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Friday Phone Dump

“Even as difficult as this was, the Love was greater. Infinitely greater. I can see the ways the love has been there all along and yet in moments of need I marvel at how it rises to the surface to meet, surround, and tenderly hold the pain.”

// Hillary McBride

1-4) It warmed up a bit here this week, so we’re getting some major Spring vibes started.


5-44) My kind friend, Liza, and her husband are out of town for a bit, so they’ve lent us their car to use in the meantime! Last weekend we took it to the Sunol Regional Wilderness for a hike with Bozeman, and it was just the best. I’m obsessed with the hills being green at the moment, and this hike was enough to make us feel like we were back in England or Scotland…or just California :) We sure do love it here.

45-46) Not much happening this week! Just a view of our parking garage and Bozeman snuggles per usual.

This weekend we’re in NYC!!! We’re meeting up with our dear, English friends Ben, Zoe, and Josh, and I can not even wait. The only other time I’ve been to New York was in 2007 (when I was 17) so it’s high time for a re-visit :) If you have any recommendations, send them my way!

I hope your weekend is dreamy.