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Friday Phone Dump

“May you always pursue the narrow path, a life that calls for something more. And not perfection, but fullness…something deeper, beyond the shore”

// Morgan Harper Nichols


1-5) Last weekend, I got to attend a Chalk Lettering class at my friend Angie’s lovely shop, Bobo Design Studio! I learned so much, and now I want to chalk-letter everything :) If you’re in the Bay and you are looking for some creative classes, go check out Angie’s schedule!

6) While I was at her shop, I picked up this shirt I’ve had my eye on for awhile…because obviously.

7) Colin and I played Scrabble for probably the second time ever this week. I learned that I need to expand my vocabulary, because wow. He definitely beat me every single time! I’m officially adding some more advanced books to my list so I can up my reading level.


8) Colin was in Oakland a bit this week for work, and he sent me this pretty photo of the sunrise over the BART station parking lot :) I love where we live!

9-10) I have been doing WORK this week, so I haven’t exactly gotten out much to take lots of photos, just this cute one of Bozeman sleeping and some pretty light in our apartment complex. It’s starting to feel like the edge of Fall and, as always, I love that feeling so so much. Last year I was so blindsided by the fact that we got colorful leaves and brisk sweater weather that I’ve spent the whole year living in the excitement of getting that again. Don’t worry, we’re not jumping in too hard yet, but I have been drinking a lot of chai tea…and I may or may not be baking an apple pie at the moment…

I hope your weekend is relaxing and sweet



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