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Friday Phone Dump


1-5) We officially entered Fall mode this weekend (which is a little sad since yesterday and today have warmed up again, but it’s ok) by decorating our apartment and making apple pie :) This was my first attempt at apple pie, so I plan on making another this weekend to keep practicing haha


6) Also this weekend, Colin fixed both of my flat bike tires. This is him watching a YouTube video about disassembling my bike on his phone while watching the OSU football game on tv—what a guy :)

7-8) We try to make it to the Rose Garden regularly to read or eat and relax. It’s just the best place and we’re so glad we live so close by!

9-12) Colin had to do a site visit in Santa Cruz this week, so he took me with him and dropped me off at Verve where I got to sit and drink my tea and read for a few hours :) It was as lovely as it sounds!


13) I have been impatiently waiting for this book to come out for 3 YEARS and now that it’s out I have to wait for all of these other people to finish listening before I can get my ears on it :( Yes, I’m aware I could just buy the book, but I love listening because Robert Glenister is a fantastic voice actor. And yes, I could just subscribe to Audible, but I don’t want to, so I’m going to wait for it to be available at the library! My friend, Maddy, was smart and placed her hold on the book a month ago….if I only had that kind of brain power.

This weekend, our best, Brian, will be in town with his girlfriend, Morgan! We could. not. be. more. excited! I hope your weekend is filled with great things.



ps—Have you seen my new project? It’s coming soon!

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