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Friday Phone Dump

“I hope you know it is okay if your strength looks a little different in this season. I hope you know that the fire inside of you is still there, even if it burns quietly, and gently, as candles do on windowsills. I hope you know that it is okay to not feel the same and to notice all of the things that have changed, because all of this, absolutely all of this is very real. I hope you also know that even in the rush of it all, there is time and grace to heal. There is time to take your time here, seeking peace beyond understanding, even if you do not feel you are all the way there yet. Breath after breath, depth into depth, the steps that you take not only matter, but they reveal the quiet strength that has been in you all along, and has been growing ever since.”

// Morgan Harper Nichols


1) Two weekend ago, it was nice and sunny outside and the forecast said it would be cloudy and/or rainy from Sunday-Friday. So, naturally, we went to the park! It was still pretty chilly when the sun went behind a cloud, but we had a nice time anyway! I failed to document the tacos we picked up from LUNA before we ate them, but rest assured they were amazing :)

2) I always love this spot when the jade is blossoming because the flowers are the same color as the wall behind them!

3) My Etsy shop has kind of been on the back burner for me since I opened it, but I’m so excited to implement all my new ideas for it. Cool things are around the corner!

4-5) An especially rainy day made perfect by my mug (gifted to me by the lovely, Danielle) full of jasmine tea :)

6) OMG! This is the oat milk that I had everyday we were living in England (in 2017), and IT FINALLY CAME TO OUR GROCERY STORE!!!! I’m still dancing for joy every time I take this out of the fridge. I have no idea what it is about this stuff, but it’s perfect, ok?

7) Bozeman is usually my mood, but he especially is here


8) The calm after the storm :)

9-10) My friend, Pauline, came over on another rainy day to take some photos of her awesome skincare products!


11) My constant work buddy :)


12-16) These photos feel like Summer, but that’s just winter in California I guess! I’m thankful for the sweet sunny days and the quiet rainy days. I’m also super thankful for citrus season, because W O W it is so good.


17) Poor baby Bozeman stepped on a bee and got a sting in his paw! He’s just fine, but he was sleepy and just wanted to be left alone with all his blankies after we got him cleaned up haha

What a weird pup.


18-22) This week has been full of lovely, sunny days that bring more of that gorgeous Winter light into our apartment. I’m especially fond of that photo I took of my Hogwarts snow globe…I mean- so dreamy.

This weekend, Colin and I will be in Tahoe celebrating our anniversary! I plan on going off the grid, so if you need me you’ll have to call Colin. If you have any recommendations for where to eat or what to do at Lake Tahoe though, send those to me ASAP pretty please! I hope your weekend is so, so great.



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