of July, and our English friend, Josh, will be here all week so I'll have tons of adventure-y photos to share with you after that. YAY!

I may post next Friday, but it will be a very busy week.  So if I don't, I promise it's coming the week after--thank ya for your patience!