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Friday Phone Dump

"May you never be afraid to go out into the deep for it is here you will grow beyond what you see"

// Morgan Harper Nichols


1-10) On Saturday, we took Rachel and Derek to San Francisco and had a lovely time.  We started at the Marin Headlands, then the Palace of Fine Arts, then Divisadero/Hayes Valley as usual.  We're creatures of habit, I guess  :)  Some of the spots on Divisadero are on the list of my very favorite spaces I've ever been in.  Especially Rare Device, The Perish Trust, and The Mill--so dreamy.


11-15)  One new thing we did was drive to Inner and Outer Sunset to see the mosaic stairs!  We didn't end up climbing them, but we did get to the top of the hill and (as usual in the city) we were rewarded with some incredible views.  SF is more magical to me each time I spend time there.


16-17) Another new thing we did was eat at Hook Fish Co. and oh my gosh, it was so freaking good.  We found it in our Monocle Guide to San Francisco, and it will now be on our list of official seafood places to show people when they're here!  Also, they had my favorite cider on top of great fish tacos (and fish and chips), so that's an automatic win for me.


18) Aaaaaand this is why I waited until today to post photos from last weekend--this is the only other photo I've taken!  We had a game night with some of Colin's coworkers, cleaned our apartment, and got lots of work done this week, but things have been pretty chill on the photo-taking front haha  Sorry everyone!  This sunset is from Sunday evening as we were driving to the airport to return our rental car (remember, we don't own a car.  we just rent one when people come to visit).  

This weekend we're relaxing as well as making some plans for the next couple of months, because we have a lot going on!  I hope you have a great weekend filled with people and places you love.



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