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Friday Phone Dump

“someday you will look at yourself and you will see in you all these things your soul is made of, and you will be home”

// butterflies rising


1) Just get used to these photos, alright? :) This is my very favorite way to spend a Saturday- reading in the park!


2-9) Last weekend I got to be my friend, Bree’s, assistant for a vendor showcase at Forage Kitchen up in Oakland! It was really fun, Oakland is the best, and I got to hang out with some pretty great people.


10-12) It’s been pretty rainy this week, so I’m soaking it all up (pun not intended) as I know we don’t have many more weeks of rain left before it’s gone for a long time. Bring on all the rain!

13-14) Bozeman still thinks every. single. package. is for him haha This package was our new pillow covers from Mae Woven which were an early birthday gift from my mom. They’re so pretty and cozy!


15-22) My friend, Liza, texted me earlier this week asking if I’d like to go take photos in a field of flowers…obviously my answer was a very enthusiastic “ALWAYS.” She styled me and brought me to this magical orange grove that smelled like actual, literal Heaven, and I was just so happy. Check out my Instagram for a few photos from that shoot- Liza killed it as usual!

This weekend, my parents are in town! We’re taking them to all the usual spots, and I’m looking forward to exploring around the Bay again since it feels like it’s been awhile. I hope your weekend is dreamy!