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Friday Phone Dump

"There's always two thoughts
One after the other:

I'm alone

No you're not"

// Joseph


1-5) Two weekends ago, I went to a candle-making class hosted by Fractal Flora in downtown San Jose!  It definitely made me want to start making candles for everyone--so sorry if I've spoiled anyone's Christmas present for them haha  

We also got a new blanket for our bed since Summer is in full swing here, and while it still cools off at night, it's not near as cool as it used to be even with all the fans on in the apartment.  Anyway, Bozeman approves :)

6-8)  Our friend, Josh, came to visit us last week!  He's from England, and he was kind enough to spend a whole 7 days with us in California.  His first day here, we (obviously) watched the England vs Columbia World Cup match.  England won!  Then I showed him all around San Jose and we took him to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Luna.  I got a horchata and realized I have not had enough horchatas in my life!  So much cinnamon-y deliciousness.


9-17) The second day Josh was here was the 4th of July!  We got up early to go for a hike in the East Hills by San Jose.  The city you can see past the grass is San Jose and the surrounding area!  

18-19) We wanted to give Josh as American an experience as we could, so we took him to In-n-Out Burger after hiking :)


20) We ended the day with watermelon by the pool and fireworks downtown.  Side note, I have never liked watermelon before living in California, but now I just can't get enough of it!  I like to squeeze some fresh lemon juice over it and eat it with a spoon like so.  Or I blend it into smoothies with strawberries and coconut water!

21-24)  The next 2 days were spent camping in Yosemite National Park!  It was our first time going to the park, so we were very excited to explore.  Let me tell ya--it did not disappoint.  Colin and I have been talking about how we want to go back this Fall if we can!  I mostly took photos with my professional camera, so I'll put a blog post together soon.  Oh yeah, and that photo of a screen was when we forgot to close the hatchback of the car and the backup camera looked like that when we put the car in reverse at our campsite!


25-51)  There was a day between Yosemite and San Francisco when we went to Santa Cruz, but I didn't take many photos there since we were mostly relaxing.  This time in SF, we spent the afternoon in North Beach and Chinatown before walking along the Embarcadero.  If you haven't already, you'll probably notice that we usually take our visitors to the same handful of places--we're not sorry about it! :)


52-57) For Josh's last day we took the 17 Mile Drive between Monterey and Carmel before chilling on the beach in Carmel.  Then we drove back to San Jose to catch the train to San Francisco so we could go to the Cubs vs Giants game!  It was a very long day, but we had a great time!  Also, we do love the Giants now since they're our new hometown team, just not when they're playing the Cubbies!

58-59) Yep, these are the only photos I've taken since Josh left on Tuesday morning!  Haha, we're both introverts, so we always need some time to recover from extravert-ing when we have people over.  Not that we don't love people visiting--we do!  We just have to have some calm time to balance it out!


Speaking of calm time, this weekend we will be relaxing and cleaning since next weekend will be another long one!  I hope your weekend is magical.